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Is The Obama Justice Department Being Used To Destroy The Gibson Guitar Company Because Its CEO Is A Generous Republican Campaign Donor?

CIA/FBI Attempt To Get U.S. Lawyer To Betray Arab Clients - This Is Yet Another Example Of Why The U.S. Intelligence Community Has Become A Cancer On The Legal System In The United States

"The FBI is engaging in unremitting harassment of citizens using Neighborhood Watch Groups All Over the Country, in Organized Gang Stalking, the latest FBI COINTELPRO Tactic. Look at Internet discussions pertaining to the latest FBI COINTELPRO tactic - organized gang stalking - and you will see the FBI slime machine at work.


Whistleblower At The NIS Gives An Account Of Mind Control Research Conducted By This Organization That Turned Deadly, Yet Was Covered Up

Hillary Clinton Dancing And Beer Slugging In Columbia - On An Earlier Diplomatic Trip, Clinton Is Said To Have Organized A Vodka Drinking Contest With Senator John McCain - Is It Any Wonder With Politicians Like These, Why The United States Federal Government Has Become The Most Despised Government On This Planet?

Is The RFID Industry Looking To Murder One Of Its Greatest Opponents Through The Covert Use Of A Directed Energy Weapon? Given The Way In Which The U.S. Military-Intelligence Complex Continues To Use DEW Technology In Which To Commit Torture And Murder In A Plausibly Deniable Way, The Death Of Any High Profile Targets Of Non Consensual Human Experimentation & Organized Stalking, Who die Of Cancers, Heart Attacks, Strokes, Or Aneurysms, Must Be Investigated As Possible Murders

The U.S. Military Intelligence Complex Has A Long History Of Using American Citizens For Non Consensual Human Experimentation In A Laboratory Type Setting - However, The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network's Use In Brain Fingerprinting The American Population, Means That Our Own Homes Can Be Used To Create Such A Setting Without Our Knowledge Or Consent, Since Any American Citizen Can Be Instantaneously Satellite Tracked By Way Of Their Brain's Own Unique Set Of EMF Frequencies, And Unwittingly Used For Such Non Consensual Human Experimentation

Puppets On A String - American Politicians And The U.S. Media Have Become Little More Than Mind Controlled Robots, Unable To Expose The New World Order Or Its Intent To Electronically Enslave The Global Middle Class, Through The Use Of Covert Brain Fingerprinting Programs Implemented Through Domestic Spy Satellite Networks, Like The National Security Agency's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network

How The FBI's General Counsel Obstructed Justice In The 1996 TWA Flight 800 Missile Attack, Which Allowed For The FBI's Creation Of The Defective Fuel Tank Theory White Wash

Obama DOJ Conspiracy Against Gibson Guitar Company?

"It has come out that Juszkiewicz is a Republican donor, while the CEO of one of his principal competitors, C.F. Martin & Company, is a Democratic donor. Martin reportedly uses the same wood, but DOJ hasn’t raided them, leading to speculation that the Obama administration is sending a warning to Republican businessmen that they had better not oppose his re-election, lest they face criminal investigations. Normally such speculation would not be credible, but Eric Holder has politicized the Department of Justice to a point where such questions must be taken seriously.

Oh, one more thing: if Gibson has violated the Lacey Act, so, perhaps, has Michelle Obama, who gave French First Lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy a Gibson Hummingbird acoustic guitar with a rosewood fret. Maybe, when the time comes, she can share a cell with Mr. Juszkiewicz."

- Website

Is The Gibson Guitar Company

The Target Of A Criminal Conspiracy By The DOJ?

In a situation that is reminiscent of former circuit Judge Stanley Sporkin's presiding over a precedent setting 1990's Qui Tam lawsuit against Hamilton Securities, which was used for the express purpose of bankrupting the company once owned by former Assistant HUD Secretary Catherine Austin Fitts, a more recent DOJ investigation of the Gibson Guitar company (one of the most famous and sought after guitar makers in the world), has this author wondering if the Obama Justice Department is using Eric Holder, to punish the CEO of Gibson Guitar Corp., Henry Juszkiewicz, because he is a large financial contributor to the Republican Party.

Specifically, a plot to destroy Gibson Corp., so that its longtime rival, C.F. Martin & Co. can inherit Gibson's customer base.

