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As An American Citizen, If You Think You Have Privacy In Your Own Home Watch The Following Movie Entitled "Deja Vu" - An Example Of Art Imitating Life

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If A Criminal Faction Within Your Government Murdered A Member Of Your Family, Would You Risk Your Life To Expose Them Or Take A Bribe To Remain Silent? The U.S. Federal Government's Murder Of Congressman Hale Boggs

The Privacy You Once Had Within Your Own Home Has Been Destroyed By The Federal Government's Use Of 3D Thermal Imaging Technology, Deployed Via Audio-Visual Spy Satellites

Editor's Note: The following movie, "Deja-Vu," is an excellent example of how art imitates life; specifically, how today's audio visual spy satellites are capable of both watching the outside of your home as well as entering it, while using 3D computer enhanced thermal imaging technology, which the U.S. Military-Intelligence complex can use to follow you around within the privacy of your own home.

And without your ever knowing it. Even state and local law enforcement may have access to this technology since the Patriot Act was passed, through the more than 70 fusion centers which have been established across the United States over the past decade.

The most high-tech spying imaginable, while your 4Th Amendment Right to privacy, and 5Th and 6Th Amendment rights to due process of law are completely obliterated under the Patriot Act.

In the movie "Deja-Vu," this technology is referred to under a fictional covert program known as Snow White.

However, based on the allegations made by thousands of American men and women documenting their experiences of being spied upon within their own homes, we can be certain that the U.S. Military-Intelligence complex is deploying a real version of the 3D computer enhanced thermal imaging technology that is seen in "Deja-Vu," against the general population within the United States.

The technology can also be deployed via government aircraft which fly over our neighborhoods to spy on us, under the fraudulent war on terror, which has created such a distrust for the federal government, that in the history of the United States the U.S. Congress has never maintained a lower approval rating than it does at present.

The segment of this movie which displays this stealth spy technology begins about 31 minutes into the movie.

The men and women who comprise the global TI community (those targeted for non consensual human experimentation and the vigilante hate crime organized stalking), will be horrified to see how this technology is used to spy on a character in this movie, since a form of this technology is being used in real life to spy into the homes of the entire TI community, who no longer have any privacy within their own homes.

That is for those TI's who have not already been made homeless. Or worse, those TI's who have either been murdered, or driven to commit suicide under the horrible conditions which they were forced to live under, in regard to the tyranny which now exists in America.

This abject loss of privacy and freedom can also be applied to the rest of the people who reside within the United States, as well the global citizenry, because there is no privacy left for any citizen, when the government can illegally peer into your home and watch you and your Family without your ever realizing it, and for years on end.

There is no more privacy in this situation than there is for a citizenry who have been covertly brain fingerprinted, by a government that wages its own furtive forms of terrorism in order to institute treasonous legislation, which is then used to destroy a country's Constitutional rule of law; under the pretense of protecting its citizenry from a terrorist threat.

The U.S. Congresses' treasonous passage of the 2011 National Defense Authorization Act, has made all American citizens the targets of this terrorist legislation, since the federal government can now use this legislation to destroy activist movements like Occupy Wall Street, under the pretense that they are acting in a "belligent manner."

In essence, the NDAA was created by the U.S. Congress to squelch any peaceful protests used to ressurect the United States Constitution. And the only document standing between the prison camps which are networked across the United States under FEMA, and those Americans who descent to the abysmal way in which this government is being run, is a signing statement by Barack Obama (whom the Congress is now considering impeaching), which states that Obama does not consider the NDAA to apply to American citizens.

The repeal of this signing statement can instantly change this, subjugating all American citizens to possible illegal and indefinate detention by the United States Military, for committing a belligerent act; a term with such broad implications, that it can essentially be used to imprison a citizen who merely questions any action by the federal government, or any person in authority.

For those who still fail to see how Hitler was able to take over Germany in the early 1930s, while within a matter of months turning it into a dictatorship, we are now seeing something very similar occurring within the United States.

However, it will not be a dictator who rules in this particular instance, but instead, an Orwellian oligarchy overseen by the Anglo-Zionist aristocracy that has been in furtive control of this country for more than a century.

This oligarchy is the United States Congress.

And every American citizen should now be concerned about this. Especially when considering how in 1871, the United States Congress created a second Constitution which has since that time been used to usurp our original Constitution, while turning the United States Federal Government into nothing more than a corporation, which considers the American people to be employees of this corporation - not American citizens.

- James F. Marino

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