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Big Brother Is Tracking You Without A Warrant By James Bamford

James Bamford has written two of the best books in regard to the US Federal Government's use of Intelligence agencies for illegal spying, that have ever been written. His book entitled: "The Puzzle Palace" has gained a loyal following for those who have always been curious regarding how the NSA spies on the rest of the countries on this planet, in addition to the covert domestic spying that crypto city takes part in within the United States. The following article which he's written entitled "Tracking You Without A Warrant," is yet further proof of how the NSA uses its cutting edge satellite based spy technology to illegally monitor the movements of myriad Americans without their knowledge or consent.

However, for all his research, Bamford has never mentioned John St. Clair Akwei or Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA, which describes a covert NSA program known as radiation intelligence, in which the electromagnetic fields around the human body are remotely accessed by specialized satellites and super computers. Given the NSA's ability to use these satellites to electronically access and manipulate the minds of those persons being targeted -- in a situation so horrifyingly Orwellian that there are precious few people within the United States who are actually aware of what is going on here -- it is no wonder that even though he has put forth some astonishing information regarding the NSA, that he missed this aspect of it.

This ignorance of the planetary population is something that the NSA relies heavily on in efforts to covertly satellite track and both monitor and manipulate the minds of those whom it is targeting.

And even when you attempt to describe for others how the NSA's illegal monitoring system works, your comments are first met with extreme skepticism. However, anyone who bothers to do their own further research finds that the information contained within Akwei's lawsuit is not only accurate, but also portends a mainstream threat to the future of humanity.

For those of us who have had direct experience with the NSA's Signals Intelligence program, given that this agency has targeted us for long-term non consensual cover research and human experimentation, we have no doubt that John Akwei's information is correct.

Moreover, we understand what a debt of gratitude we owe this courageous man for risking his life in an attempt to promulgate what an abjectly nefarious organization the NSA is -- the information/mind control hub of the New World Order's one world government; one which will eventually use its satellites to remotely enslave the minds of every person (with the exception of the Illuminati) on this planet.

The human race cannot allow this happen for if it does, the course of humanity will be forever perverted by those whose ideals include genocide and the cloning of humans into what they deem to be a race of super beings. Or as Hitler described them back in the 1930's -- The Master Race.

Moreover, what kind of a policing agency is the FBI (or for that matter the NSA)when it deliberately violates the US Constitution and then attempts to either deny having done so, or finds bogus reasons in which to justify such outrageous violations of both Constitutional and human rights? Here I speak of the long-term illegal spying of Americans by way of satellite within the privacy of our own homes, as well as using remote neural monitoring technology to interrogate American citizens without their knowledge or consent, while using us as non consensual guinea pigs?

This is the kind of behavior that one would expect from some fascist country, not the United States Of America. So exactly what does it say for this country, when you have American citizens describing how their rights are being violated in such Hitlerian ways and being completely ignored by the US Congress?

So is it any wonder why those of us who have first hand evidence of this are being demonized, dehumanized, marginalized, and denied every aspect of the rule of Constitutional law? Something which is not a privilege, but instead a right within the United States.

We are a legitimate threat to the New World Order and its tyranny, which is why we will eventually be covertly murdered by its members. This is an absolute unless the people on this planet wake up within the near future and begin to defend themselves and humanity itself -- something which they are NOT doing at present.

And this is why we must make the best use of our time, in efforts to alert as many of the citizens on this planet to what the NWO is up to, and how the NSA and other agencies within the global Intelligence community are being used in conjunction with one another, to allow the NWO to become the ultimate tyrannical oligarchy. This organization will completely overshadow the late Adolph Hitler and his Third Reich, given its global control through the use of satellite based weaponry.

And there are many of us who are already suffering from the effects of such weaponry. See the Websites listed after Bamford's article to learn more about the US Intelligence community's use of satellite based weaponry to both physically and psychologically torture Americans within the privacy of our own homes, while those being tortured are being subject to complete denial in regard to the misery that we have been subjugated to. It is time for us to take back our government and our country from the Illuminati's EVIL membership, and those whom they use to control us, including the US Intelligence community.

James Bamford's article "Tracking You Without A Warrant Can Be Read Here" :

Some important Websites regarding the horrific experiences that targets of satellite based mind control experimentation experience, as they are both physically and psychologically tortured by these weapons. This is the information that former representative Cynthia Mckinney was trying to have exposed regarding US Intelligence, through House Resolution HR 1026 -- reopening the Church Investigation into the US Intelligence Community and its COINTELPRO operations; something which Congress has refused to consider.

Why? Why has Congress refused to investigate the US Intelligence community when there are so many American citizens complaining about being targeted and tortured by satellite based directed energy weaponry? Is Congress not supposed to be representing our interests before anyone elses?



John St. Clair Akwei vs. NSA, Ft. Meade, MD, USA


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Read many VICTIMS' ACCOUNTS here








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