Moreover, if such a conspiracy exists, is this the extent of it, or is there more to this conspiracy?

Specifically, is the DOJ attack against Gibson Corp. a furtive message by the Obama Administration to the Republican business community, that if they oppose his attempt to gain re-election to the White House, they may face federal criminal investigations by the U.S. Department Of Justice?

Remember the days when Bill and Hillary Clinton used the IRS to conduct fraudulent investigations regarding their detractors, while the Clintons were taking up space at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?

It sounds like Barack Obama is using the DOJ and FBI for similar intimidation tactics.

If so, Obama is using the DOJ to perpetrate a covert form of extortion against those within the Republican Party who may be able to harm his chances of serving a second term in the White House.

What makes this situation even more interesting is that the head of C.F. Martin is a large financial contributor to the Democratic Party. As such, is it possible that the head of C.F. Martin is involved in collusion with the White House and DOJ to put his direct competitor out of business?

For the past three years, the exotic Madagascar wood which Gibson has used in the construction of its guitars, has been held by the DOJ, after it was seized under the claim that Gibson was in violation of the Lacey Act.

Gibson has since stated that it is not in violation of the Lacey Act, and has no idea what has become of the precious wood or its whereabouts.

Moreover, C.F. Martin uses the same type of wood in the construction of its own guitars.

So if Gibson is guilty of violating the Lacey Act, so is C.F. Martin.

So why is C.F. Martin not under investigation?

Moreover, in order for Gibson to survive (especially in the depressed economy), Mr. Juszkiewicz has had to rely on building guitars out of other materials, which has damaged his company's reputation.

The FBI's Become A Den Of Vipers

It has already been well established that the FBI has never had a legislative charter, and that neither the DOJ nor FBI were created by the Congress through the legislative process, as they should have been, based on the Constitutional rule of law, but were instead created by the Executive Branch of the U.S. Federal Government.

Moreover, the lack of a legislative charter means that neither organization has a statutory basis to exist, yet absorb billions of dollars of Congressionally approved appropriations each year, in order to remain in operation.

The fact that the DOJ and FBI operate under the Executive Branch of the U.S. Federal Government also calls into question their real purpose. Specifically, are these organizations a legitimate part of the U.S. Federal Government, or simply pawns of the White House?

As for the DOJ's three year case against Gibson Corp, one must wonder if this was ever a legitimate investigation, or one which continues to be used for the express purpose of bankrupting Gibson, as a punitive measure against its CEO, for his financial contributions to the Republican Party?

And by a Democratic White House and Justice Department who are also using their harassment of Gibson to serve as a warning to other Republican businessmen, to avoid criticizing the Obama Administration or face a similar extortionate shake down by the DOJ and FBI.

If this is the case, then it serves as yet another illustration of the White House's abusive control over the U.S. Justice Department and the FBI, and why both should be abolished.

Moreover, the DOJ attack against Gibson Corp. appears to be collateral damage, when in fact its CEO is the real target of this White House - DOJ conspiracy.

In a similar case regarding Hamilton Securities, Hamilton's CEO, Catherine Austin Fitts, found herself the target of a criminal conspiracy by the Bush 41 Administration and CIA, after she successfully implemented a program under HUD which she was using to decentralize the housing mortgage industry.

When her program was threatened, Fitts called into question the way that the CIA is able to launder currency through certain legitimate but questionable government programs.

The result was that Fitts' company, Hamilton Securities, became the target of a propaganda campaign as well as several frivolous lawsuits.

In one instance, a lawsuit which the infamous judge, Stanley Sporkin, was chosen to preside over, resulted in a precedent setting Qui Tam strategy being used, in which Sporkin was able to delay the lawsuit against Hamilton Securities for four years.

This resulted in the company's files being seized, which prevented it from doing business, and ended with its bankruptcy.

Moreover, when Sporkin resigned from the bench, the judge who replaced him unsealed the case against Hamilton Securities, only to find that the case had never had any merit, and as a result, immediately dismissed it.

What this means is that Stanley Sporkin committed fraud, because he knew that the case against Hamilton Securities had always been frivolous, yet sealed the case for the express purpose of obstructing justice, by implementing the Qui Tam statute as a stalling tactic, instead of using it to determine whether or not the lawsuit against Hamilton Securities was valid.

