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If You're Taking Part In Organized Stalking State Sponsored Terrorism, You Run The Risk Of Being Murdered By A Person Whom You Are Menacing

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FBI/DOJ Complicity In Covering Up The NSA's Use Of Signals Intelligence Remote Brain Scanning Satellites On The American People

"The State Vs The People: The Rise Of The American Police State" - Download This Article In PDF Format Here

Organized Stalkers Are The Pawns
Of A Subverted - Sadistic - Communistic Government

What most men and women who take part in the vigilante hate crime organized stalking fail to realize, is that they are being used as pawns of the U.S. Department Of Justice, FBI, and Department Of Homeland Security, in regard to the agencies' use of fusion centers to perpetrate this Orwellian crime.

And while these men and women may enjoy menacing the targets of this hate crime (who have never done a thing to harm them), believing that they themselves are invulnerable to prosecution for committing these terrible crimes, they are only able to do so because of the corruption which has permeated the federal, state, and local governments in America, since that piece of Draconian legislation known as the Patriot Act was criminally passed into law.

However, while they may consider themselves to be immune from prosecution, and thus continue to take part in such despicable cowardice, those who participate in organized stalking run the risk of being murdered by the people whom they target - should these victims no longer be able to withstand the brutal psychological attacks that they are subjected to daily.

The three *Kraft employees who were shot by organized stalking target, Yvonne Hiller, learned the hard way (two of whom died from their wounds), that if you are used to viciously abuse someone, you run the risk of being murdered by them, if you intentionally drive them to the point where they become psychotic.

And the more a person who is subjecting another person to such inhumane crimes continues to do so, the greater the chance that the victim of these crimes will exact their own horrific form of revenge.

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21St Century Nazism In America

Organized stalking is a crime based on a Nazi ideology and propagated through an intelligence community, which from its inception has been based on Nazism.

A community of evil minded individuals who could not care less if the men and women who are intimidated into taking part in this hate crime, are murdered while participating in it, as long as they follow the intelligence community's edict of furtively torturing and murdering targets of organized stalking.

An intelligence community which has been used to secretly brand each American citizen, through the implementation of a national brain fingerprinting program, which will be used to reduce the American people to serfdom.

Moreover, since it has become a well established fact that most people take part in the vigilante hate crime, organized stalking, out of fear that they will also become targeted for this crime if they fail to do so, what we have in America is an entire society which has become intimidated by a Nazi idealized intelligence community, to either take part in this cabal's hate crimes, or risk becoming the target of them.

A Nazi idealized Intelligence community, financed by a Communist and Zionist controlled central bank - the Federal Reserve System.

Furthermore, as time goes by, and an ever increasing number of Americans are subjected to the organized stalking vigilante hate crime, there will reach a point of equilibrium, where as many people are being stalked as are doing the stalking.

And this in and of itself will create the type of national divisiveness, which will result in a public uprising not seen since the Civil War.

It is also doubtful that the short-sighted members of the war profiteering Intelligence community, who've fomented organized stalking through a network of fusion centers in the United States - and as part of a covert attempt in which to implement a feudal system in this country - have ever thought about what it will be like to find themselves in the midst of such a catastrophic event, that is of their own making.

However, this intelligence community has always been comprised of hate mongers who have been preoccupied with promoting every form of hatred within our society that they can, in order to turn the American middle class against itself.

The intent here is to divide the American middle class through the use of organized stalking and other forms of psychological warfare.

The Communist government in the United States has used similar methods in the past in an attempt to divide the African American community in a similar way.

However, African Americans have been wise enough to realize this criminal conspiracy against themselves, which is why they now have one of the most powerful voices in the United States.

Had a white person been gunned down in the way that Trayvon Martin was, and a cover up implemented to allow the perpetrator to get away with this crime, there would likely have been little to no response by the Caucasian community.

However, because Trayvon Martin was a person of color, the police cover up in regard to his murder was quickly exposed by the African American community, and the perpetrator indicted for Trayvon's murder.

The American middle class must now develop the same type of powerful voice against the elite in this country, who through this elite's perversion of our government, are attempting to disenfranchise us of our inherent rights as American citizens.

A diabolical situation which has already resulted in the destruction of our economy, in an attempt to enslave a nation of once productive people, a subset of whom (those who participate in organized stalking) have now become the unwitting brainwashed pawns of an unproductive and corrupt government, which is being used to destroy the American middle class; a government which continues to be controlled by the same Anglo-Zionist influence, whom our founding fathers attempted to break away from during the Revolutionary War.

The British Monarchy and its House of Rothschild Communist counterfeiters and launderers, who have not only looted the U.S. Treasury of the American middle classe's gold bullion, and instituted a system of currency which is completely counterfeit, but who are also furtively selling the United States of America off brick by brick to the highest domestic and international corporate bidders, while secretly enslaving the majority of her people; those who comprise the American middle class.

The Anglo-Zionist monarchists who are now in the process of turning the United States into a 21St Century version of the medieval feudal system - where the elite are the masters, and the general population slaves to those masters.

The only solution to this Machiavellian act of deception, is non compliance with any person or group who continue to perpetrate the destruction of our Constitutional Republic and the American middle class, under the pretense of fomenting a fraudulent war on terror which in reality, has always been used to furtively implement this contemporary feudal system.

- James F. Marino

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Since The Midst Of The 20Th Century, The U.S. National Security Agency Has Maintained And Illegally Deployed Electromagnetic Frequency Mind Control Technology On The Global Population, Including The American People - This Technology Has Been Used To Electronically Catalogue The Unique Bioelectric Resonance/Entrainment Frequencies Of Each American Citizen, Consequently Branding The American People Through A Furtive Brain Fingerprinting Network
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