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FBI Attempts To Murder This Author In A Staged Automobile Crash

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The FBI Attempts To Murder This Author

Through A Staged Head-On Automobile Collision

This past weekend, this author narrowly avoided a head-on collision which was more than likely the result of the vehicular organized stalking campaign which has been ongoing since 2003.

On Saturday, May, 12Th, (two days after publishing the following post regarding the evidence presented by attorneys for RFK convicted killer Sir Han Sir Han, alleging his innocence) this author and another Family member were traveling on a two lane road just minutes from our home, when a driver in the oncoming lane suddenly crossed over into our lane without any warning in what at first appeared to be an attempt to pass several cars traveling ahead of their own vehicle.

This author was forced to swerve to avoid crashing head-on into the other vehicle, while locking up the brakes of my automobile; just missing a head-on collision that would have occurred at at least 40 mph.

The other driver may have just been careless, however, given the FBI/NSA conspiracy to murder this author in a plausibly deniable way, it is also entirely possible that this driver intentionally swerved in an attempt to force me to lose control of my automobile with the intent of murdering my passenger and myself.

The FBI has been able to furtively murder many of its COINTELPRO targets in such ways in the past.

Moreover, as we arrived at our destination, another driver (clearly taking part in vehicular organized stalking) subtly moved his vehicle toward the center line in the road, as we approached from the oncoming lane, indicating that the earlier near head-on crash was staged.

If this incident was staged in an effort to force this author into losing control of my vehicle (in my opinion it was), the automobiles traveling in the oncoming lane which were in front of and behind the offending vehicle, would have allowed for a fall back position in the event that this author could not avoid having a collision with this vehicle.

Specifically, they would have made the necessary space for the driver of the vehicle which intentionally crossed into the oncoming lane and directly into the path of my automobile, to be able to quickly turn back into the proper lane, thus avoiding the collision.

Given that this particular roadway is lined with trees, the intent here was to force this author's vehicle off the road so that it would collide with a tree, in a plausibly deniable attempt to murder my person.

Given the FBI/NSA/DHS failed entrapment schemes and psychological warfare operations perpetrated against this author, and their increasing concern over the accurate allegations that I have made in regard to their crimes against my person, Family, and the American middle class, the Intelligence community grows more desperate with each passing day to find a plausible means in which to murder my person.

This government knows that they they have brain fingerprinted us, and cannot risk those of who know about this Orwellian invasion of our privacy promulgating this information. However, a national brain fingerprinting program is bad for all citizens, including our politicians, since they have no way of knowing when they are being brain scanned by the Intel community.

The main point of concern here is in reference to the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, and its utilization in brain scanning the American people via the NSA's through the air computer to brain interface technology.

As for staging this vehicular attack, the FBI would have known where I was traveling to in advance, because I had an intended destination, and the NSA does illegally remote neural monitor my brainwaves via this Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, and its through the air computer to brain interface technology. A crime being perpetrated via the NSA's clandestine national brain fingerprinting network. For more on this domestic spy technology, Google: John St. Clair Akwei VS the U.S. National Security Agency.

So the entire operation could have been planned out in advance, timed with military precision, in a similar way to the electronic attacks that this author has been subjected to in the past.

As previously stated, this means that the vehicles that were traveling in the opposite lane, as well as the automobiles traveling both in front of and behind this author's vehicle, could have all been part of this furtive attack, since these automobiles were operating the same way that an *FBI Vehicle Surveillance Team operates. These surveillance teams can also carry out far more than just illegal surveillance, and in fact, can be used to take part in the vehicular homicide of an intended target.

*Primer On How An FBI Vehicle Surveillance Team Operates & How The FBI Uses Them To Violate Your Constitutional Rights Under The 4Th Amendment - Those Who Take Part In The Vehicular Part Of Organized Stalking Use Similar Covert Driving Tactics To Those Of An FBI Vehicle Surveillance Team

There are literally thousands of targeted individuals who have been vehicularly stalked as part of the organized stalking campaigns perpetrated against their persons, who are well aware of the military-like precision timing in regard to how the drivers of these vehicles operate.

Their vehicular stalking is synchronized with each driver assuming a specific role in the propagation of this Orwellian hate crime.

Moreover, many targets of COINTELPRO have reported such attempts to murder their persons through the FBI's deployment of vehicles which are used to perpetrate these horrendous crimes, including former FBI agents who became whistleblowers against the Bureau: For example, the vehicle of the target of such attacks will either be sideswiped, hit from behind, driven off the road, or even mechanically or electronically tampered with beforehand.