As in the case of John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the National Security Agency, a legitimate lawsuit against the NSA which Stanley Sporkin was used to criminally dismiss as being frivolous, the judicial system was again perverted by this judge, in order to aid and abet certain corrupted government agencies, whose leadership sought to conceal their own crimes against American citizens.

Akwei VS NSA should be tried in the present day before an honest judge, given this lawsuit's importance in exposing the U.S. Military-Intelligence complexes' electronic warfare programs, and in particular, the NSA's illegal domestic spying through its Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network - a proprietary satellite spy network which uses the unique set of EMF frequencies of each person's brain, as both a tracking device, and in which to establish two-way communication with the brain of a specific American citizen.

According to Akwei, all American citizens are subject to this program without their knowledge or consent, which bespeaks some form of national brain fingerprinting network that has been implemented in secret, and in abject violation of the American people's rights to privacy and due process of law under the United States Bill of Rights.

As for the Department Of Justice's three year stalling tactics against Gibson Corp, common sense tells us that Gibson is not the direct target of this attack any more than Hamilton Securities was.

Instead, like the conspiracy against Catherine Austin Fitts, it is Gibson's CEO who is the real target of this particular attack; Gibson and its employees merely suffering the collateral damage of this White House - DOJ conspiracy against Henry Juszkiewicz.

As in the case of Hamilton Securities, Gibson Corp is yet another victim of the DOJ's perversion of the U.S. Criminal Justice System.

As such, one must wonder: is there a judge behind the scene who is examining evidence that the DOJ is furnishing this judge with (perhaps even fabricating), as it attempts to build a fraudulent case against Gibson Corp?

For that matter, does the DOJ even have any intent of building a case, or as in the Bush 41 - CIA conspiracy to destroy Hamilton Securities, in which Stanley Sporkin was used to aid and abet this crime, is the DOJ's intent here to also merely keep the case against Gibson open long enough to force the company into bankruptcy?

If so, one must wonder which judge will be used to do the dirty work for the government this time around?

- James F. Marino

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"CARTAGENA, Colombia (AP) – A dozen Secret Service agents sent to Colombia to provide security for President Obama at an international summit have been relieved of duty over alleged misconduct. A caller who said he had knowledge of the situation told the Associated Press the misconduct involved prostitutes in Cartagena, site of the Summit of the Americas. A Secret Service spokesman did not dispute that."

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Editor's Note: Another member of this author's Family who has been routinely targeted by directed energy weaponry for the past decade, is experiencing an electronic attack on their leg, which has resulted in chronic pain.

Directed energy weaponry can be used to target any portion of the body, and the intensity of these weapons can be instantly increased or decreased at the will of the agents who are illegally deploying these satellite based weapons.

As such, the weapons can be used to torture a person by causing physical pain or chronic illness; the weapons can also be used to perpetrate murder with complete anonymity.

This author is also presently being targeted by an aggressive directed energy weapon's attack as I update the following post. The NSA also sets off an alarm at a nearby home as an additional part of this torture. (The NSA usually targets the alarm on a nearby home when the home's occupants are not at home, since they can turn the alarm off immediately if they are.)

Moreover, even though communities regularly take part in organized stalking, none of these people would want to stay in their own home for twenty to thirty minutes listening to an alarm blaring, before the cops show up to turn it off.

This is why the alarms are usually set off when the homeowners are not at home. There's also the fines which are imposed on homeowners whose alarms are regularly set off, to be concerned about.

Over the past week, each evening the NSA also remotely triggers a spotlight on the side of our home which is intentionally left on for the entire night, and will increase the electricity bill at the end of the month. These types of electronic tamperings have been a daily occurrence for the past two decades, and yet another example of how the NSA uses its signals intelligence satellites to remotely interfere with the electronic equipment owned by targets of such non consensual human experimentation.

These agents have been making bad choices for decades in regard to their disregard for the Constitutional rights of the American people, which has now resulted in their having to commit further crimes, by conducting illegal smear campaigns against citizens whose constitutional rights have been so egregiously violated, that the FBI must foment such nefarious plans in which to both demonize and dehumanize these men and women.

