Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Another Possible Entrapment Angle That The FEDS Are Working On

Like many other individuals targeted for COINTELPRO's, I am routinely forced to document specific instances in which the FEDS attempt to entrap myself and others. In the past I have stated concerns about them attempting to plant drugs in my car or motorcycle. I have also documented how the FEDS got my credit cards cancelled a few years back, and how they routinely access my Internet accounts. They have also used the E-mail system to send me fraudulent messages as part of the gas lighting tactics that they are using against me. This has been going on for several years, and they have posed as legitimate businesses in their efforts to convince me that accounts were cancelled or suspended when they were not.

They have even posed as companies which I had no accounts with, claiming that my accounts had been suspended. Ebay and Paypal have been prime targets for them. They have also covertly had my Angelfire account closed when the information that I was documenting in regard to their harassment began more getting more Internet coverage. I am not exaggerating when I say that they have become so desperate to set me up on some type of charges, that there is nothing that they will not try.

Moreover, the FBI is so vicious in its slander campaigns that one former agent has found the need to post his medical checkups on his Website to document that he does not have any of the communicable diseases that the FBI regularly posts about him.

Given this, for the record, I have Lyme Disease (a biological weapon), Ehrlichiosis, and Babesiosis, as well as some stealth viruses that I received when being inoculated with the Salk polio vaccine as a child. If the FEDS attempt to plant any disinformation in regard to any sexual disease they will perpetrating yet one more in their myriad of LIES.

Moreover, taking into account that the FEDS have attempted to find every angle in which to entrap me, I am also documenting that they may attempt to use pornography or pedophilia -- two favorites of the FEDS.

Specifically the purchase of child pornography. Given this possible latest angle, as well as the extreme frustration that the FBI, NSA and DHS have been having in attempting to destroy my credibility regarding the mind control and long-term illegal spying that they have and continue to subject me to, I want to say categorically, that I have never purchased or viewed child pornography on or off the Internet. Nor have I ever circulated it. Moreover, if I had ever purchased any type of child pornography the FEDS would have homed in on that years ago, and not taken to the organized stalking route that they did back in 2003.

Remember, I am remote neurally monitored 24 hours a day and have been for decades (something that the FBI, NSA and Homeland Security do NOT want the public knowing about because of the precedent setting violations of the US Constitution -- in particular the 4TH and 5TH Amendments). The FEDS would have witnessed this and seized the opportunity to arrest me if such a crime had taken place. However, no such crime did, and the FEDS are well aware of this.

Their attacks on me have to do with covering up the satellite based mind control technologies that if made known to the American people, will create a scandal within the United States never before seen in its 230 year history.

Moreover, should they try this angle, it will be yet one more in a myriad of lies which they have circulated over the past few decades.

I say this given the FEDS's history of fabricating evidence in situations where they have no legal recourse in which to arrest those whom they target.

Additionally, I also refer to a former FBI agent by the name of Richard Taus, who upon becoming a whistle blower against the FBI, was quickly setup on pedophile charges in order to silence him. Many other people have met with a similar fate when the FBI found itself behind the 8 ball -- given the crimes that it has perpetrated.

This is one hell of a dangerous organization and the consummate threat to the freedoms that America once promised all its citizens. The same can be said of the NSA, CIA, DHS and myriad other agencies within US Intel. These organizations have access to some of the most advanced technology in the world and absolutely no responsibility in regard to how it is being used -- which is illustrated here on this Website and myriad others that I have linked to, as those of us targeted by this technology describe how we are being both physically (including sexually) as well as psychologically assaulted by way of satellite based directed energy weapons.

Do you know what we are being told when we complain? That we are paranoid; or schizophrenic; or just down right crazy -- all while the FEDS work covertly to destroy our reputations and credibilty, so that they can continue to get away with these crimes. They don't want you to know about them!

However, this is still America and as Americans you have a right to know what is going on here -- especially when this technology is being used against your own American brothers and sisters -- and can be deployed against you (if it isn't being covertly done so already) at any time without your knowledge or consent.

Do you have any idea what it feels like to be suddenly made aware that you are being watched within the privacy of your own home? Do you have any idea what it is like to find out that the NSA can electronically tap into your brain by way of a satellite? All while denying it!

These are grounds for the immediate abolition of the NSA and any other agencies which are covertly perpetrating such insidious crimes against the American people and many of our Constitutional rights.

It is time for the American people to realize that the war on terror is a complete fraud. And that the Patriot Act is being used to replace our Constitution, while decimating our freedoms.

Are you going to stand for this?

Are you going to let these closeted Nazi's get away with stealing your country out from under you?

One way in which legitimate TI's are discredited is for the FBI and its entrapment tag team to set a TI up on charges of pedophilia. Pedophilia ranks right up there with this agency's favorite types of entrapment schemes, including mail fraud and money laundering. And they are commonly used in COINTELPRO Sting operations.

I will continue to document every aspect of what I experience at the hands of these modern day Nazi's, and I will leave no stone unturned in exposing the atrocities that they have and continue to subject my Family and self to (as well as many other people). I also continue to document the NSA and Department Of Homeland Securitys' collusive role in the psychological warfare that the FBI is perpetrating against me. These agencies got together decades ago to deny me my rights under the color of law and they have to be made accountable for it. And I will continue to do so.

Spying on any American by way of a satellite for decades, while subjugating them to the life of a satellite/mind control prisoner is easily one of the most depraved atrocities ever documented. And torturing us through the use of this technology (as many of us have been for years) only adds to the gross violations of the US Constitution.

There is no longer any rule of law in this country, when agencies like the NSA and FBI can blatantly disregard your rights while defecating all over our Constitution. Something has to be done about them. And something will be done. This has to happen because under the present government, Americans have lost their Constitutional rights, which is making them unwitting slaves under this covert dictatorship.

A dictatorship which is being run by a tyrannical lunatic.

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