Thursday, November 22, 2007

Another Example Of How The FBI Uses E-mails To Gaslight Those Whom They Target

These types of E-mails are common, and also indicative of the technology that the FEDS use to manipulate E-mail servers for their own criminal use. In the following case note that the E-mail addressed to, was instead sent to This is a clear manipulation of the server, since I should not have received E-mail from the mailer -- a FED who operates under the alias of Edward Hunter - and who used the E-mail, in which to send the suspect E-mail to me.

Also notice the implied covert threat through the title of the E-mail address -- reliablewrecking -- as in we are wrecking your life and have lots of experience in doing so with others. Many TI's report such types of gaslighting tactics as these; especially those whom are being attacked by way of US Intelligence COINTELPRO operations. Since a primary purpose of this Website is to document as many examples as possible of the criminal ways that US Intelligence operates, the following E-mail is yet further proof that these agents are in fact criminals and exist to subvert the US Constitution and our freedoms.

I also document this information to illustrate how the FBI regularly perpetrates conspiratorial crimes against those whom it can not arrest legally. My intent here is to prove malice on the part of FBI, which should not be overly difficult, given that I have amassed more than 2000 pages of evidence which documents a myriad of ways in which the FBI perpetrates its conspiracies, while completely violating virtually every aspect of the US Constitution, its Bill Of Rights, and every piece of human rights legislation ever written.

It is time that the American people took the FBI on and forced the US Congress to abolish this horrible example of Nazism; an organization that has done nothing but allow the real criminals in this country to go on comitting precedent setting crimes, while destroying the lives of many good people whom the bureau could not arrest legally.

If you want to make 2008 a constructive year in this country, do your own research regarding the FBI and its COINTELPRO activities (which continue in the modern day), and then start a national petition to abolish it for once and for all. I make no attempt to conceal my disdain for the FBI given its outrageous violations of the US Constitution as it applies to my Family and self -- I hate the damn thing and the Nazi ideologies that it has always represented.

In the past I had never been interested in activism because I thought that this country was good enough as it was. That was before I became infected with one of this government's biological agents; it was before I realized that I was being used as a target of this government's non consensual cover research and human experimentation program; it was before I realized that the history of this country is an outright LIE, and that some of the most despicable people on this planet are controlling virtually every aspect of this planet's population.

I now see global activism as the only way in which to affect meaningful change, since the Media systems around the world have been subverted and are now used by the Illuminists who control us, as a covert tool of oppression; one which has forced us to adapt to the Jesuit's way of thinking -- something I am now aware of, and will never be "mind controlled" into doing again. As a former Roman Catholic, I will also never again be deceived by any form of religious indoctrination since I now see how it is used as the ultimate form of mind control -- societal control. And the Vatican, which I once saw as being sacrosanct, I now see for the Jesuit/Illuminati pawn that is has become.

The following are two separate examples of how the FBI (and quite possibly DHS as well) manipulate E-mails for their own criminal psychological operations. Note that in both cases, neither of these E-mails were sent my E-mail address, yet were both received by my E-mail account.

The suspect E-mails:

--- On Thu 11/22, Edward Hunter <> > wrote:

From: Edward Hunter [mailto:]
Date: Thu, 22 Nov 2007 06:33:55 +0000

--- On Thu 11/22, Meghan Chavez < > wrote:

From: Meghan Chavez [mailto:]
Date: Fri, 23 Nov 2007 01:14:57 +0400
Subject: Realty data for sale
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