Moreover, for an organization that criticizes the American people for having secrets, the fact is that the FBI and the rest of these alphabet agencies have more secrets than the rest of us put together.

As for such remote tamperings, the NSA regularly sets off burglar alarms, motion sensitive spotlights and car alarms in the neighborhoods in which targeted individuals live. This author has also witnessed TV sets and radios being remotely turned on and off by way of this signals intelligence technology.

The NSA can also use a pulsed beam microwave to destroy a piece of electronic equipment, by burning out its circuitry. The NSA has electronically damaged a number of pieces of this author's electronic equipment, causing expensive damage in the process.

Moreover, if this technology can be used to destroy the circuit board in a piece of electronic equipment, imagine the damage that it can cause to the human body.

The NSA will also cause damage to other types of electrical appliances in the home of a targeted individual, by using directed energy weaponry to place stress on certain components within these appliances, causing them to wear out faster.

In this author's home the dishwasher and oven have been replaced over the past few months, and now the freezer is beginning to fail, so it will soon need to be replaced as well. This is yet another example of how the NSA (as well as other Intel agencies) can utilize directed energy weapons in which to cause property damage with plausible deniability.

In the event that the U.S. Intelligence community can no longer deny its use of this technology for such criminal means, it must then seek to justify such crimes.

This is when the FBI will become creative, since the Bureau will use coercion to fabricate witness testimony against a target of such non consensual human experimentation, while the court system knowingly aids and abets this cover up.

The crime is known as suborning witness perjury, and the FBI has a history of doing so.

A crime that this author has accused the FBI of perpetrating on more than one occasion, as part of its illegal and slanderous smear campaign against my person, since these agents are well aware of the crimes that they have and continue to perpetrate against this author.

As such, they also need to now make a mountain out of a molehill, in order to justify an illegal surveillance campaign that has lasted for decades, likely cost millions in taxpayer dollars, and resulted in a myriad of criminal allegations being waged against the FBI and NSA.

Both the DEW attacks and psyops have been taking place in conjunction with one another for many years, and are always orchestrated by the FBI and NSA. In fact, the NSA can even use its signals intelligence operations, to remotely interfere with portions of the human brain, as this author has experienced first hand, as a long-term target of the NSA's modern day MKULTRA operations.

Unlike the CIA's early days of MKULTRA, the NSA uses the EMF spectrum in which to target its victims through a form of Signals Intelligence computer to brain interface. This has taken the traditional MKULTRA laboratory setting and moved it into our communities, without the general population having any idea that such a government sanctioned abomination is taking place right under their very own noses.

Not that any of these agents will ever admit to this. The fact is that most of these agents are such pathological, lying murderous criminals, that they are trained to lie about virtually everything they do - sociopathic personalities who can commit any crime imaginable, including torturing and murdering Americans with electronic warfare technology, while completely denying that these crimes have ever taken place.

The FBI will also be used to conceal the fact that the American people are the unwitting targets of a national brain fingerprinting network which has been secretly used to electronically catalogue the unique bioelectric resonance/entrainment frequencies of each American's brain - a fact which has been documented by NSA whistle blower John St. Clair Akwei, in his civil action against the U.S. National Security Agency.

A lawsuit which former circuit court judge, Stanley Sporkin, prevented Akwei from proceeding with, in order to ensure that a jury would never learn about the NSA's domestic spy apparatus in the United States. In particular, its Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network.

Amex, Visa, Discover Card ...

The FBI Can Illegally Interfere With Them All

The FBI is also notorious for using credit card companies to carry out some of the Bureau's psychological operations against targets of non consensual human experimentation and the vigilante hate crime, organized stalking.

Today, a Family member finds that there are several unauthorized charges on their credit card, amounting to hundreds of dollars.

Several years ago when the FBI's psyop campaign against this author began, they would use the credit card companies that issued my credit cards to employ gas lighting tactics against my person. This was just one facet of an enormous psychological operation that has been ongoing for nearly a decade.

Specifically, the credit card company would for no logical reason, block access to the card when I would make a purchase, even though my account was in good standing.

I would call the credit card company and be told that the card was fine; the company would then blame the problem on a computer glitch, even though the representative with whom I was speaking knew that the company had intentionally frozen the card, knowing that it was in good standing.

