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Are You A Thought Criminal? If So, The U.S. Intelligence Community Would Like To Incarcerate You While Denying You Your Right To A Trial By Jury

The NSA's Thought Police - The U.S. Intelligence Community's Intent To Abolish The U.S. Judicial System Through Its Use Of Satellite Deployed Remote Neural Monitoring Technology

Author: James F. Marino

As the direct result of a secret national brain fingerprinting program implemented by the U.S. National Security Agency in the early 1980's, as an American citizen, you can now be subjected to the NSA's remote neural monitoring of your brain via its Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network.

And you don't even have to leave your home for this Orwellian violation of your Constitutional rights to take place.

The NSA also has its provocateurs posting furtive warnings to those of us who either blog about or post the contents of John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the U.S. National Security Agency on Internet message boards, claiming that we don't have the right to post this information.

It was Akwei's 1992 lawsuit against the NSA which first exposed the Agency's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, and its use in cataloguing the unique bioelectric resonance/entrainment frequencies of each American citizen's brain - a form of brain fingerprinting.

As for the Intel community's intimidation tactics against those of us who have publicly discussed John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit, the fact is that Akwei's information was published in Nexus Magazine in 1996, and was uploaded to the Internet more than a decade ago.

This means the contents of Akwei's lawsuit are in the public domain.

Moreover, the NSA's attempt to conceal its domestic spying from the American people - spying which is a violation of the NSA's charter under Directive 18 - by using the cover of National Security in which to do so, is an outrage!

Furthermore, the claim that Farwell Brain Fingerprinting "mind reading technology" offers a revolutionary new way in which to read your thoughts, is in itself fraudulent, since the National Security Agency has been doing the same thing for more than thirty years, through its covert use of the aforementioned Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network.

According to NSA whistleblower, John St. Clair Akwei, who as previously stated, attempted to sue the NSA in 1992 in an effort to expose the fact that the National Security Agency has secretly implemented a national brain fingerprinting network, the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network can be used to instantly establish two-way communication with the brain of any American citizen, for the express purpose of placing that person under remote surveillance without that person's knowledge or consent.

In other words, the NSA uses its Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network in order to completely circumvent the Constitutional right to due process of law, by remotely scanning your thoughts, which Akwei has described as the "ultimate surveillance method."

Clearly, based on John St. Clair Akwei's knowledge of the NSA's infrastructure, the NSA has been using a far more advanced form of functional magnetic resonance imaging of the human brain, on the American people for decades, in addition to electroencephalography (EEG), which would prove that Farwell Brain Fingerprinting technology is for all intents and purposes being used as a red herring by the U.S. Intelligentsia, whose real intent is to force the U.S. Courts to use Farwell Brain Fingerprinting technology in order to ultimately abolish the Constitutional right to trial by jury.

And this isn't even the half of it. For decades, the NSA has used its remote neural monitoring technology to electronically brand the American people, while illegally brain-tapping a myriad of American citizens, many of whom to this day have no idea that their rights to privacy and due process of law have been violated in such outrageous ways.

Once the intelligence community has been able to successfully implement Farwell Brain Fingerprinting into the U.S. Courtroom, they will miraculously announce that they have been able to develop an even more sophisticated form of functional magnetic resonance imaging, which can be done by way of a signals intelligence spy satellite network.

The NSA will claim that this breakthrough technology will rid the world of terrorists, because they can now remotely peer into the mind of a terrorist and stop them before they commit their act of terrorism.

What the NSA will not tell you is that the problem with remote neural monitoring technology is that it cannot differentiate between a thought and an actual act. The NSA will also not admit that this technology can be used to implant thoughts into a person's brain for the express purpose of altering how a person thinks and acts, in order to create a terrorist.

Moreover, the technology is supposed to be based on people's emotional reactions to stimuli. And since the intelligence community would attempt to claim that most terrorists are psychopaths with no sense of conscience or guilt, then how can remote neural monitoring technology be effective when used on someone who has no sense of guilt?

It can't.

Furthermore, if the persons being remote neurally monitored have a sense of guilt which can be exploited through the furtive use of this technology, then one must infer from this that this would invalidate the federal government's claims that these people are psychopaths.

As for a federal agent who uses a directed energy weapon in order to torture American citizens without any remorse, something that has been well documented by more than a thousand targets of these high-tech crimes, such a person would represent the definition of the psychopath.

And our government is loaded with them.

The NSA will also deny using this technology to steal people's intellectual property by electronically accessing their thoughts via signals intelligence satellite. A number of British businessmen have already made this claim about the NSA's operations in Menwith Hill, England, stating that the NSA was using its covert spy program to steal their intellectual property through the NSA's use of through the air computer to brain interface of their persons.

There is no question that the NSA has some incredible technology which has given it a tremendous advantage with regard to its ability to spy upon the U.S. population with complete anonymity, and impunity from prosecution.

