Thursday, November 29, 2007

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words -- Photo Of Mind Control Software Being Used By Agencies Such As The NSA

The above software is the type being used by agencies like the NSA and CIA, which depends on satellites and super computers to attack the minds of unwitting citizens within the United States and other countries. No, Americans are NOT the only people being attacked by these CLOSETED Nazi's. Many citizens from a number of other countries including but not limited to the following -- England, China, Australia, France, Germany, Norway, New Zealand -- have documented being attacked by way of satellite based weapons, and are now looking for ways in which to alert the rest of the people on this planet to the nightmare which has befallen so many of us.

We are documenting the New World Order one world fascist government's way of covertly torturing people within the "so called" privacy of their own homes. What we are being subjected to is out right barbarianism, perpetrated against us by people who are operating on a subhuman and totally pathological level; while enjoying torturing those whom they have been given Carte Blanche to wantonly attack in any ways they choose to. These "satellite based" weapons (there are other methods of attack however the Intelligence communities -- especially US Intelligence) are predominantly behind these Orwellian assaults.

And in most cases even our own Families are being coerced and "mind controlled" into taking part in the adjunct psychological warfare attacks on us, out of fear for their own lives. I know for a fact that my Family did NOT do this willing, and has been viciously attacked in order to force them to comply. For most TI's what the perpetrators of these crimes have done to our relationships with our own Families is outrageous beyond words. And the immense suffering that they have caused is absolutely heart wrenching, as we are forced to watch our Families being tormented and abused by the same Cretans who are attacking us.

The only logical recourse that we as targets are left with, is to use our freedom of speech (which is being greatly compromised by those who are perpetrating these Orwellian crimes against us) to document what has become the darkest time in world history. These mind control weapons are being directed at the populations of all countries, by their own governments, as people are being slowly tortured and microwaved to death!

Those of us who are documenting this are being vilified, humiliated and tortured (both physically and psychologically), while our Constitutional rights, health, reputations and relationships are being systematically decimated. Done by those who are supposed to be defending the US Constitution (and those of other countries), yet are instead desecrating it -- men and women who have been turned from law enforcement officers into vigilante style mercenaries -- criminals who perpetrate their crimes against us for a paycheck, while violating every aspect of humanity, and using many of us as nothing more than human lab rats!

Please help us to expose these crimes against humanity before you find yourselves reporting that you too are being attacked in the same ways. Given that the New World Order Orwellian government is being ushered in, it's only a matter of time before you are. Those of you who can remember reading George Orwell's novel, *1984, are already aware of his fictionalized account of a world completely dominated by fascism. Well, Orwell's novel has become a reality in the modern day, only far worse than even Orwell himself (real name Eric Blair) might have ever envisioned.

*You can probably borrow a copy of 1984 at your local library, or the novel can be downloaded for free at the following Website. If you haven't read it, you really should so that you can better understand what is covertly happening to the citizens of this planet in the modern day.

The following are some excellent Websites being circulated by other activists, in our attempts to bring these electromagnetic weapons and the ways in which they are being used to torture a myriad of citizens around this planet, to the global population's attention. Please do your part by EDUCATING yourselves and then circulating this knowledge. We must ALL become activists in exposing this Orwellian nightmare or find ourselves being forced to submit to the type of tyranny that has not been seen since the days of Adolph Hitler and his Third Reich. We are now well on are way to seeing this become a reality globally if we fail to expose these Nazi criminals and to then destroy them while we are still able to.

No one who has "electronically" attached themselves to your mind by way of remote neural monitoring has any business doing so, and is guilty of the worst criminal activity imaginable -- trying to play the role of the creational force behind the human race. This is even beyond the atrocities of Adolph Hitler given how this technology can be covertly used to destroy humanity and to enslave the human mind, so that humans are remotely "mind controlled" into acting in a subservient role to the Illuminati elitests who now control everyother aspect of our lives -- including our governments, economies, intelligence communities, military and media. These miscreants are not satisified with all that they have now. They want to take the human population and turn us into chattle -- something which can then be used to serve their own criminal agendas.



John St. Clair Akwei vs. NSA, Ft. Meade, MD, USA


On the Need for New Criteria of Diagnosis of Psychosis in the Light of Mind Invasive Technology, Carole Smith, Journal of Psycho-Social Studies , Vol 2(2) No 3 2003


Read many VICTIMS' ACCOUNTS here









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