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Even Though He Appears To Be A Better Candidate Than His Peers, Ron Paul Is Controlled Opposition

Controlled Opposition In The Media & Politics

Like Gerald Celente, Alex Jones and a host of other faux truth seekers, Congressman Ron Paul is perhaps the best example of controlled opposition in the United States today.

And he wants to be President so badly that his desire to take the reigns of the White House is clearly palpable.

Moreover, each of the aforementioned public figures are millionaires who are allowed to profit by criticizing the U.S. Federal Government, because they are used to create a sense of desperation which is designed to force the American middle class to give up - rather than fight back.

In the case of Congressman Ron Paul, Paul has been able to bolster support as well as collect millions of dollars for a campaign that he has little to no chance of winning, which means that his supporters have been duped into spending millions of dollars for what can only be described as a protest vote against the establishment, and for a candidate whom the establishment would end up controlling if by some fluke he was actually ever elected to the White House.

Moreover, the collective belief that electing a new president will result in significant improvements to America, shows the American people's naivete in regard to just how badly the federal government in the United States has been corrupted; so much so, that it will take the entire American middle class to change this country for the better, by refusing to accept the present political and economic status quo which is being used to systematically destroy the American middle class.

However, through their painful struggles, America's middle class is gradually wising up to this corruption and taking an active role in which to redress it; as we are seeing with the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Occupy Wall Street continues to grow in both size and popularity, since they represent the common folk, and not the gluttonous and abjectly corrupt aristocracy who will never have enough money or power; regardless of how much of each they obtain.

The Trends Institute's Gerald Celente is yet another example of controlled opposition, in that no matter how negative Celente is in regard the U.S. Federal Government and the body politic in the United States, he is welcomed with opened arms by the mainstream media, who seem to delight in his depressing prognostications about doom and gloom, as much as they do regarding the violent stories which they pay a premium for in search of better ratings.

One of the greatest examples of controlled oppostion is shock jock Alex Jones. For all of Jones' accurate information, and there is much that he is circulating in regard to the New World Order that is true, Jones never offers a single meaningful suggestion in regard to how to fix the problems which plague the United States.

Telling his listeners that they must get rid of the Federal Reserve System, something Congressman Charles Lindbergh was saying a century ago, is hardly going to end in the Federal Reserve's abolition.

Jones' daily program is based on promulgating a litany of misery, which is used for the express purpose of depressing his listeners to the point where they are completely manipulated into psychological submission.

It is thus no wonder why after a while so many of his former listeners turn to other media sources, realizing that Jones has made a very lucrative career out of sensationalizing the New World Order, while he conveniently ignores any whistle blower who attempts to furnish Jones with any truthful information that would lead to a downturn in his program's ratings.

This is further proof that Alex Jones is in the entertainment industry, where ratings count more than unpopular truths.

Unlike Jones, Celente, Paul and the myriad other men and women who are used as controlled opposition, legitimate whistle blowers are not allowed to earn a living; they are subjected to vicious smear campaigns, and targeted by directed energy weapons in an effort to debilitate them, while slowly murdering them. Oftentimes, their families and friends are also subjected to similar forms of neutralization, and even forced to join in the psychological warfare attacks on these whistle blowers.

As for Congressman Ron Paul, he deliberately ignores the House Of Rothschilds' history of furtively controlling the Federal Reserve System because he fears that the Zionists' banking cartel that controls the Federal Reserve will portray him as an anti-Semite and destroy his political career.

Ron Paul also ignores the fact that the U.S. Intelligence community is committing terrible atrocities through its use of electronic warfare technology on American citizens.

Congressman Paul has never discussed the U.S. Military-Industrial-Intelligence complexes' mind control experimentation on American citizens, and he ignores the existence of the vigilante hate crime organized stalking - a nationwide crime which is being used to turn our communities into domestic spies and covert terrorists, who circumvent the constitutional rule of law, while utilizing sadistic psychological warfare protocols on American men, women and children.

At least two Americans who live in the State of Texas have contacted Ron Paul in regard to non consensual human experimentation and the vigilante hate crime organized stalking, one of whom was completely ignored, and the other who was referred to someone else.

So Ron Paul knows that these Orwellian crimes are taking place, yet for political reasons, has no intention of ever doing anything to expose them; understanding that doing so would result in the destruction of his political career and notion that he has of ever becoming U.S. President.

As such, even though he appears to be a much better candidate than his peers, in reality, Ron Paul is controlled opposition. And his country gentleman upbringing has only served to make it more difficult for many of his supporters to see this, because unlike many of his peers, Ron Paul is a genuinely likable person, who contrasts perfectly to less likable characters like George W. Bush, Newt Gingrich, and a host of other political hacks who have absolutely no interest in doing anything that will ever disrupt the status quo which the Rothschilds and the British Monarchy established in the United States with their creation of the Federal Reserve System.

As for which of the current political candidates can change America, the answer is none of them can, since any person who gets elected to political office in the United States becomes part of the corrupt Anglo-Zionist corporation that does business as Washington D.C.

This brings to mind the saying the more things change the more they stay the same - only because in the United States the Rothschilds have made certain that nothing will ever really change, because such change would result in their losing control of the U.S. Federal Government.

However, with organizations like Occupy Wall Street gaining ground in the fight against a corrupted government, the American middle class is on the verge of making history by challenging the Rothschilds' counterfeiting/laundering cartel like never before. And in this author's opinion, this time around, the American people - specifically, the American middle class - will win.

- James F. Marino

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