Tuesday, November 20, 2007

With All Of The Hormones & Antibiotics That They Inject Into Turkeys Do You Really Want To Eat Them?

By eating the flesh of animals who have been fed massive doses of hormones and antibiotics, humans are damaging their own health.

Did you know that by eating animal flesh, you consume the antibiotics that these animals are given, and can thus become resistant to certain antibiotics if you ever need them in the treatment of a serious illness? It's true.

The animal flesh that you are eating is more dangerous to your health than you realize because of this.

How many days a week do you have chicken, beef, liver, or other forms of animal flesh? Probably quite a few. And all of the antibiotics that these animals were fed before they ended up on your kitchen table have now ended up inside of you and are adversely affecting your immune system.

In the old days before places like poultry farms started to crowd their animals into small areas (finding the need to load them with antibiotics in efforts to curb an outbreak of bacterial infections that a few of the animals were carrying), there was no need to give these animals antibiotics. Consequently, they were safer for human consumption than they are today.

Of course you can always purchase animal flesh from organically raised animals, however, there is no way of knowing for certain if they have not been given antibiotics. If you believe advertising hype; you deserve what you get.

And given the torture that these animals are subjected to while they are waiting to be slaughtered -- just so you can have a meal -- isn't it time that you found a more humane way of obtaining your sustenance?

If you're not too squeamish, take a look at how the chickens that you purchase from Kentucky Fried Chicken are treated prior to being slaughtered. If this video keeps you from ever eating a chicken again, it will have served its purpose.

Pamela Anderson narrates a campaign to boycott Kentucky Fried Chicken:


Some alternative menus for the Thanksgiving Holiday:

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