Thursday, April 05, 2012

Randy Quaid Is Not The Only Hollywood Actor Being Targeted For Organized Stalking - There Are Many Including Actor Stephen Shellen

Actor Steven Shellen Describes His Experience

As A Targeted Individual

Testimony From Actor Stephen Shellen Regarding

His Personal Experiences Being Targeted By Organized Stalkers

"I've been stolen from, gas lit, blacklisted, surveillanced and death threatened since 1995.

(Oh did I mention ridiculed... also very popular with these creepy scumbags).

My ex-wife, Florence had bruises on her face and my son told me of a man hitting mommy. My son told me the man would hurt him more if he talked to me. My acting career was finished virtually overnight and rumor has it... I was nuts!

I'm not nuts, but being harassed does have its down side, however, creatively it has given birth to a fire of inspiration and enlightenment and if I do say so myself... some pretty cool art. I'm sorry to anyone who doubted me or my story. I'm sorry to Kiyoshi, Morgan and Lily, my children.

I wish this never happened but, trust me when I say that this world we are told we live in is not as it appears. There is a nefarious group of people who do NOT have your best interests in mind.

The main stream of bogus media, news reporting etc. is b.s. It is propaganda. We are living in a lie. Their manufactured lie. Don't let it fool you, I did. I'm sorry.

After more than 14 years of trying in vain to unravel what happened to my children and my life and after travelling around both the U.S. and Canada seeking out different wise individuals who, thank God, were inclined to both listen to the kinds of harassment I had experienced and offer advice, well... here we go.

If anyone out there desires clues or is simply interested enough to pull back the sheets of hypocrisy and have a closer look inside Pandora's Box, check out all you can on Ritual Abuse, mind programming, surveillance harassment, child kidnapping and organized child prostitution..."

- Actor Stephen Shellen

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Editor's Note: Torture and Murder By Directed Energy Weaponry - Yesterday, this author learns that a long time and very close friend of another Family member has now been diagnosed with lung cancer. However, the person has not smoked in nearly four decades and up until recently had been in good health.

Given the way that Family members of this author are targeted by directed energy weapons, two of whom have been sent to the hospital on more than one occasion, after being hit with these pulse microwave weapons, common sense would indicate that this person may be the latest victim of the NSA/FBI electronic attacks on those who are in some way related to this author.

Over the past few years, one Family member suffered a stroke at the age of 40, however, fortunately recovered; another person suffered a fatal aneurysm the day after having lunch with another member of this author's Family; a person whom another member of this Family worked with, suddenly came down with a fast spreading form of brain cancer and died within months; and still another friend of the Family contracted lung cancer and died within a year of treatment.

One must wonder how many of these people were the victims of a satellite deployed directed energy weapon?

Especially since there is now substantial evidence which can be used to support the allegations of myriad American citizens, that the U.S. Intelligence community is illegally singling out and targeting American citizens for use in non consensual human experimentation, many of whom have documented their own experiences as victims of technology.

Moreover, Targeted Individuals regularly report on how other members of their Families, friends, and even people with whom they are in some way acquainted, suddenly end up dying of rapidly spreading forms of cancer, heart attacks, aneurysms or strokes.

The U.S. Military Intelligence complex is using their electronic warfare technology to experiment upon, torture and even murder any American citizen whom they take a disliking to, while the three branches of the U.S. Federal Government completely ignore these crimes against humanity.
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