Thursday, January 19, 2012

As The Occupy Wall Street Movement Continues To Grow The IRS Will Continue To Lose Its Credibility And Eventually Be Abolished

Are The FBI And Homeland Security Responsible For Damaging The Value Of Your Home By Using Communities Across The United States To Take Part In The Vigilante Hate Crime Organized Stalking, While Creating Total Chaos Within Your Own Community?

The Internal Revenue Service & The Zionist's Evil Empire

Aaron Russo: Do you think that the American tax honesty movement is being sincere in challenging the validity of the federal income tax?

Sheldon Cohn: I think they're just playing word games.

In a segment of the documentary America Freedom To Fascism, the late Aaron Russo meets with former IRS commissioner, Sheldon Cohn, in order to inquire as to whether or not the federal income tax is legal.

During the conversation, Russo simply asks some basic questions which Cohn should have been able to answer in order to dispel any concerns regarding the legality of the federal income tax.

Instead, Cohn states that the federal income tax is authorized by the 16Th Amendment. However, when Russo points out that the 16Th Amendment was never properly ratified, and that moreover, even it had been, calls for the federal income tax to be apportioned (distributed equally between each U.S. State), and that the IRS's graduated system of taxation is contrary to the 16Th Amendment, Cohn attempts to end the interview.

When Russo attempts to continue the interview Cohn threatens him with the Yiddish equivalent of nothing will help you. Russo would die from cancer within the next few years, but not before creating the best documentary on the Federal Reserve System and IRS in American history.

One must wonder if the cancer he died from was the result of natural causes, or the result of Aaron being secretly targeted by a satellite deployed directed energy weapon, which was used to murder him with plausible deniablity, since "America Freedom To Fascism" has been a powerful indictment against the Internal Revenue Service, The Federal Reserve System and the U.S. Federal Government.

Moreover, Sheldon Cohn has claimed that the American tax honesty movement is comprised of a group of insincere men and women who are just playing word games in an attempt to avoid paying the federal income tax.

However, tax expert Irwin Schiff, perhaps the most knowledgeable person on the face of this planet in regard to the IRS' infrastructure and its tax code, has proven that the IRS and its employees are the ones who are insincere, and playing word games in order to deceive American citizens into paying a tax on their wages which has been illegal since its inception.

The entire IRS tax code is an exercise in such deceptive language.

Every citizen in America should read Irwin Schiff's "The Federal Mafia" in order to better understand how they are being fleeced by the IRS every year, and how the IRS continues to be used to rob them of their savings as part of a furtive form of class warfare.

For his work in exposing the IRS and the Federal Reserve System for their use in perpetrating class warfare against the American middle class, Schiff, like Russo, is being punished for having done so; serving out a prison sentence which was wrongfully imposed to slowly torture this man to death.

Irwin Schiff's contributions must not be made in vain. And the American people must abolish the federal income tax, the IRS, and the Zionist banking cartel which under the Federal Reserve System, has managed to steal trillions of dollars of the American people's wealth, while cleverly subverting the Constitutional rule of law in order to do so without facing any legal consequences.

  • Read Irwin Schiff's "The Federal Mafia" Here

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