This in and of itself is a crime perpetrated by the FBI and the credit card company, and a violation which is prosecutable by the Securities Exchange Commission.

This author would then use the credit card for a few more charges before the card would be erroneously taken out of service. At the time, I did not realize how the FBI can illegally interfere with your credit card, by calling the credit card carrier and having them interfere with your card's use, even though it is still in good standing.

This is just one of the ways in which the FBI can use the draconian Patriot Act to violate your Constitutional rights.

The FBI can also interfere in a similar way with your bank account, which is also a federal offense.

However, these charges pale in comparison to the FBI/NSA collusion regarding their illegal spying upon this author for decades without a warrant, while using my person for mind control experimentation, and in doing so setting a precedent in violating the 4Th Amendment that is until now unheard of.

The FBI has also used many people whom this author has known in the past, as part of its illegal series of entrapment schemes against my person, which the courts will attempt to cover up as well, since the real issue here is the NSA's SIGNIT EMF Scanning Network, which the NSA has used to secretly implement a national brain fingerprinting network with - a scandal that has the capability of bringing down this entire corrupt government. Which is why these agents and their political puppets want those of us who know about this technology, dead.

That's what happens when the government has manufactured so much information against you, that they cannot go into a court of law to prosecute you, yet must find a way to get rid of you. This is also why for the past decade the TV programming in our home has been replaced with NSA psychological warfare programming in an attempt to suicide this author, which has also failed.

When that fails, the government's psyops are then squarely directed at the families and communities of targeted individuals. A situation which involves the government's attempt to brainwash your own Family and community - something that every legitimate individual targeted for non consensual human experimentation and organized stalking has been faced with.

The FBI can also use a credit card company to list fraudulent charges on your credit card statement, while the company claims that someone stole your credit card and pin number.

Prior to the aggressive psyop harassment campaign which the FBI illegally implemented against this author in 2003, no member of this author's Family had ever had any of their credit card information stolen.

However, since that time, there have been at least two instances where some of their credit cards and pin numbers were alleged by the respective companies involved, to have been used to make illegal purchases, while the credit cards themselves had never actually been stolen.

I say alleged here, because in all probability, the card numbers were never stolen and no crimes had ever actually taken place - with the exception of the fraud that the FBI and credit card companies colluded to perpetrate through this *deception.

The credit card company merely fabricated the charges and then added them to the monthly statement.

*This author has been targeted for a myriad of such gas lighting attacks, however, in certain instances, the FBI has actually committed a number of very serious crimes against my person and others with whom I am in contact.

For instance, several years ago, this author was visiting a friend who owned two small displacement motor scooters that he had just brought from one of his homes, to another. I had remarked that it would be nice to own a motor scooter.

That very night, both of the motor scooters were stolen right out of the garage which they had just been parked in that afternoon.

Eventually, a few members of a local gang were arrested for the thefts, yet the police held the scooters as evidence for several months, damaging one in the process.

The FBI could have easily orchestrated this theft by having one of their provocateurs leak information to the gang members, that the scooters had just been stored in this particular garage that day, and were connected to one another with a heavy chain. The thieves conveniently brought bolt cutters with them in order to cut the chain - but since the scooters had only been there for one day, how could the thieves have known that they would be left in this garage, much less chained together?

The FBI will also justify its oftentimes outrageous violations of the rights of a targeted person, by claiming that this is the only way that the person can be apprehended, which is a convenient delusion of the Bureau's. The fact is that if the person being targeted is committing legitimate federal crimes, the FBI will be able to make an arrest.

However, if the person is not committing crimes, and the FBI's agents continue to perpetrate more aggressive crimes against the targeted subject, then it's the FBI's agents who should be arrested.

And if an FBI agent does commit a crime against you, it is your constitutional right to file charges against that agent for committing crimes against you under the color of law. A right which Americans should have been exercising decades ago, before the FBI became so corrupt that the organization now spends most of its time attempting to conceal its crimes from the public, while insanely justifying those crimes which it can no longer conceal.

As for using credit cards as part of a gas lighting campaign, there have been numerous occasions when this author's credit cards were electronically tampered with, as part of the FBI's gas lighting tactics.