At least, that was the case before John St. Clair Akwei had the courage to sue the NSA in an attempt to expose this domestic surveillance system to the American people, which he would have been able to do had his lawsuit against the NSA not been sabotaged by CIA asset, former circuit court judge, Stanley Sporkin.

As it is, Akwei's lawsuit has been making the rounds on the Internet for about 15 years now, and has gained far more attention over the past decade, as many individuals who have first hand experience with this thought reading/manipulating technology, have grown to understand that the National Security Agency has become a very dangerous threat to the Constitutional protections that are guaranteed to all Americans - specifically, that this military arm of the U.S. Department Of Defense operates with the belief that they have the right to remotely enter your mind in order to experiment on you.

This author had documented this based on my own experiences as a target of the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, which has resulted in this Agency's attempts to discredit my person, through the intense smear campaign that the U.S. Intelligence community continues to promulgate in regard to my person.

Many Americans are also beginning to understand the incredible significance of John Akwei's lawsuit and how it is gradually changing the way that the American people perceive the United States Military-Intelligence complex and its frightening array of domestic spy technology, which it oftentimes criminally uses against the American citizenry.

As Americans we made an enormous error after World War II when we allowed the federal government to create the National Security Council and the National Security Act, for this legislation has allowed this government to operate in complete secrecy from the American people, while perverting the use of the National Security Act, in order to conceal the crimes being perpetrated against the American citizenry by the U.S. Military-Industrial-Intelligence complex.

When a new government is eventually created by and for the American people, Americans must ensure that they never allow the federal government to ever again operate with the type of abject secrecy that the present government does, or that government will be furtively taken over as this one has been, and used against the American middle class as this one continues to be.

As for Farwell Brain Fingerprinting, it is done constitutionally with the subject's permission.

However, the NSA's brain fingerprinting technology is clearly being used unconstitutionally, which is why the NSA continues to deny its outrageous violations of the Constitutional rights of the American people, while demonizing those of us who have been illegally targeted by this technology for years; in spite of an ever increasing number of citizens making claims against the NSA for targeting them by way of such Orwellian means, which includes various forms of non consensual mind control experimentation.

So Are You A Thought Criminal?

The fact of the matter is that we can all be judged by the federal government as being thought criminals based on whatever criteria the government intends to establish as a thought crime.

The Communistic National Defense Authorization Act is extremely nebulous in regard to what it claims can be considered thought crimes - specifically any person or group who commits a belligerent act.

Such an ill defined term would essentially make the entire U.S. population subject to being considered a terrorist, depending on how good or bad a day they were having, and what they were thinking at the time, in regard to the performance of the politicians in the United States.

With the way Congress is performing at present, virtually the entire U.S. population could be labeled as terrorists based on their well warranted distrust of the Congress and the White House.

The gist of this article is: No government has the right to remotely enter your thoughts via the remote neural monitoring of your brain, much less to experiment on you, even though the National Security Agency is doing just that.

So be careful what you think, because you never know if the NSA's thought police are remotely monitoring your thoughts, let alone sharing this information with your state and local police.

Those whose thoughts may also be remotely monitored without their knowledge or consent. After all, if anyone can be a suspected terrorist, then the NSA must be able to remotely monitor the brainstates of any citizen in the United States, including politicians, federal agents and police. At least, that is how the NSA's leadership sees it.

There is also the question of whether or not the NSA is being honest in regard to the information it obtains through its use of this brain scanning technology, or disseminating fabricated information as part of a propaganda campaign against the individuals in question.

Moreover, would you as an American citizen trust anything that the leaders of a government that would secretly brain fingerprint you say or do? Not if your brain is functioning properly.

Furthermore, the NSA has been illegally spying on the American people since its inception in 1952, based on its use of the UKUSA Treaty, which enabled the NSA and British Intelligence to circumvent their own charters as well as the Constitutional rights to privacy of their own citizens, by spying on eachothers' countries and then exchanging their information.

So to believe that the NSA would be anymore forthright in the modern day in regard to its domestic spying, much less the advanced technology which it is using to perpetrate this crime, would be naive to say the least.

How prophetic George Orwell's prognostications have turned out to be in regard to the Orwellian police state America has become in the 21St Century, since this brain scanning technology has given the U.S. Federal Government the nearly sacrosanct authority to do whatever they want to the American people, without ever answering for it. Technology which can be used to spy on each of us individually, to influence our thoughts and behavior, and to even torture and murder us.

No wonder the Congress just passed the NDAA. They needed a way in which to round us up when we figured out what their intentions really are. And now they have legislation that does just that, by declaring any U.S. citizen to be a domestic terrorist anytime this Zionist financed Orwellian body politic decides to.

- James F. Marino

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