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Was Andrew Breitbart Murdered By A Directed Energy Weapon For Threatening To Expose What Breitbart Claimed Was Evidence Of Barack Obama's Bisexuality And Drug Use? Breitbart Died Under Mysterious Circumstances A Week After Stating That He Was About To Expose Information That Would Destroy Obama

Editor's Note: Sherriff Joe Arpaio may have evidence that Barack Obama's birth certificate is a forgery, however, Arpaio can hardly be described as an American hero. This guy is the consummate sadist and racist whose idea of government espouses something far closer to Nazism than it does Democracy.

In all likelihood, Arpaio was probably given the information regarding Obama's bogus birth certificate by Obama's political rivals, so that Arpaio could take the credit, while also acting as the lightening rod in the event that the situation backfired.

After all, Arpaio is accusing the President of the United States of being a complete fraud. And with the NDAA in place, Obama could have Arpaio declared an enemy combatant who is acting in a belligerent manner, which would result in Arpaio's indefinite detention in a U.S. Military prison.

Sherriff Arpaio should also consider the fact that anyone in this country can be targeted by a weaponized satellite and murdered by way of a directed energy weapon, if they get in the way of the wrong people, like Andrew Breitbart likely was, after stating that he was about to release information regarding allegations of Obama's bisexuality and drug use.

Some Of Joe Arpaio's Nazi Supporters. Can You Picture Arpaio As U.S. President? His First Act Would Be To Install A Network Of Gas Chambers Across The USA.

“One Nation Under Socialism” By Jon McNaughton

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With More Than 10,000 Eyewitnesses Who Saw A Giant UFO Which Measured About A Mile Wide, Flying Over The City Of Phoenix, Arizona In March Of 1997, Why Does The U.S. Federal Government Continue To Deny That This Incident Ever Occurred? Especially When The Governor Of Arizona At The Time, Admitted In 2005 That He Also Saw This UFO And That It Probably Represents The Largest Sighting Of A UFO By A Group Of People In History

As A Consequence Of The FBI's Covert Attack On The World Trade Center In 1993, Did The Bureau Also Engineer The Murder Of A Famous Civil Rights Attorney Who Would Later Represent The Alleged Terrorists Whom The FBI Claimed Were Behind The WTC Bombing?

Sweden Announces Its Intent To Become A Cashless Society, As Part Of The New World Order's Agenda To Implement An Electronic Currency Which Will Be Used As Part Of Its Enslavement Of The Global Middle Class

Editor's Note: While the media has been able to prevent most Americans from learning of the conspiracy by the British Monarchy and the House Rothschild to implement a global dictatorship, which the United States will be absorbed into, the turmoil that this is causing within the U.S. Federal Government has resulted in a power struggle between the U.S. Congress and the Obama White House; the latter of which has colluded with the Department Of Defense to sanction an attack on Libya without the permission of the United States Congress.

This fissure within the federal government is the first public sign of its being subverted by an outside influence - the divide and conquer strategy being deployed by the British Monarchy and its House of Rothschild change agents, against the American people.

This criminal conspiracy against America has been ongoing since the day that the United States declared its independence from the King of England, more than two centuries ago.

As such, the American middle class must not allow this high crime of treason to continue. However, first, we must remove the Anglo-Zionist cabal from control of the United States, by demanding that the Congress abolish the Federal Reserve System and the Internal Revenue Service; both of which have been used from their inception to furtively control our government, while conducting a secretive form of class warfare against the American middle class - through the implementation of the illegal and Communistic graduated system of income tax.

If the Congress refuses to comply with the American middle classes' intent to abolish the Federal Reserve and IRS, then the American people must collectively refuse to pay the federal income tax through a national tax revolt, since its application has always been illegal, and used to conduct class warfare against the American middle class, in order to steal trillions of dollars of their own wealth over the past century.

The late Eustace Mullins proved this through his ground breaking research regarding the Federal Reserve System's counterfeiting and laundering practices, and was harassed by the FBI's thugs until the day he died, for exposing the Federal Reserve System for the organized crime syndicate that it is.

As such, abolishing the Federal Reserve System and its IRS bagman is the only way that the American people will be able to retake control of the United States, abolish the corporate constitution which was illegally ratified by the Congress in 1871 (under the Legislative Act of 1871); reinstate the Constitutional Republic that our founding fathers created under our organic Constitution of 1787, and to abrogate the British Monarchy and the House of Rothschilds' furtive control over the American people for once and for all.

