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Psychological Warfare Operations And How They Are Used To Furtively Control How You Think

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  • Be Careful What You're Thinking Since You Never Know When The National Security Agency Will Decide To Remotely Access Your Brain Via Its Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network And Pass Judgement On You - HR 1955 & S 1959 Legislation Have Made It A Crime For You To Have Thoughts Which The U.S. Federal Government Has Deemed To Be Inappropriate - Welcome To The United States Of Amerika

  • Psychological Warfare Operations Have Come To Dominate The Lives Of The Global Middle Class - Psyops Are A Clever Form Of Mind Control Used To Infiltrate Your Life Without Your Ever Realizing It

    FBI Psyops & The Myriad Avenues They Take

    Is Your Home Being Devalued Because Of A Psyop?

    As this author has been documenting for much of the past decade, the FBI's psychopaths continue to use a myriad of ways in which to attack my person and other Family members - all of whom are being used for non consensual human experimentation - as part of an aggressive psychological warfare operation.

    The FBI's psychological warfare operations have been aggressive for the past decade, and have included virtually every crime imaginable, short of murder.

    The FBI's provocateurs are also used to make prank phone calls in the middle of the night as part of its psyop campaign against this author. This is done in efforts to interrupt the sleep patterns of the targeted persons, as part of the conspiracy to destroy both their physical and mental health.

    The FBI has been using the U.S. Postal Service to intentionally deliver the mail of other people to this author's home for several years now, and today, the FBI uses United Parcel Service to deliver packages that should have been delivered to a neighbor.

    Knowing the importance of delivering the packages, the UPS driver shows up almost immediately after intentionally delivering it to the wrong address, in order to reclaim it, and deliver it to the intended recipient as he should have done in the first place. How can UPS explain this?

    Plausible deniability. There were two people on the UPS truck, meaning that one was probably a supervisor, and the other a trainee; an excuse which would have been used to explain the driver's delivering the package to the wrong address, even though it was clearly done intentionally.

    Moreover, since this author is expecting a few packages to be delivered by UPS over the next few days, this may be a message that these packages may be intentionally delivered to the wrong home just to cause further problems. The intent is for the FBI to manipulate the target into filing complaints against as many organizations as possible, in an effort to prove that the target is confrontational.

    However, the best way in which to deal with such a situation is to understand that the people being used as part of the FBI's psywarfare operations, are nothing but pawns who are smart enough to know that when the FBI tells you to do something and you fail to do so, you could end up being targeted just like the strangers whom you are being used to deploy these psychological warfare operations against.

    Once again, these people aren't the problem. The FBI's agents and their total disregard for the Constitutional rule of law are. This is especially true when one considers the fact that the FBI has never had a legislative charter in which to operate, which means that the FBI is operating without the proper legal documentation.

    As a result of this complete lack of accountability for their actions, when the FBI is involved in its COINTELPRO operations, you can also be certain that the FBI will take an organization that is running properly, and subvert it for the sake of deploying its psywarfare operations on one of the Bureau's intended targets.

    Of course, in this instance, murder is the FBI's ultimate goal here, as punishment for this author's corroboration of John St. Clair Akwei's allegations against the National Security Agency, regarding its covert use of a Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, in which to secretly brain fingerprint the American citizenry, while tracking Americans by way of their own unique set of bioelectric resonance/brain entrainment frequencies.

    As punishment to the targets of such expositions of government crimes, the FBI will also be used in order to criminally manipulate the value of the real estate housing market, by coercing real estate appraisers into undervaluing certain homes owned by targeted individuals or the homes owned by Family's of targeted individuals, which are then used to artificially lower the price of other homes within the same community.

    This is yet another way in which the FBI attempts to demonize the target with the community, even though it is the FBI's furtive manipulation of the home prices through its use of fear tactics, which is ultimately responsible for this economic loss.

    The FBI will use every means necessary in which to accomplish this, including brainwashing the public, which is how the vigilante hate crime of organized stalking has been successfully propagated in our communities.

    Is your community really better off with a group of brainwashed people driving around gang stalking people whom they have absolutely no legal right to be harassing?

    Government orchestrated organized stalking crimes are one of the major catalysts in artificially lowering the value of real estate, since these people drive their vehicles around our neighborhoods for the sole purpose of perpetrating acts of psychological warfare, while completely disrupting the normal and peaceful activities which are usually taking place within these communities.

    What is miraculous, is that the targets of organized stalking have for the most part not reacted violently to such an egregious attack on their civil liberties and basic human rights, but have instead conducted themselves with dignity in the face of such a horrific situation.

    As a result of their being brainwashed, organized stalkers have become an unnatural part of society, who are being used to foment discord between people with the intent of creating a violent society; which is exactly what the federal government wants, since violence will enable them to justify the state of martial law which can be enforced at any time, given the Congresses passage of the National Defense Authorization Act.

    It is the complete brainwashing of our communities which has resulted in a callous disregard for human life; once normal men and women, being reduced to the role of sadistic torturer and murderer.

    Furthermore, this artificial devaluation of American real estate through the U.S. Intelligence community's implementation of fusion centers, which in turn have sanctioned the vigilante hate crime of organized stalking, is only compounded by a terrible U.S. economy.

    An economy which has been manipulated by the Federal Reserve System as part of its intent to destroy the American middle class - a criminal conspiracy started by the British Monarchy and House of Rothschild more than two centuries ago, who feared that a healthy American economy would result in the destruction of every monarchy on the face of this planet.

    The fact that the entire home appraisal system that exists within the United States is used by state governments in which to levy ridiculously high property taxes on most homes, while the wealthiest homeowners within this country pay far lower taxes based on the appraised values of their property, serves as yet another form of class warfare, as does the federal income tax.

