Sunday, November 25, 2007

With Its Illegal Satellite Tracking & Remote Neural Monitoring The NSA Has Thrown Down The Gauntlet -- And It's Time For Americans To Pick It Up

While the NSA and other agencies like the FBI, CIA and DHS rely on such spying technology as members of the fascist New World Order, they are clearly aware that they are breaking the law and violating the US Constitution by deploying such technology against American citizens -- which is why they will attempt to deny that this technology exists -- or that this technology is capable of both accessing and manipulating the thoughts of any individuals being targeted.

These government rat bastards have turned us into human lab rats just like the Nazi's did to the Jews prior to and during World War II. So what the hell are we waiting for? These psychopaths to fire up the ovens?

Because that is exactly what they will do if given ample time to.

And this is why TI's are demonized, marginalized and neutralized with extreme prejudice, while Family members are COERCED into keeping silent in regard to what is being done to the TI's -- out of fear of also being targeted for similar abuse. Many TI's have reported that Family members were also harassed, fired from jobs, forced into bankruptcy and in some cases even murdered when they chose to stand by their TI relatives.

This is done deliberately by those perpetrating these crimes against us to destroy the Family unit -- that's what it's all about -- something the New World Order desires. And in the future, even if the Family unit appears intact, each member will be loyal to the dictates of the NWO -- not one another!

There is no longer any rule of law in these situations. The FEDS do whatever they want to us while the USless Congress sits back and allows them to get away with it.

Of course they do.

Because it takes courage to stand up to this kind of outrageous abuse, and our USless Congress has become so corrupted that it no longer has any interest in taking on the out-of-control Intelligence Community; the days of great men like the late Senator Frank Church are over. Even Ron Paul, for all of his good intentions, will never take on the US Intelligence community, because he knows how powerful and corrupt it is. He can talk about getting rid of the IRS, but he will never attack the FBI, CIA or others within US Intel.

I remember reading a post by another TI some weeks back in which she claimed to have gotten in touch with Ron Paul regarding the directed energy attacks that she was being subjected to, only to find that Congressman Paul would not get back to her. She was quoted as saying that Paul knew about these weapons as did the rest of Congress, but did not want to get involved in helping to expose them.

I think that bespeaks how terrified even decent men like Ron Paul are, when it comes to exposing the crimes of the US Intelligence community -- especially their use of classified technologies which are being illegally deployed on the public.

The only advantage here is that so many Americans are now being abused by US Intelligence, that we are invoking our Constitutional rights whether the US Congress or the secret police -- FBI,CIA,NSA,DHS Gestapo -- like it or not. We have to, because these reprobates are trampling all over them, and just asking for a revolution to take place.

The FBI and NSA in particular have used this technology to destroy many families, while perpetrating some of the most insidious crimes ever documented -- all while American society in general prefers to remain ignorant in regard to what is occurring -- even though they too are vulnerable to such technology.

Where do these federal agencies get off going on open ended fishing expeditions for 20 or 30 years, where those being spied upon can't even have one private moment or thought which is not vaccumed up by some NSA satellite? Do you think the federal agents doing this to us would like us to invade their privacy in such reprehensible ways?

And similar abuses are now occurring on a global scale with citizens from myriad countries reporting such outrageous violations of both civil and human rights. Crimes in which they are being remotely tortured within the privacy of their own homes, by way of satellite based directed energy weapons systems, by the very people who are supposed to be protecting them.

And if you don't think that you have a right to use your own bathroom in privacy or sleep in your own bedroom without being spied upon by way of a government satellite, then you will fit right in with the New World Order and its objectives -- in fact, you even deserve to be part of such a country.

These types of outrageous crimes are already being documented by men and women around the globe.

So is it any wonder why we are all being so aggressively attacked by these malevolent psychopaths? Moreover, there is no one presently in the United States who is being demonized by these federal agencies more aggressively than I am, given that my corroboration of John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA is further proof that this technology not only exists, but is being deployed on citizens who have no criminal records. And this is why the FEDS are using networked out groups of organized stalkers to provoke us into attacking them, so that they can then say that we have committed criminal acts.

These pricks have become so obvious that they are actually even amused at how TI's are forced to take to the Internet to report these crimes.

It is like living in some parallel universe where the laws which once applied are now completely nonexistent.

These FEDS have a lot to hide; especially when one considers that their cover as Intelligence (especially the US Intelligence community) is on the fast track to being exposed globally. What will these agencies do when the citizens of this planet learn about their abjectly treasonous acts? Well, what has happened to those who operate tyrannical governments in the past? They are eventually overthrown while their dictators die by the swords in which they ruled. The US Federal Government is well on its way to such a demise.

One can expect that such a betrayal in the United States or any other country will bring about a global revolution, as the people of this planet take back their sovereignty and freedoms from the Illuminist cretans who've stolen them from us.

And as for the Bush Administration's use of the term terrorist, the truth is that they have abused this term and misapplied it so often, that they have diluted its meaning. They are labeling anyone they don't like -- including some library goers -- as terrorists, simply because of the books they are taking out of the library.

And even the common criminal is now labeled as a terrorist, even though it is clear that they have no legitimate terrorist connections. Traditionally, terrorists have always been people connected to legitimate terrorist organizations. However, the Bush Administration, in its myriad crimes, has now taken to labeling anyone who disagrees with it as a terrorist -- quite ironic considering George W. Bush and Dick Cheney are the consummate terrorists -- a threat not just to the American people, but to every other country on this planet.

By definition, a terrorist is someone who is guilty of causing others to be terrorized. Terror is defined as either physical violence, or the threat of physical violence used to harms others. Exactly what are agencies like the FBI and NSA doing by targeting myriad Americans with satellite based directed energy weapons?; weapons which are used to torture us both physically and psychologically. Is this not terrorism?

And does this not make these agencies terrorists?

As for Bush and Cheney -- since they stole their way into office -- TWICE -- they are now responsible for the murders of over one million people!

Does that not also make them terrorists?

And given their loyalty to their friends in the defense industry, is it any wonder why they have no interest in seeing the war in Iraq end, as they attempt to figure ways in which to attack both Iran and Venezuela next?

That would also make them smart businessmen who in typical Illuminati fashion, are profiting off the bloodshed of numerous others. Exactly what they continue to do. After all, soldiers have always been the cheapest labor that these Illuminists can obtain, and they have no conscience when it comes to watching them get slaughtered as they have been in Iraq.

Unless major changes in this country are affected soon, we are all going to end up as either slaves of the Illuminati or their murder victims.

Many of us are already their torture victims.

See The Most Important Lawsuit (John St. Clair Akwei VS The NSA) In US History At The Following Website:
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