Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Trip Out This Evening Is Largely Ignored By The Vehicular Stalkers -- Are They Having A Pang Of Conscience? Nah...

This evening I took a trip out to Lloyd Neck, Lloyd Island, where the vehicular stalkers whom I deal with all day long, for the most part blended into evening traffic. This is atypical of their usual behavior which involves mobbing me to the point of forcing me to accelerate quickly away from them. At least that is how it used to be before I began to realize what I was dealing with.

This is just one more sadistic setup in which the unwitting TI attempts to outrun the FBI floating box type system that these stalkers use, only to run smack into a waiting patrol car -- its occupant just drooling at the prospect of writing you up.

For me it was an expensive lessen costing $600 for two stops and three tickets over a two week period. I learned after that not to play their game and to develop one of my own. It's call get these degenerate blowhards to waste their time and money on me instead of the other way around. That is all these sociopathic pricks understand.

And the nastier you are, the more they realize they are wasting both their time and money. It's unfortuate that it has to be this way, however, these people are covert murderers trying to get myself and numerous others to cash in our chips. So the hell with them.

And what most Americans have still not realized is that the illuminists who control this country (and who sanction the organized stalking which I document here) enforce laws on the rest of us that they simply pay no attention to. Sure, there is a sense of lawful propriety, like when the Bush girls got arrested for DWI. And when their father did the same. And Prescott Bush did the same with his son George H.W. Bush. However, the power that Prescott Bush wielded in his day does not nearly approach that of his son and grandson.

In the case of the Bushes, no real punishment is ever meted out, because the Bush crime family is above the laws of this nation and so are the rest of the Illuminati -- who both write these restrictive laws and ignore them with equal abandon.

And do you know what happens to people who have their rights violated by people like the Bushes? Agencies like the FBI are called in to systematically destroy them, like they were in the case of Michael Boren Williams and the late Margie Schoedinger. These two people never got any justice.

One was sent fleeing for his life after serving a two year prison sentence based on trumped up charges -- as his wife was coerced into divorcing him. And the other ended up with a bullet in her head, not too long after having a conversation with Bush junior, who told her (after he had repeatedly raped her) that her life was basically over anyway so she should just commit suicide. That is the kind of sweetheart that you have running this country.

That is the kind of sweetheart that represents the Luciferian mentality of all Illuminati.

Gone is the Constitutional rule of law, replaced by the law of the jungle. They'll say anyone who tells you this is crazy, however if you have experienced what many TI's have with the complete decimation of their rights, you are well aware that it is the painful truth. The system of constitutional government that we have in this country is as much an illusion as the society that we live in.

A few days back I was listening to a financial report in which the Federal Reserve Bank (the world's largest legitimized counterfeiter) was mentioned with awe. And I realized that the job that those who are promulgating Aaron Russo's documentary America From Freedom To Fascism are going to have is going to be a momentous one. People do not easily give up their belief systems; even when those systems are an abject lie.

And the Illuminati with all their power continue to serve as proof that as long as you make the money, you also make the rules. And that includes any laws that benefit you and yours, which can be used to hamstring the rest of the population.

However, as far as I know, there is no law which allows the NSA to track an American citizen (with no international terrorist connections). And there is certainly no law that I am familiar with which allows this Nazi spy agency to electronically access the minds of those whom it tracks, while raping and manipulating their minds. And this situation is going to result in a civil revolution within this country; changes being made within this government all taking place painfully.

As for the vehicular aspect of these organized stalkings, rather than wasting one's time being used as a pawn by these unindicted felons, the best thing to do is to simply take their plate numbers and document them, as they waste their time and money on you.

This evening I took only one plate: A dark colored SUV with chrome alloy wheels that kind of gave it the look of a pimp mobile. New York State plate: CUX 3677. However this person is more than likely being pimped out by the FEDS who are perpetrating these organized stalking crimes against me. One of many.

And of course an Old Brookville police cruiser showed up for a quick piece of street theatrics which I also took note of, in an extremely rare and otherwise very uneventful stalking evening. The only remnants that I am left with are a craving for some Dunkin Donuts and perhaps a few blue berries -- Hmmm.. I wonder where they came from? And, yes, there is also my intense hatred for spy satellites and the Nazi refuse who illegally deploy them on myself and myriad others in what constitutes the worst acts of treason ever documented.
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