The NSA's Signals Intelligence satellites can also be used by the Agency's operatives, to remotely access the electrical system in an automobile and tamper with it, while the vehicle is being driven. It is this author's opinion that many TI's have been the subjects of vehicular accidents which were caused by the electronic tampering of their vehicles while the vehicles were being driven.

It is also this author's opinion that an organized stalking target by the name of Ananda Zaren, a well known homeopathic physician, was murdered, when her vehicle was electronically tampered with, which resulted in her Porsche Cayman suddenly veering off a California highway and over a cliff a few years ago. Zaren would die from her injuries a short time later.

Homeopath, Ananda Zaren, Dies From Injuries Sustained After Her Car Suddenly Veers Off A California Highway And Careens Off A Cliff

This author has experienced several similar vehicular attacks over the past few decades, each of which I am now certain were either directly perpetrated by, or orchestrated by a cell of FBI agents, whose initial intent was to entrap this author.

However, since these costly entrapment schemes have failed, as have their psychological warfare operations, this cell of agents is now intent on murdering this author in a plausibly deniable way.

And they do not care if they murder other people who are around me, which is why I document this publicly to serve as further evidence of this Intel conspiracy.

Moreover, the Intel community's furtively deployed slander campaigns against the targets of these vicious and ill advised attacks, coincide with the myriad of crimes they perpetrate against us, in an attempt to justify such outrageous and depraved behavior.

All because these agents cannot afford to admit to the satellite predation which they regularly perpetrate against an American citizenry who have been electronically branded through a national brain fingerprinting program.

And by agents who can best be described as murderous sociopaths, now left to explain the millions of dollars that they spend annually, on each person whom they criminally harass as part of the organized stalking campaigns perpetrated against these people.

- James F. Marino

Also See:

DOJ, FBI, DHS Responsible For The Organized Stalking Networks Which Are Being Used To Destroy American Communities

Editor's Note: The FBI continues to have credit card companies who have issued cards used by members of this author's Family, fabricate bogus charges on these cards, under the pretense that the card numbers were stolen. This is just another in the myriad forms of psychological warfare that the cell of FBI agents perpetrating these outrageous crimes against us, commits with plausible deniability.

And doing so while the agents spend millions of taxpayer dollars a year conducting a COINTELPRO operation against someone whom they have never had the authority to investigate, and instead continue to use for mind control experimentation via the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network.

The reader should also keep in mind that some of these credit card charges are considerable, including one for a home satellite installation that amounts to more than $2400 (The theft of more than $1000 constitutes grand larceny).

Also note the "Satellite Installation" reference which gives further credence to this author's allegation that the FBI and NSA are responsible for having these bogus charges included on a credit card monthly statement, given the NSA's decades of satellite predation of this author via the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network.

The most precedent setting violations of the 4Th, 5Th and 6Th Amendments in American history.

As such, it is this author's opinion that no real theft has actually taken place, and that these charges are instead fraudulent, deliberately included on a legitimate monthly statement, at the FBI's insistence. Yet another example of the depraved and sadistic mindset of your average FBI agent, and their sociopathic behavior.

As for those who believe that the FBI would not be able to utilize another organization as part of the entrapment schemes and psychological warfare operations perpetrated against a target of COINTELPRO, consider the following: This author has personally witnessed the FBI interfere with medical treatment as well as its interfering with medical prescriptions in which the FBI had legitimately prescribed medications, replaced with placebos.

I have also witnessed the FBI interfere with insurance companies, in an attempt to entrap this author in insurance fraud more than once. In several instances, FBI agents taking part in their vehicular stalking of this author actually caused automobile accidents with several vehicles owned by this author or other members of my Family over the course of the past few decades, as part this scheme.

In 1988, this author's car was sideswiped by a "U.S. Postal" employee driving their own vehicle, who claimed to have fallen asleep at the wheel. However, when this author called the police as you are by law required to do in the case of a motor vehicle accident (which this postal employee did not want to do), he then changed his story with the police, claiming that I had caused the accident. Both insurance companies claimed that the other driver was at fault, however, an accident investigation team ruled that the accident was caused by the postal employee.

Two weeks after my vehicle was sideswiped, the vehicle of another member of my Family was sideswiped exactly the way that my automobile was, in what was certainly another FBI orchestrated crash.