Given how the FBI can coerce a credit card company into taking part in the type of fraud that this author was subjected to several years ago, there is no doubt that the FBI can use a credit card company to falsify a credit card statement; even going so far as to report that the credit card information had been stolen, when in fact, the so called perpetrator was as much of a fabrication as the credit card company's intentional fabricated charges were.

The FBI also used this author's auto insurance company and financial brokerage account to perpetrate similar crimes as part of the Bureau's gas lighting tactics and entrapment schemes.

In regard to these entrapment schemes, the FBI actually orchestrated a collision with this author's vehicle and one of their provocateur's, in an attempt to entrap me in committing insurance fraud. In this instance, two checks were sent for the same amount by the insurance company, and when this author informed the insurance company about this error, they said to keep the second check. However, I returned the check to them.

I document this because few Americans realize the chicanery that FBI agents will involve themselves in when attempting to entrap someone whom they have no legal authority to be investigating. Nor do most Americans realize the devastation that this subterfuge can cause in the lives of themselves and their loved ones, and by male and female agents who are some of the most calculating and heartless criminals imaginable.

Of course, as is typical of the Intelligence community's crimes by way of plausible deniability, this particular gas lighting tactic is as deniable as the next, since it involved a criminal conspiracy perpetrated by agents within the FBI, and their accomplices; none of whom will ever admit to these crimes, anymore than they will admit to the crimes that they collude to perpetrate through the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network.

However, these crimes have and continue to take place while the Congress, White House and Judiciary conveniently ignore them, since each has colluded to conceal the fact that the American people have been brain fingerprinted by the U.S. Federal Government, and that there is an aggressive campaign in which to murder those of us who are already aware this.

In fact, not even Ron Paul will admit that the vigilante hate crime of organized stalking exists, even though he has been contacted by a number of his Texas constituents who are targets of this crime; each of whom he has conveniently ignored. Nor will the congressman admit that the U.S. Intelligence community is involved in mind control experimentation on American citizens, even though there are thousands of Americans who have made this allegation against the U.S. Federal Government.

And the reason for this denial should be obvious enough, since, any government that would admit to secretly branding its citizenry through something as Orwellian as a national brain fingerprinting program, would not remain a government for very long after having done so.

So the secrecy continues at the expense of those who remain targets of such non consensual human experimentation, while these reprobates demonize those of us whom they continue to perpetrate these outrageous crimes against.

Moreover, if you are an American citizen you have certain inherent rights that no federal agent can deny you. And any federal agent who does attempt to deny you these rights is a criminal, as are their accomplices.

As for the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, the fact is that the NSA's secretive and criminal implementation of this domestic spy apparatus, is an abject and treasonous violation of the 4Th Amendment rights of every American citizen.

For the past few years, the FBI has regularly electronically tampered with this Website, while also hacking into several E-mail accounts, and perpetrating other forms of electronic tamperings. In the instance of at least two different Website monitoring services, and, the FBI has also artificially manipulated the reports regarding the Web traffic on this Website, as part of the psychological operations used by the Bureau in its COINTELPRO attack on this author.

For example, over the course of one week, showed that this Website had moved up in rank by more than three million positions. A day later, the Website was for a time listed with no rank at all, and then moved down in rank by a few million positions, only to move back up in rank by more than six million positions over the course of few weeks.

This type of tampering is done for the express purpose of psychological warfare, since this author has been a legitimate target of the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network for many years, and used by the NSA as a target of mind control experimentation.

Hence the furtive smear campaign which the FBI, NSA and DHS continue to propagate against my person, while attempting to circumvent the Constitutional right to due process in the most bizarre ways imaginable.

Since it is the U.S. Intelligence community that is in the commission of precedent setting crimes here - including those being perpetrated through a national brain fingerprinting network.

The Intelligence community's concerns here are directly related to this furtively implemented brain fingerprinting network, because it involves a criminal conspiracy by the U.S. Federal Government, to electronically brand each American citizen like a head of cattle.

Another TI has documented from their own experiences, that while there was a time where the Congress and the alphabet agencies would have been concerned about American citizens who are being illegally targeted for non consensual human experimentation, publicly documenting these crimes, that the federal government in America has become so abjectly corrupted, that they no longer even show concern when TI's post their reports, because they realize that the system is so corrupt, that regardless of what crimes these agents commit, they will not be held accountable for them.
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