Friday, November 30, 2007

The Following Article Excuses The FBI As Being "Bumbling Fumbling Idiots"

What we really have with the FBI is an agency that is arrogant enough to have any American citizen it targets videotaped for years on end by way of NSA satellite, completely destroying that person's right to privacy. The FBI is nothing but an Americanized version of Hitler's Gestapo. Imagine what it is like to have an FBI agent decide to wage his own personal vendetta against you, while violating your rights under the color of law, and you can better understand why this agency should be referred to as a modern day Gestapo.

The FEDS respect no one and consider the US Constitution to be nothing more than a piece of worthless paper, which they have proven time and time again, with their blatant use of illegal spying, coercion and entrapment, to get their way regardless of law. It is extremely rare to find a case where an FBI agent has actually ever been made accountable for their crimes. And the FBI agent who realizes how corrupt the Bureau is and attempts to expose such corruption, ultimately finds themselves being treated as traitors, by the hierarchy of criminals within this agency.

So what does this say for the FBI when some of its own agents attempt to report crimes by other agents and are fired from their jobs, while being neutralized through the bureau's use of COINTELPRO tactics? And what does this portend for the rest of the American people who are completely unaware of how the FBI really operates behind its cover as premier law enforcement agency in this country?

Americans who have been wrongly attacked by the FBI must begin to initiate lawsuits against this agency, taking into account the color of law issues, if the FBI is to be made accountable for its crimes.

If FBI agents are prosecuted and found guilty of color of law violations (a federal offense) and made to serve out prison sentences, this will send a clear message to other agents, that their criminal behavior will no longer be tolerated, and that there will be a heavy price to pay when they abuse the Constitutional rights of American citizens. This should have been done a long time ago.

When the FBI decides to perpetrate a criminal conspiracy against any American, and then uses entrapment and coercion to intimidate those around the targeted person into keeping silent regarding an FBI COINTELPRO Sting (something which has occurred with my Family in regard to the FEDS' attack on me), while simultaneously abusing the targeted person and their rights, there is something terribly wrong in this country.

And because of this, the FBI, the Department Of Justice and the particular agents who are perpetrating crimes against the American people (and the US Constitution), must be challenged by those whose rights are violated by the FBI under the color of law statutes in this country. No citizen is above the law in America, and neither are federal agents -- even though from their actions it is clear that they consider themselves to be.

Furthermore, if we fail to hold the FBI accountable for its crimes against us, the American people will continue to be abused in the most outrageous ways ever documented, while the US Congress and Department Of Justice ignore the injustices being perpetrated by this agency against the American people -- crimes which it has routinely committed over the past Century and rarely if ever been punished for.

The article which I have listed at the end of this post is being kind. While the FBI has never been known for doing great police work, the truth is that it is not an agency which errs out of innocent mistakes. The FBI is a notorious criminal organization which has a history of violating American civil liberties in the most outrageous ways ever documented, while fabricating evidence as its agents routinely perjure themselves in courts of law.

To quote the late Judi Bari in regard to how the FBI agents involved in the COINTELPRO against herself acted in court: "These guys are professional liars who have raised selected memory loss to an art form."

-- Ecological activist Judi Bari -- EarthFirst!

Being a long-term target of the FBI's COINTELPRO operations, I often use this Website to document any possible means by which the FBI will attempt to set me up on trumped up charges. And given their desperation they are now considering any possibilities. They will manufacture evidence out of thin air if they have to, given their decades long attempts to entrap me. Consequently, I must remain vigilant in keeping a watchful eye on the myriad directions that an FBI entrapment scheme can take in the future.

And I will continue to do so while documenting every aspect of what has turned into a nightmarish saga, where the rule of law in this country has been completely eradicated, by people who are turning out to be nothing more than mercenaries who are violating their oath to protect and defend the United States Constitution.

The FBI and its federal brethren in crime have failed to do so time and time again. And by the accounts of many of their own former agents, the FBI was complicit in ending investigations in regard to the events which led up to the attacks on 9-11, having seen conclusive evidence that these attacks were going to take place.

The FBI allowed nearly 3000 American citizens to be murdered on 9-11-2001. They could have stopped it, but they didn't.

These agents are criminals who are in many instances guilty of treasonous conduct against the American people. And over the past few years I have amassed roughly 2000 pages of circumstantial evidence in which to prove this agency's complicity in a collusive campaign which has been used to deny me my Constitutional rights.

Given that the FBI has indeed been using the NSA to track me by way of satellite, and spied upon me within the privacy of my own home for nearly three decades, while the NSA has subjected me to illegal mind control experimentation, both of these agencies have perpetrated some of the most outrageous and precedent setting crimes against an American citizen, ever documented in the history of this country. And they are now using the US Media to cover up what they have done to me in what must be seen as yet a further criminal conspiracy in which they may well try to use fabricated evidence to frame me on trumped up charges.

If this is the case, it comes at a time when I am in the process of joining a class action lawsuit against the makers of the directed energy weapons which have been used against me for many years, having already included a case file in regard to the crimes the FEDS have perpetrated against me, which is now being circulated internationally, along with a few hundred other testimonies by other TI's whose lives have been destroyed by those deploying these weapons against us.

Remember what I have said in regard to the FEDS use of coercion on my own Family, who are well aware of the crimes which have been perpetrated against us, yet terrified of exposing the FEDS for what they have done.

I must also state that if the FEDS think that they can use satellites and super computers to electronically access the minds of those they target, then they truly are mad. Only a Nazi would attempt to get away with such an outrageous violation of human rights. And this is further proof of how far this government has sunk in the past several decades, where they believe they have the right to enter both your home and your mind without your knowledge or consent. These are precedent setting crimes. And the FEDS can expect a precedent setting response to them, before this is over.

It is about time that the American people finally stood up to this crocodile of a secret police force.
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