Saturday, March 10, 2012

Mysterious Flash Of Light Over Phoenix Arizona Yesterday - UFO Activity Or Another Government Hoax?

Editor's Note: During a live broadcast yesterday morning on a Phoenix Arizona television station, a flash of light was seen while a meteorologist was delivering her daily forecast.

At first it was thought that an explosion had taken place, however, as the hours passed none were reported. Was this flash of light the projection of a satellite beamed hologram or some form of directed energy weapon beam?

Arizona is no stranger to UFO activity. In March of 1997, a giant boomerang shaped UFO believed to have been at least a mile wide, appeared in the evening sky before more than ten thousand people, who witnessed the spectacular event.

To this day the phenomenon remains unexplained, and the U.S. Federal Government denies that the event ever happened.

Moreover, the Arizona governor at the time of the 1997 sighting, Fife Symington, initially denied that the event ever took place, yet in 2005, publicly admitted that he had also seen the UFO which passed over Phoenix in March of 1997, stating that it was a startling event.

Furthermore, in 1975, Travis Walton, perhaps the most famous alien abductee in human history, was abducted when working as part of a forestry crew in Arizona's Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest, as his five co-workers looked on in horror.

At the time, Walton could not be found, but reappeared after five days of an intensive search.

All of the crew members have since claimed to have actually witnessed the physical presence of a UFO craft, which utilized some form of directed energy beam to render Walton unconscious.

One must wonder given the U.S. Military-Industrial-Intelligence community's covert activities with UFOs and EBEs, how many of these sightings are government related and how many our legitimate UFO craft with EBE occupants?

The only certainty is that as citizens of the United States, we can no longer believe a word that these government officials tell us. Especially when it involves the cover up regarding the brain fingerprinting of our persons, and the use of millions of us for non consensual human experimentation.

We must also consider the testimony of several government whistleblowers who have stated that a covert government program known as Operation Bluebeam is being considered by the U.S. Intelligence community, as a plausible way in which to consolidate the New World Order, by using weaponized satellites to project holograms of religious deities in order to convince the global population that our world is going to be destroyed if we do not listen to the leadership of our countries and work towards a peaceful solution.

For more on this Google: Project Bluebeam.

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