Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Murder Of Dr. Royal Rife -- Creator Of The Rife Machine

Editor's Note: I had never heard of Royal Rife until I contracted Lyme Disease (A US Military created bio weapon -- see The Brucellosis Triangle by Donald A/ Scott & Lab 257 by Michael Christopher Carroll). Like every great inventor who became a threat to some status quo of the US Federal Government, Rife was probably a constant curiosity to the FBI (much like Nicola Tesla and Albert Einstein, both of whom the FBI kept under constant surveillance).

Many people have speculated that Rife was murdered for his creation of the Rife machine -- an electronic device that uses electromagnetic frequencies to attack various illnesses including many types of cancers as well as other forms of viral and bacterial infections. It seems that Rife, like many other brilliant inventors of the 20th Century, became a threat to the status quo (in this case the medical status quo) in America, and as such had to be done away with. The official story was that Rife died of an overdose of the antidepressant Valium while in the hospital. However, others have stated that Rife was poisoned to death by the NSA.

What the Illuminati run government in the United States should do is to be honest in regard to how they treat those persons within this country who try to affect positive changes for the betterment of humankind. Something like -- "threaten our way of doing things and we'll murder you for it."

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