On an aside, one must wonder how many well known people; politicians, actors, comedians etc., have been murdered by way of directed energy weaponry because the federal government decided that they were no longer controllable?

In the U.S. Military Industrial Intelligence complexes' attempt to maintain the secrecy of this covert electronic warfare technology, many of us have seen how our own Families have been forced to give up their freedom, while being enslaved within the their own homes, out fear that if they ever corroborate the allegations that we have made in regard to the government's use of our persons for non consensual human experimentation, that these Family members will also find themselves being attacked just as aggressively as we are.

As it is, several of this author's Family members have been attacked with directed energy weapons, a few of whom have been hospitalized on more than one occasion, after a directed energy weapon's attack.

One will recall that in 2008, Barack Obama publicly criticized comedian Bernie Mac, for saying something that Obama felt was inappropriate. The incident took place in July of 2008 during an Obama fundraiser, and Mac died less than a month later.

One will also recall that during the Bush 43 Administration, comedian George Carlin was about to embark on a national tour. Carlin had publicly stated that a portion of the show which he had created was about George W. Bush and questions which surrounded the attacks on 9-11.

Carlin, like most of his fellow Americans, apparently did not believe the official 9-11 Commission Report. Neither did activist Beverly Eckert, who met with Barack Obama in an attempt to have him reopen the 9-11 Commission, just a week before Eckert (one of the most vocal opponents to the 9-11 Commission) was tragically killed in a plane crash - a plane crash which may have likely been caused by either mechanical, electrical or electromagnetic tampering.

George Carlin would die of a heart attack just before he was about to begin his tour. He had stated that he did not like Bush 43 and was going to punish him (in a figurative sense).

Directed energy weapons can be used to create cancers and other illnesses in the human body, as well as fatal strokes and heart attacks.

Of course there's always a cover story when such artificially induced murders occur.

However, for those of us who know how easily someone can be tortured or murdered through the furtive use of a directed energy weapon, we know that many of the sudden deaths of politicians, actors and other public personalities who have in some way annoyed the Anglo-Zionist hierarchy within the United States, have been murders perpetrated through the use of this classified technology.

This is the abject sense of arrogance that characterizes the sociopaths who run this country through their control over the Federal Reserve System and its control over Washington D.C. They truly believe that they have the divine right of choosing who lives and who dies.

In this particular instance they have chosen to destroy the global middle class in a myriad of plausibly deniable ways, while committing crimes against us that are as inhumane as anything that sadistic mass murderers like Hitler, Stalin and Franco did during their reigns of terror.

Moreover, the U.S. Federal Government will never admit to the existence of this technology, because it offers a way to commit the perfect crime, leaving no direct physical evidence that a crime has even been perpetrated.

This is why the FBI was given use of this technology by the U.S. Department Of Justice in the mid 1990's; something which another targeted individual has proven, with the sworn testimony of a former FBI agent who has testified to the fact that FBI agents are using satellite deployed directed energy weapons to covertly torture and murder American citizens.

So the allegations that the FBI has access to directed energy weapons is no longer just a rumor. It has become a matter of fact.

Many other intelligence agencies have been using this technology prior to the FBI, including the NSA and CIA, and it would be naive to think that the Department Of Homeland Security, and perhaps even state and local police don't have access to this technology in post 9-11 America.

By the accounts of the myriad TI's within the United States, these organizations do have access to DEW technology, as do the governments of all NATO member countries.

And it will be the United Nations under the New World Order which sanctions this technology against the global middle class in the future; not our present government bodies, which will gradually be phased out over the next decade or two.

Furthermore, a coroner can also be coerced into falsifying the cause of death in regard to any person who has been murdered by way of a directed energy weapon, even though a forensic pathologist can be trained to look for certain types of physical anomalies within the body, which will indicate that a person has been exposed to excessive amounts of radiation, due to a directed energy weapon which was used to target specific parts of the person's body.

Keeping this in mind, those comedians who make a living making jokes about politicians might consider the following:

The electronic warfare technology that is at the disposal of the U.S. Military Intelligence complex can be used to instantaneously track the EMF signature of any American citizen, in the way that a heat seeking missile can lock on to an enemy aircraft.

And of course we know what heat seeking missiles are capable of doing to enemy aircraft. However, few people understand that a directed energy weapon can cause damage which is just as lethal - albeit less obvious.

- James F. Marino

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