Tuesday, November 27, 2007

NSA Satellite Based Directed Energy Weapons

Collusion Between US Intelligence Agencies

A Criminal Conspiracy

The FEDS continue to use their satellite based directed energy weapons to cause me exhaustion and a shortness of breath (amongst other symptoms). On average, I am taking between 750 - 1000 mgs of COenzyme Q10 daily, in efforts to battle this. While COQ10 is expensive, it has proven to be of great benefit to me in aiding my breathing under this onslaught of directed energy attacks, by the slovenly PIGS of the FBI, NSA and DHS; those government predators who continue to wantonly attack me with these weapons.

They are also using "extensive coercive" tactics with my Family in efforts to cause a collective psychological breakdown amongst all of us. Yet thus far they have failed to do so (in spite of causing of us irreparable damage as a Family and great psychological pain). And my determination to get this information out to the public is continuing to be of benefit, in that others are now able to understand the outrageous ways in which the FBI, NSA and other agencies of the US Intelligence community are viciously attacking many American citizens in the present day.

These "SATELLITE PREDATORS" as I will refer to them from hereon, are nothing but degenerate criminals and pigs, who use this technology to commit their sexually predatory crimes covertly. And in doing so, these agencies have lost all credibility as legitimate law enforcement. No American should see them as anything but New World Order pit bulls who support the fascist ideology.

This is exactly what they are!

When these cretans torture their victims (some of whom have out of desperation now posted their own burned genitalia on their Websites! -- burned by these weapons) in such outrageous ways, they define the very acts of inhumanity that made Adolph Hitler and the Nazi Party anathema. And as such, these miscreants must now also be defined as such anathema.

Any person or persons who torture others are terrorists. George W. Bush and the present administration in the White House are terrorists and murderers. The US Intelligence community are terrorists and murderers. The US Military Industrial complex are terrorists and murderers. And the US Media are aiders and abettors of these terrorists, failing to do their duty to report these crimes against humanity, by instead functioning to cover them up.

To date, only one reporter within the mainstream media has bothered to do an article on the US Federal Government's use of classified weaponry to attack American citizens -- and even then -- the article did not go into great detail, while tending to paint Targeted Individuals as being paranoid. We are not paranoid! We are being tortured both physically and psychologically by this scum, and crying out for help.

Labeling us as being paranoid is very convenient, as it takes the attention away from the real culprits here -- those within the US Intelligence community (and others) -- who are using many of us as unwitting lab rats for their covert use of satellite based directed energy weapons. And something is going to have to be done about it.

When your mind is electronically accessed by way of a satellite as your thoughts are both stolen from you as well as manipulated, you have nothing left to lose by fighting back. In fact, it is your sworn duty as an American citizen to defend the US Constitution when those who are charged with doing so, are clearly in violation of the oath which they took to do so.

No American citizen should have to tolerate such depraved abuse by a pack of psychopaths masquerading as government officials. And the battle to expose these modern day Nazi's will continue to rage on until they are thoroughly exposed for these crimes, and made accountable for them.

As far as I am concerned, the only good Nazi is a dead one. This was true in the 20TH Century and it remains true in the 21ST. And unless the American people want to experience what the Jews did at the hands of the Nazi's, they had better take a stand soon. Or we will be forced to repeat that horrific time in human history all over again.
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