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Many U.S. Physicians Are Taking Part In The Torture And Murder Of Americans Who Are Being Used For Non Consensual Human Experimentation

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The American Medical Association's Aiding & Abetting Of Crimes Against The American TI Community - If You're A Targeted Individual, Contacting A U.S. Physician For Help May Prove To Be Deadly To You

By James F. Marino

Thousands of men, women and children targeted for non consensual human experimentation and the vigilante hate crime organized stalking, have documented the use of physicians to take part in this torture.

Many of these physicians have colluded with the diagnostic laboratories which they use for obtaining medical workups on their patients, to take part in fraud, by charging their patients for lab tests, and then falsifying the lab work.

This author was subjected to this crime by several physicians, and then wrote about one particular instance on the Internet, only to find that a short time later, one of the physicians who was used to take part in this fraud had suddenly announced that he was closing his medical practice.

The FBI had long been trying to find a way in which to force the closure of this physician's medical practice after he testified before the Senate Health Committee, in regard to incompetent medical practitioners who were misdiagnosing and mistreating chronically ill Lyme disease patients.

He himself had admitted after testifying, that these physicians were "out to get him" because he was exposing what he described as "outmoded, self serving and ineffective treatment protocols" that were being used in the treatment of chronically ill Lyme disease patients.

Like anyone else who has been used as part of the FBI/DHS criminal conspiracy to murder this author, this physician will blatantly lie in order to cover up his use as an accessory after the fact, in the Intelligence community's crimes against my person.

Moreover in its desperation to cover up the crimes committed by the medical profession and the insurance industry against chronically ill Lyme Disease patients, the American Medical Association has attempted to deny that chronic Lyme Disease even exists; doing the millions of people who suffer from this terrible biological weapon, a grievous injustice.

The FBI and DHS were also involved in coercing this physician into falsifying a medical report in regard to this author, and then using it to blackmail him into closing his medical practice. One thing is for certain, this physician was not truthful with his patients in regard to why he really closed his medical practice or retired from the medical profession.

He was forced to do so and then he lied to his patients in order to conceal this.

Many physicians who take part in the torture and murder of targeted individuals, have often also colluded with pharmacies to sell bogus prescriptions which contain placebos, instead of the medications that the targeted individuals were paying for - and which the prescribing physicians had surreptitiously ordered, while taking part in the psychological warfare against these targeted individuals, and charging them for the actual drug prescription the patient was told they would receive.

The replacement of a legitimate medication with a placebo, and then the attempt to try to convince the victims of this crime into believing that they are going crazy, is yet another example of the gaslighting tactics used by U.S. Intelligence agencies like the FBI and DHS - both of which operate based on an outright Nazi ideology, and with complete disregard for the U.S. Constitution.

Oftentimes, when it becomes apparent that the medications being prescribed are in fact placebos, and the patient confronts the prescribing physician, the physician will then lie to the patient, while claiming that there is nothing wrong with the medication; this proves that the physician has violated the Hippocratic oath, in colluding with a pharmacy to sell the patient a placebo instead of legitimate medication. The consequences here can be life threatening.

Physicians, including psychiatrists, have also been told by the U.S. Intelligence community, to ignore the allegations of patients who claim to be targeted by electronic warfare technology, and to portray these men, women and children as being mentally ill, when in fact these physicians know that these victims are telling the truth.

Moreover, many physicians have taken targeted individuals' money under false pretenses, which amounts to fraud. In many instances, the amount of monies taken while in the commission of this fraud also constitutes grand larceny.

Furthermore, because these physicians were coerced into doing so by federal agencies like the FBI and DHS, no criminal charges were ever filed.

However, not all physicians are taking part in these crimes.

In 2010, an attempt was made to hold physicians accountable for taking part in crimes which involve the torture of prisoners, with the drafting of the Gottfried-Duane Bill.

This NY State Bill would have eventually come to include the targets of organized stalking and non consensual human experimentation, most of whom have also been subjected to crimes by physicians whom they have attempted to seek treatment from.

However, due to the corruption within the NY State Government, the Gottfried-Duane Bill was never passed.

While this legislation was never enacted, the fact that it was drafted in the first place, indicates that there are a significant number of physicians within the United States who are operating criminally, by aiding and abetting the government sanctioned crimes which involve the torture of American citizens, as well as those of other nations.

These physicians are also involved in the torture of Americans used for non consensual human experimentation.

This is yet a further indication that the U.S. Federal Government has in fact been completely subverted since the 9-11 false flag operation, and that as such, the entire infrastructure within the United States, including, federal, state and local governments, are now being run by a criminal cabal, which is overseen by the Zionist leadership who control the Federal Reserve System and its counterfeiting/laundering operation.

Gottfried-Duane Bill - Shot Down By NYS Legislature

The following excerpt was written in anticipation of the passage of the Gottfried-Duane Bill, however, this bill was voted down by the New York State legislature.

In all likelihood, the physicians who supported this bill have now been blacklisted by the U.S. Federal Government, under the pretense that they were challenging the medical status quo in the United States by attempting to draft legislation which would make it a crime for the U.S. Military Intelligence complex, to coerce physicians into taking part in the torture and murder of prisoners.

The politicians who supported this bill may also be under surveillance.

Under the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), this challenge to the medical status quo would qualify as a "belligerent act," prompting the U.S. Federal Government to label these persons as subversives.

"Evidence about the role of American physicians, clinical psychologists, and other health professionals in abuse and coercive interrogation at military detention sites has been accumulating slowly but incontrovertibly in the wake of the War on Terror. In August 2009, Physicians for Human Rights released its most recent report describing in detail how the CIA relied on medical expertise to rationalize, plan, and carry out unlawful interrogations at detention sites.

Licensed health professionals observed physically abusive interrogation sessions and advised on how to increase the prisoner’s suffering. They kept records of water boarding, and consulted medical literature on hypothermia to determine 'precise gradations' of the procedure. When not aiding 'coercive interrogations' directly, health professionals were still involved in facilitating and monitoring them, and also observed clear medical evidence of abuse without intervening — practices that subverted and violated well-established medical ethical obligations, to say nothing of the Geneva Conventions, the U.S. Constitution, and U.S. military law (JAMA).

To date, the U.S. has barely begun to address the gravity of what has taken place. In the absence of a meaningful national response, medical professional organizations and the legislatures of individual states are stepping up to the challenge. With the introduction of the Gottfried-Duane Bill in the State Assembly and State Senate, New York is posed to become the first state in the country to explicitly prohibit health professionals licensed in the state from assisting in torture, interrogations, and prisoner abuse, while providing them with strong legal protection to resist any future coercion to participate in such acts.

The bill is meant to stop physician-assisted torture ever becoming a reality again, as well as to help health professionals address abuse and medical neglect of prisoners in domestic jails and detention centers. Co-sponsored by 30 members of the State Assembly from both parties, the bill was favorably reported by Assembly committees last year, and is currently being revised in preparation for the floor vote. It is supported by the NY state chapter of the American College of Physicians; by nursing, psychology, and social work associations; and by civil liberties and human rights advocacy groups."

Excerpted from the following Website:

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