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Collateral Damage - The Victims Who Are Murdered As A Message To The Mind Control Target, That They're Being Remotely Brain Scanned

  • The Financial Blockade Regarding Wikileaks And Its Founder, Julian Assange, Continues After More Than A Year, In Efforts To Prevent Wikileaks From Publishing Any Further Documents

  • "The 1950s Secret Discovery of the Code of the Brain: U.S. and Soviet Scientists Have Developed the Key to Consciousness for Military Purposes & How The U.S. Government Won the Arms Race to Control Man" - Also Read John St. Clair Akwei VS The National Security Agency Since Akwei Was The First American To Expose The NSA's Domestic Spy Programs As Well As Its Electronic Brain Fingerprinting Of The American People Through The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network

  • The White House - Congress Collusion To Pass The National Defense Authorization Act (Why Not Just Call The Damn Thing The Nazi Enabling Act, Because Its Content Is The Same - The Destruction Of Civil Liberties & Basic Human Rights) - This Act Of Treason Will At Long Last Result In A National Campaign To Reform The U.S. Federal Government, As The 99% Crushes The Zionist-Communist 1%

  • Has Anyone Else Noticed The Remarkable Number Of Automobiles Which Have Crashed Into Homes And Buildings Over The Past Few Years? It Seems That Our Local Newspapers Can't Get Enough Of These Situations Since They Are Constantly Reporting Them - What Is Causing This Anomaly? Drunk Driving, Driving Under The Influence, A New Way Of Attempting To Commit Suicide, Or Mind Blanking The Person Driving Via Computer To Brain Interface? Once You Realize That The People On This Planet Are Living In A World In Which They Are Considered To Be Expendable Subjects Of Non Consensual Human Experimentation, By Government Agencies That Have The Technological Ability To Remotely Enter The Brain Of Any Person, You Can Begin To See That Many Of The Bizarre Actions Of People Which Until Now Have Remained Unexplainable, Are In Fact The Result Of A Systematic Attack On The Human Mind By Way Of Remote Means

  • Intel Agents - Torturers & Murderers Hiding

    Behind The Facade Of A Classified Electronic Warfare Program

    Many members of the TI community who have been used for various forms of mind control experimentation, have documented situations in which something they have experienced in a computer to brain interface induced dream state would actually come true. In many instances, this phenomenon involves the furtive murders of other innocent people.

    For instance, several years ago this author experienced such a dream state where a person was crushed to death under the wheels of a car.

    The following day, a Jericho High School student by the name of Matthew Ravner was tragically killed when for no logical reason he attempted to jump on the floor board of an SUV being driven by a friend whom he had just been speaking to. Matthew was crushed to death exactly the way the person in this author's computer generated dream was.

    About a year or so later the HBO series, The Sopranos, broadcast an episode in which one of the characters was killed off after being shot while sitting in an SUV which was parked at a gas pump, then falling out of the SUV he was sitting in, and being running over by the SUV, in the same exact way that Matthew Ravner had been killed, and the same way in which the person in the computer generated dream that this author had, had also been killed.

    Their skulls had been crushed by vehicles which had run them over. This all began with the computer to brain generated dream sequence that this author had had. A day later, Matthew Ravner was killed in the same exact way that the person in my computer generated dream was killed, and less than two years later, the Sopranos' episode aired in which one of the regular characters was killed when his skull was crushed by an SUV.

    Computer generated dream sequences have been frequently reported by men and women who are targets of signals intelligence computer to brain interface. Many targets of this technology, have also reported that their ideas are stolen from them by those who use computer to brain interface to steal people's intellectual property before they have even put it down on paper.

    The National Security Agency has gained a notorious reputation for committing such crimes.

    Earlier this week, this author was watching a 1971 movie entitled "Paper Man" on Youtube, in which a female character was crushed to death by an elevator, when she was trapped between two floors.

    Excerpt Of 1971 Movie- Paper Man

    In the newspaper the same week, there was a report regarding an advertising executive by the name of Suzanne Hart (Hart worked for Young and Rubicam), who was killed the same way as the woman in the movie, being crushed to death when her body was trapped between two floors.

    One of the vehicles which has been used as part of the decade long organized stalking of this author, is a vehicle with the name HART painted on its sides. This vehicle has been parked in front of this author's home several times over the past few years, as part of the organized stalking campaign that FBI and NSA criminals continue to perpetrate against this author.

    The readers will note that the last name of the victim who was crushed to death in the elevator is Hart. A coincidence, or was Ms. Hart yet another victim of the FBI and NSA psychological warfare operation against this author.

    Many targets of non consensual human experimentation have reported that people are murdered as part of the psychological warfare operations being conducted against TI's, because we are aware that we are being used by the federal government for mind control experimentation. And the psychopaths who use this technology to experiment on us, use it to murder other people who can be killed in a plausibly deniable way.

    Except that many TI's can correlate the death of a person who has recently died, to something these TI's had been exposed to. They could have had a computer generated dream or thought, they could have been watching a particular program in which an incident they saw was recreated in real life just to get their attention.

