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Was Satellite Based Directed Energy Weaponry Used To Murder UFOlogist Dean Warwick?

Editor's Note: Given that the NSA can use its satellite based directed energy weaponry to murder anyone on the face of this planet, by targeting the electromagnetic fields which surround their body, then cause them to have a fatal stroke, aneurysm or heart attack, one must wonder if UFOlogist, Dean Warwick, was murdered in such a way, while speaking at a UFO conference?

Former British Intelligence operative, James Casbolt, discusses this on his Website. Casbolt was attending the conference that Warwick was speaking at, and according to Casbolt, was supposed to speak with Warwick afterwards. However, Warwick died on stage shortly after beginning his lecture.

*At the beginning of his speech, Dean Warwick complained about experiencing a burning sensation to his head and mentioned to someone that given the import of his information, he thought he was going to be "bumped off."

A person (whether it was James Casbolt or someone else) who attended this UFO conference, also reported seeing someone quickly exiting the room in which the conference was taking place, immediately after Warwick collapsed and died. This person was then followed and seen meeting someone else in the parking lot, and laughing in regard to the murder which they had just witnessed.

Many TI's, including this author, have experienced such manifestions of this technology, and these experiences do lend credibility to the theory that Dean Warwick was murdered by way of a satellite based directed energy weapon.

In fact, in addition to this author, several members of my Family are also routinely targeted by this satellite deployed directed energy weaponry as part of an FBI/NSA conspiracy which has been perpetrated against this author for several decades.

Moreover there is little doubt that Warwick had quite a bit of credibility, and that in seeking to promulgate his information on a wider scale than he had in the past, he had become a serious threat to those looking to keep his information from the public.

Please note that an FBI provocateur had once posted on a conspiracy theory message board, that James Casbolt was the person who wrote most of the articles on my Website. Not only is this statement an outright lie, but it serves as further proof that the FBI is waging a furtive slander campaign against this author, for documenting the Bureau's crimes against my person and Family on this Website.

Furthermore, for the record, I have never spoken to James Casbolt, nor was I familiar with him prior to reading about this fraudulent allegation.

However, since learning of him, I do find his research to be of interest, since he does acknowledge the existence of the Illuminati and its New World Order agenda.

Casbolt also acknowledges the existence of UFO's and extraterrestrial biological entities, as well as the illicit drug operations which Intelligence agencies such as Britain's MI-5 and the U.S. CIA (in essence just a branch of the British Intelligence) are involved in, in efforts to support their black budgets.


Whistleblower Dean Warwick Dies

Whistleblower Dean Warwick has died under suspicious circumstances on stage at UFO conference

On Saturday October 7th, I attended a UFO conference in Blackpool called ‘Probe international’. I planned to meet former US government official Dean Warwick who was the last speaker of the afternoon and try to convince him to blow the whistle about his experiences and knowledge regarding the NSA, missing children and Extra-terrestrials.

At this time Dean had already gone public and completed an interview a couple of weeks earlier with my friend, investigative journalist Dave Starbuck.

The fact of the matter was that Dean had only talked about a fraction of what he really knew. Therefore it was my intention to appeal to him and try to convince him to fully blow the whistle.

When Dean was only minutes into his talk on stage, he collapsed unconscious on the floor.

The crowd was stunned and mass confusion ensued. He had stopped breathing and an ambulance was called but Dean had died on stage.


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News Brief – October 9, 2006

Scroll down for the latest update October 13, 2006।

Further indications have come to light that Dean Warwick, pioneer and intelligence insider did not die of natural causes.

Dean Warwick collapsed and died whilst addressing a packed auditorium in Blackpool last weekend. Significantly however, he said he felt a “beam” or “burning” at the side of his head shortly before beginning his talk.

According to those who last spoke to him before he began his talk, Dean said: “I think I’m going to be bumped off.”

Originally from New Zealand but now resident in Scotland, Dean had promised to make some momentous announcements at the conference.

In the weeks prior to speaking at
International’s conference
, Dean had given Dave Starbuck a foretaste of what was coming in an interview.

Among other things, Dean promised that he would name who was behind the murder of Bobby Kennedy.

However, he said, that would only be the beginning. For he told Dave Starbuck that he would also name the “Anti-Christ” and blow the whistle on underground bases and missing children.

In the taped interview with Dave Starbuck, he also revealed how and why seven survivors at Lockerbie were allowed to die from hypothermia. The reason, he said, was that the survivors knew that a terrorist bombing did not bring down
Pam Am Flight 103, which went down in 1988 killing 270 passengers and crew.

They were allowed to die, said Dean, because they knew that a missile not a bomb brought down the Jumbo jet and had they lived, would have been able to testify to this.

Such knowledge however, made Dean Warwick a very dangerous man to those with things to hide. Which is why questions are being asked about his sudden demise.

Shortly before he began his presentation conference organisers say Warwick, 62 and in good health, spoke of having a "premonition" that something "would happen".

According to Dave Starbuck who was at the Probe International conference when he spoke, Dean was starting to hit his stride. He got to the point when he said he was about to reveal who was behind Bobby Kennedy’s murder, the name of the “Anti-Christ” and more besides.

He never did though. With the words, “Bear with me for a moment” Dean leaned with his left elbow on a nearby table with his right arm across his body. Before keeling over flat on his face.

He was to all appearances dead from that moment on and despite efforts to revive him he was, according to one eyewitness, probably dead before he even hit the ground.

Although a post mortem has yet to be conducted, the circumstances surrounding Dean’s death are highly suspicious. All the more so as those who witnessed the event and tried to telephone this website were unable to do so.

Although we took no calls this weekend, our phone line was reportedly “permanently engaged”. Making it seem all the more likely that Dean was "taken out", possibly by a beam weapon, by a group with a vested interest in keeping
the lid on what is really going on.

Dean Warwick was an insider who spoke with authority and who had decided to speak to a wider audience. As such he posed a real threat to the powers that be and listening to him it’s obvious why so many suspect that he was “taken out”.
Judge for yourself as he talks with Dave Starbuck about the ।

Or listen to Dean as he talks about
missing children and human sacrifice

In all audio samples it's obvious that he knows what he's talking about and all samples are available as a CD from

Update Friday October 13, 2006

This website recieved the following email from a reader and it ties in exactly with Dean Warwick's account of what happened at .

Hi Rixon, I have a little addition to the Dean Warwick article on Lockerbie Pan Am. I live in the region of Lockerbie and on the night in question, as I was outside getting coal for my fire, I heard what sounded like a firework, ie a
whoosh followed by a bang. I had no line of sight on the noise but it appeared to be north of my position. I went in with the coal and commented to my son, that they were late with their fireworks this year. But it puzzled me too, as to
who it might be, as there are very few people in that direction, just farms and the like.

Shortly after, it came on tv, there was a news flash telling of the Lockerbie bombing and the story unfolded as the night went on. I told my story to many people, and I believed I'd heard the plane going down. Yet it always puzzled me
why it sounded as it did, ie a whoosh and a bang, but as I'd never heard an aircraft blowing up before, I accepted it, however Dean Warwicks claim that it was shot down, fits exactly with what I heard. I know it's not conclusive, but I
genuinely believe what I've told you is a true account.

Take care Rixon, great site.

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