    It also illustrates how fraudulent this appraisal system is. A system which will soon fail as the direct result of the economic depression which is now taking place in the United States.

    A depression which both the leadership in the U.S. Federal Government, as well as the media system in this country casually refer to as a recession.

    Homeowners are not going to continue to pay these exorbitant property taxes on their homes, when these taxes are being intentionally inflated by state governments, in order to make up for any economic shortfall caused by poor government management.

    An example of such real estate manipulation in the New York housing market, involves many homes which are being taxed based on appraisals that are as much as double what these homes are actually selling for.

    Your homes are worth whatever a buyer is willing to offer for them. And if a buyer is willing to offer $500,000 for your home, while the state has it appraised at $900,000 for the purpose of extracting a higher and unreasonable property tax, then this appraisal system is based on an outright fraud, which is being used to fleece most American homeowners out of their hard earned wages.

    The fact of the matter is that neither federal nor state governments could give a damn about bankrupting the middle class in the United States, when they are in fact being used as part of the criminal conspiracy in which to do just that.

    The entire government ideology of tax and spend has resulted in a grossly incompetent body politic who feel free to piddle away your hard earned wages on a myriad of worthless programs, while these legislators continue to feather their own financial nests, while being used to destroy your inherent rights as citizens; beholden to their financial masters - the Zionist banksters.

    Those who are responsible for the treasonous pieces of legislation being used to destroy your inherent rights as American citizens.

    Moreover, the fact is that the prices of homes in the United States have been obscenely inflated since the 1980's housing boom, as the result of the Federal Reserve System's use of inflation to devalue our currency to the point where it is all but worthless.

    This is why a home that was worth all of $500,000 in the mid 1970's, is now valued at more than ten times that amount. Had it not been for the Federal Reserve System's manipulation of the value of American currency, that $500,000 home would still be worth about $500,000, because there would have been no inflation over the past four decades.

    Today, your currency would have been worth much more that it is, and as such so would its buying power.

    Instead, your currency is all but worthless; all as the result of the Federal Reserve System's criminal manipulation of the United States economy and its intentional creation of inflationary and deflationary cycles to control you.

    And to make matters even worse, the Internal Revenue Service has been illegally taxing your income based on its perversion of the 16Th Amendment, that we now know was never legally ratified in the first place, and which has given the IRS the ability to steal a percentage of your nearly worthless currency each year, based on your being tricked into signing a 1040 income tax return, which whether you realize or not is how the IRS gets you to give up your 5Th Amendment rights and privileges regarding self incrimination.

    Do you truly believe that as an American citizen who occupies this country's rapidly disappearing middle class, that you stand any chance of surviving if this government is allowed to continue to get away with such an economic fleecing?

    Moreover, if as American citizens, you don't believe that there is a very real criminal conspiracy being waged against you by whatever politicians are occupying the federal government at any given session, then you are doing yourselves a tremendous disservice, since this conspiracy has been taking place since long before the Federal Reserve Act was passed in 1913; and the Federal Reserve Communist central bank was created for the express purpose of conducting class warfare against the American middle class, when this counterfeiter and launderer of counterfeited currency was illegally created in 1914.

    According to the late Eustace Mullins, based on his research as a former employee of the United States Library Of Congress, it was also about this time that the Federal Reserve was used to steal billions of dollars in gold bullion from the U.S. Treasury, much of which was shipped overseas to other nations which to this day, remain under the control of the Communist central banks that the House of Rothschild maintains furtive ownership of.

    Now with the Congresses passage of the abomination known as the National Defense Authorization Act, they have not only allowed the Federal Reserve to destroy your wealth, but the Congress themselves, with the help of the President of the United States, the usurper, Barack Obama, has now stolen your rights as an American citizen, by using the NDAA in combination with the Orwellian Patriot Act, to deny you your rights to due process of law, your rights to freedom of speech, your rights to own a firearm, your rights to peaceful assembly, and virtually every other right that once made the United States unique as a nation.

    This government will not only spy on you within the privacy of your domicile, they will electronically enter your mind without your knowledge or consent, and if caught doing so, demonize you in an attempt to justify such a heinous crime against humanity.

    The U.S. Federal Government's propagation and concealment of such outrageous crimes offers further proof that the U.S. Bill of Rights has been unconstitutionally nullified, and to the detriment of the American people.

    All of these crimes being perpetrated against the American middle class under the pretense of a fraudulent war on terror which is being conducted by those who waged war against us with their furtive terrorist attacks on 9-11-2001.

    It is the denial by these interlopers in regard to their own involvement in the 9-11 false flag operation, which is being used to rob the American people of something even more important then their finances - their own common sense.

    Can you truly watch video of the buildings on 9-11-2001 free falling, while explosions are occurring beneath the floors as they collapse, and not acknowledge that the North and South Towers of the World Trade Center, as well as Building 7, were brought down through a controlled demolition, and by explosives placed within these buildings well in advance of these terrorist attacks? Something that every politician in the United States will deny.

    And it is these interlopers who have usurped our government for their own criminal means, and who have pathologically lied to us, who must be put on trial before an international war crimes tribunal, for the crimes they have perpetrated against the American citizenry and the rest of the world.

    The entire hierarchy of the U.S. Federal Government must be held accountable.

    And every American citizen must now acknowledge that the U.S. Intelligence community through its complete disregard for our Bill of Rights, and its secretive implementation of a national brain fingerprinting network, has become a greater threat to Americans than any foreign power in the history of the United States.

    - James F. Marino
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