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While Politcally Incorrect, The Following Topic Is Pertinent In The Present Day Given The Double Standard In Society -- The Female Predator

The readers should keep in mind that the following article (while striking right to the heart of a very serious matter) in no way implies that most women are guilty of such predation -- (they most certainly are not) -- only that those who are, are just as dangerous as their male counterparts.

From MensnewsDaily:

Female Predators

April 1, 2002

by Dan Curry

The current Socially protected female represents a complex deep dark and concealed dynamic element. Like the black widow spider, the female predator is rarely portrayed as the destructive, tenacious dangerous member of society, they really are. These women tend to be ignored by the mainstream media, child protective agencies and online agents tasked to track and apprehend them.

This misrepresentation makes these female predators even more dangerous to the mental and physical unprotected child than the lurking priest, schoolteacher, or abduction. These then are the unchecked threats to our children that we find offensive and intolerable in our society which are given the word…."child sexual abuse."

The typical female predator is a primary caregiver of children and rarely travels beyond their domain to find their next victim... their own child or, in many cases, their child's friends. Likewise, they are overwhelmingly heterosexual, making their targets, mostly boys.

Women are just as likely as men to commit violence against their mates, inflict the majority of abuse against children and the elderly, are just as promiscuous as men and just as likely to partake in sexually deviant behavior, yet we still refuse to address them as possible child molesters. The few that are discovered are quickly brushed aside as a fluke, mental illness or the blame is somehow pasted on to a nearby male.

There is no shortage of stories about women killing, abusing and neglecting children. Even female sexual abuse of children reports appear daily and are equally horrifying as the parade of male offenders, which curl our hair and outrage the reader, as they should.

Just last week, a 24 year old women, who drove from Detroit to Texas to meet and have sex with a 12 year old boy she met in a chat room on the Internet, was pulled over by police. They arrested her when they discovered the boy was listed as missing. However, no FBI agents stormed her home, no Federal charges for traveling across state lines to have sex with a minor and no online-agents attempted to exchange porn with her in the chat room.

Amy Gehring, openly admitted having sex with several teens yet was acquitted of any wrongdoing in British courts. She had previously been identified as a danger to children for similar activities, but was allowed to continue working in schools.

The nine year old daughter of a single mother in Manchester, Mass was briefly charged for molesting a neighbor's child. Charges were later dropped, I suspect because there was no man in the home to blame for this behavior.

Kathy Tuifel, a married 44-year-old mother of two and trusted Long Island teacher's aide, befriended an 11-year-old blind student - and then had sex with him at least three times at her home. Her children have yet to be taken from her and interrogated about likely misconduct by their mother.

Beth Friedman, a Broward County Florida Teacher had sex with a teen boy in exchange for alcohol, drugs and even a car. She later offered him $25,000 to make her pregnant. When caught, she attempted to bribe her way out of it. She also claimed that he, the teen, had blackmailed her.

Even those who claim to be looking after the best interest of children are in question, like a Long Island lawyer who represented abused and neglected children, was sentenced for transmitting child pornography.

A 46 year-old female social worker was caught sexually abusing a 15 year-old boy.

She defeated charges by claiming he raped her.

Efforts to protect our children should leave no stone, industry or gender unturned. This should include those that are called on to protect our children or those that profit from the current witch-hunt environment, such as social workers, CPS agents; foster care providers and public schools. There is no need or justification to focus primarily on males or positions typically held by men, like Catholic Priests. A closer-look at female dominated roles would help identify many more predators and reduce child sexual abuse by leaps and bounds.

Witch-hunts like the one currently popularized by a fiery media blitz, do nothing in the overall effort to reduce child sexual abuse. In fact, it is now a full-fledged anti-male dog and pony show. Though the intent of most accusers seems to be sincere. Among their ranks are accusers of questionable mental capacity who most likely couldn't remember what they had for their last meal much less something that happened ten years ago. They are followed by outright anti-Christian zealots looking for ammunition to bring down the church.

As Joel Mowbray stated on Jewish World Review, "in the overwhelming number of cases made public so far, the victims have been teenage boys. Making this a homosexual problem more than a pedophile problem."

I'm all for cleaning up the clergy of homosexual men who prey on minors, but a witch-hunt of this magnitude only serves to re-create the daycare witch-hunts of the eighties that convicted many innocent people with fabricated evidence. Vote hunting public officials like Jane Swift have gone out of their way to keep innocent men in prison while issuing pardons to all the women falsely convicted of the same crimes.

It's no mystery why Internet sting operations capture fewer women, as most are mothers. Female predators are not unheard of on the Internet. Although untouched by law enforcement like the much touted "Candyman" group on Yahoo! Websites like "" and many others like it, host female discussions on their sexual relationships with children of all age groups, even babies. They can also exchange picture via overseas e-mail accounts once they've establish a rapport with a like minded predator.

The problem with child sexual abuse doesn't lie in a pool of perverted males lurking in every dark corner and public chat rooms on the Internet. It lies in the fabric of our society in terms of sexually suggestive material forced down our throats from 2 years old up, a lack of parental authority, removal of the fathers from our families, and an epidemic of irresponsible single mothers and BOTH genders.

Like most human behavior, child molestation does not discriminate. It runs equally and concurrent between genders, race, creed, economic and astrological signs. So as long as the hunt for sexual predators remains a gender game, its efforts will be negligible at best. The female predator is a vital element in the challenge to end child sexual abuse and must be stopped.

Dan Curry
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