These agents are notorious for following someone whom they are targeting, and then finding the ideal situation in which to cause an accident with the vehicle of the targeted subject.

The agents will often approach from the blind spot of either the driver's or passenger's side of a car, then sideswipe the vehicle. Other times these agents or their provocateurs will follow a vehicle in traffic, wait for the vehicle to stop and then ram into the back of the vehicle. The FBI provocateur who perpetrated this crime against this author, claimed that he had been reaching into the glove box looking for an item, when his foot "accidentally" slipped off the brake.

However, from the moment that he stepped out of his vehicle, this provocateur's demeanor was one of complete arrogance, while he used the types of psychological triggers that this author can now easily recognize, however, as of the late 1990's (when this staged crash took place), was completely unaware of.

Moreover, these agents will always have a cover story in such situations, and will oftentimes operate under an alias. They will also follow a person into a parking lot, and then wait for the person to leave. Prior to the person backing their vehicle out of a parking space, the FBI vehicle surveillance member will strategically place their automobile in a position where the targeted person will not see the FBI vehicle until the last minute, often backing right into it.

The target is usually at a loss to explain how the other vehicle showed up so quickly, and managed to avoid their scan as they backed out of their parking space.

One must remember that an FBI Vehicle Surveillance Team member is an expert at such deception. All the more reason for the average citizen to understand how an FBI VST operates.

As such, the FBI provocateur is completely at ease with their prey, having the advantage of the element of surprise.

And this type of vehicular stalking can occur for years. Except that in the modern day, the FBI, DOJ and DHS have tricked our communities into doing the vehicular stalking for them, oftentimes at the financial expense of the men and women who've been brainwashed into taking part in this vigilante hate crime.

These men and women are also used as pawns by the DOJ and DHS, given the fact that they can never be certain if a person whom they are stalking will become psychotic as a result of this hate crime, and attack the people taking part in the stalking.

This has happened several times in the past, and in more than one situation, persons who were taking part in the organized stalking of a targeted individual, were shot and killed as revenge for this cruelty. Recently, a man by the name of Trayvon Martin was shot and killed when he struggled with a person who was stalking Trayvon, under the cover of taking part in a community watch group.

Which brings us to the following questions: When a group of people knowingly and criminally terrorize a person who then snaps and murders them, who is to blame? And when a person who is taking part in organized stalking confronts a stalking target who is attempting to defend themselves from harm, and is then murdered by the person doing the stalking, who should be held accountable?

The logical answer is the people who could have prevented these crimes in the first place. Those who control the network of domestic spies and covert terrorists in the United States, known as fusion centers: The U.S. Department Of Justice (FBI) and The Department Of Homeland Security.

As for the FBI's entrapment schemes, the Bureau also orchestrated a situation in which several medical payments which should have been sent directly to a health care provider, were intentionally redirected to this author as part of this entrapment scheme. Checks which I then endorsed over to the health care provider.

The insurance company's excuse was that the health care provider did not have a valid tax ID number. However, if the insurance provider did not have a valid tax ID number, they would not be allowed to conduct business. In other words, the insurance company's excuse for sending these payments to this author instead of the health care insurer was a complete lie, orchestrated by the FBI as part of its entrapment schemes against my person.

When this part of the entrapment scheme failed, the FBI then had the health care insurer send two more payments to this author, several months later, after the FBI became aware that the health care provider had gone out of business.

Not only did the insurance company aid and abet the FBI in this entrapment scam, both organizations committed mail fraud, by using the U.S. Postal Service for a fraudulent purpose.

As for the FBI's using the U.S. Postal Service to commit fraud, many targets of organized stalking have reported that mail carriers are routinely used to deliver incorrect mail to their addresses as part of the psychological warfare operations which the FBI perpetrates against these people.

I post this information on this Website to give the public a better understanding of how duplicitious FBI agents are when conducting their COINTELPRO operations against American citizens, since many of these agents are pathological liars who operate at the level of an abject psychopath, and will find a way in which to murder anyone who attempts to expose them.

Furthermore, given how illegally the FBI operates, is it any wonder why the Bureau was never created through the legislative process by the U.S. Congress as it should have been, but instead, as a secret police force by the Executive Branch of the U.S. Federal Government?

This was done to ensure that the FBI can be used to circumvent the Constitutional rule of law whenever the White House decides to. And this makes the FBI extremely dangerous to the American people, and their inherent protections from the U.S. Federal Government under the Bill of Rights.
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