    There are TI's who are punished simply for making certain choices that the agents who deploy this computer to brain interface technology disapprove of. Some TI's are punished for eating a certain type of food, or wearing a particular piece of clothing. They are punished for doing anything that gives them enjoyment.

    The punishment can be about anything, and can entail anything from attacking the target with directed energy weaponry, or one of their family members or friends, to attacking a complete stranger - which can include murdering the person - whose death the TI will learn about through the mainstream media, as this author did in the instances of Matthew Ravner and Suzanne Hart.

    I immediately attributed the deaths of both of these people to the FBI/NSA psychological operation being deployed against my person, even though I had never heard of either of these people before learning of their deaths in the media.

    There is something specific in the murders of people whom a particular TI can identify with, because the murders are quite literally perpetrated in such a way that resembles something that the TI had experienced within a short time of their occurrence.

    The report regarding the cause of Ms. Hart's tragic death will likely be attributed to mechanical or electronic failure of the elevator, however, thus far, officials have been unable to explain how this particular accident happened.

    Moreover, those of us who are targeted by electronic warfare technology are well aware that a signals intelligence satellite can be used to remotely access electronic equipment, including the computerized system which controls an elevator, and tamper with it, in the same way that this technology can be used to remotely access and tamper with the human brain.

    The U.S. National Security Agency maintains this propriety technology as part of its Signals Intelligence program.

    We also know that this remote tampering can be done with military precision, to a person who is remotely brain tapped via computer to brain interface, and followed by a signals intelligence satellite without their knowledge. There are thousands of men and women who have documented this nightmare, having been satellite tracked for decades before realizing it.

    All of whom are being targeted by the U.S. Intelligence community's smear campaigns, in effort to discredit their accurate testimony, in regard to being used as targets of non consensual mind control experimentation.

    There is no way that the leadership within the NSA will ever willingly admit to brain fingerprinting the U.S. population, any more than they will admit to using many of us as targets of non consensual human experimentation, because such treasonous crimes would likely warrant the death penalty.

    As for the deaths of Matthew Ravner and Suzanne Hart, this author must wonder if these deaths were really caused by accident, or murders done by the same government psychopaths who torture my person and myriad other targets of this non consensual human experimentation, as part of some sick and demented mind game that these miscreants are playing with us, simply because they are aware that we have first hand knowledge of the existence of classified government technology which is being used to adversely affect the human brain; something that most of the people on this planet remain completely unaware of.

    Furthermore, several of this author's Family members have finally wised up to the fact they are targets of computer to brain interface, however, know that there is nothing they can do about it, and have found it safer to deny that there are government agencies that maintain technology which can be used to remotely enter people's minds, as well as torture and murder them.

    I have just described two of many similar situations that I have experienced over the past decade alone, as a target of the U.S. Intelligence community's computer to brain interface mind control experimentation.

    A number of people have been injured as part of the NSA/FBI psychological warfare operation being waged against this author, having been targeted by directed energy weapons.

    Several have been hospitalized on at least one occasion, and in this author's opinion, at least three people have been murdered by way of directed energy weaponry over the past decade, as part of the psychological warfare operation which the FBI and NSA continue to perpetrate against this author.

    The current smear campaign which the FBI & NSA continue to promulgate against this author is an aggressive form of brainwashing on the U.S. population, being done in efforts to conceal these crimes; specifically, how they are being perpetrated by the National Security Agency through its Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network: a spy satellite network that makes use of a national brain fingerprinting program, which is used to instantly target and track any American citizen by way of that citizen's own unique set of bioelectric resonance/brain entrainment frequencies.

    When a federal government's crimes are this outrageous, their only recourse is to murder those who know about them, while first demonizing these people through the use of propaganda, in efforts to justify these murders. That is exactly what the U.S. Federal Government is presently attempting to accomplish with its smear campaigns against the TI community in America.

    And these government smear campaigns are being perpetrated by the governments of all NATO member nations, against any of the citizens in these countries who have learned that they are the targets of such non consensual human experimentation.

    Governments whose leadership is completely out of control and which will eventually be targeted for abolition.

  • New York Advertising Executive Crushed To Death By Elevator

  • Jericho High School Student Struck And Killed By SUV

  • The Signals Intelligence Satellites That Are Presently Being Used By The U.S. Military -Intelligence Community To Perpetrate The Orwellian Crime Of Computer To Brain Interface Of An Unwitting Population - Through A National Brain Fingerprinting Program - Are Part Of An Earlier & Secreti NASA Program To Weaponize Outer Space Under The Guise Of Conducting Space Exploration, While Destroying The Privacy Of Each American Citizen - The Weaponized Satellites That The U.S. Intelligence Community Uses Against American Citizens In The Modern Day Are An Outgrowth Of This Nazi Idealized Program - The Late Nazi Scientist And Father Of The U.S. Space Program, Wernher Von Braun, Having A Pange Of Conscience, Warned Americans Prior To His Death, That The Weaponization Of These Intelligence Spy Satellites Would Be Used To Destroy Humanity - Von Braun Said That The International Programs Being Used To Weaponize Outer Space Must Be Abolished And The Satellites Destroyed, If Humankind Is To Survive
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