Monday, November 19, 2007

NSA Should Stand For National Sexual Assaulters Association

As punishment for listing the license plates of some of the cretans who stalk me (the plates are listed in the blog I posted earlier today), the NSA used its technology to sexually assault me again early this morning.

This has happened myriad times in the past, usually when I identify specific perpetrators whom I can associate directly with the government conspiracy being waged against me; perpetrated by the FBI/NSA/DHS team of Nazi rodents. These suckers are outright Nazi PIGS.

I will continue to document these crimes as long as these vile reprobates (who belong in prison) perpetrate them against me.

US Intelligence is a Jesuit/Illuminati created NIGHTMARE that has destroyed the American way of life.

Some Seriously Depraved Bastards

As for those within US Intel agencies such as the NSA who are using many of us for non consensual cover research and human experimentation, they are not doing any job - they are feeding their own inhumane, immoral, unethical and depraved obsessions. These people are BEASTS.

No one should have to stand for such abuse from a pack of Nazi's, many of whom are the offspring of Nazi war criminals who should have been executed at Nuremburg after World War II. Instead, we got stuck with them when some covert Illuminati members including John D. Rockefeller, Jacob Shiff, Allen and John Foster Dulles, Irenee Dupont, Andrew Melon, Henry Ford, Prescott Bush, and myriad others, helped smuggle these war criminals into this country. These "so called" Americans -- who perpetrated these crimes using the CIA in which to do so -- should have been shot for treason.

Instead, most became wealthy beyond their wildest dreams and remembered within US History in a positive light -- instead of how they should be remembered -- as treasonists and Nazi sympathizers who helped to destroy this once great nation, by selling out the American people.
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