Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tin Foil Hats May Be More Useful Than You Think In Blocking Out Certain EMF Frequencies

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Will Aluminum Interfere With Computer To Brain Interface?

Aluminum shielding will block a cell phone signal. It will also significantly reduce the amount of EMF that surrounds an electronic appliance. It may also be effective in interfering with a signals intelligence satellite's ability to lock onto your brain's own unique set of EMF frequencies.

Massachusetts Institute Of Technology did a study some years ago and found that when an aluminum foil covering was grounded it did a credible job of blocking out certain electronic frequencies. However the MIT study claimed that an aluminum hat would actually amplify certain signals which the federal government was broadcasting on, while attenuating others.

The question is how valid was this study? Especially since MIT was long ago infiltrated by the CIA in the 1950's. Was the MIT study legitimate, or a source of disinformation to discourage targets of satellite tracking systems from using the inexpensive means of aluminum foil in which to block these signals?

Given the U.S. Intelligence community's refusal to admit that it is using brain scanning technology on the American people, and its refusal to refrain from doing so, the American people must find a legitimate way to protect themselves from this satellite predation.

Given how inexpensive aluminum foil is, and that it can be used to interfere with an electronic signal being directed at your brain, it is certainly worth investigating. It may also have benefits for those who are being subjected to the dangerous EMF fields which emanate from cell phone towers.

And an aluminum hat is far less expensive than a Faraday cage, which operates on the same principle.

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