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Government Targets Of Non Consensual Human Experimentation Are Surfacing By The Thousands - All Live In NATO Member Countries

Why Does The United States Congress Ignore The 13Th Amendment And Why Does It Not Appear In The Corporate Constitution Which Was Illegally Created By Congress In 1871? Even Though The 13Th Amendment Existed In The Original Constitution Of 1787, And Has Never Been Repealed, The Congress Ignores It - Perhaps One Of The Current Presidential Candidates Can Answer This Question In Their Next Debate, Although It Is Doubtful That They Will, Given That The 13Th Amendment Prohibits Any Lawyer From Being Elected To Political Office - Which Means That Most Of Our Elected Officials Are Complicit In Violating The 13Th Amendment Given That They Hold Law Degrees - Another Example Of The Congress Ignoring Any Legislation That Conflicts With Their Zionist Master's Agenda To Implement World Government, While Destroying America And Her Citizens

Is The NSA Illegally Reading Your Mind?

The Provisions Within The National Defense Authorization Act That Involve Indefinite Detention Of U.S. Citizens Are In Violation Of The Non Detention Act Of 1971 - Moreover, Even With Barack Obama's Signing Statement Regarding Americans Being Immune From Such Military Detention, Any Future President Can Reverse Obama's Signing Statement Without The American People's Knowledge, And Americans Will Be Included Under The Indefinite Detention Clause In The NDAA

Another Article On The National Security Agency's Thought Police - Over the past decade many of these articles have been written, quite a few of which are disinformation being used to misdirect the American population away from the exact nature of this technology and whom within the NSA is controlling it - However, for the NSA to go to the trouble and expense of creating such disinfo campaigns, the allegations regarding the NSA's remote mind reading technology must be true - See John St. Clair Akwei VS The National Security Agency for more on the NSA's electronic brain fingerprinting of the American people, and the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, and its use in implementing this covert brain fingerprinting program

Another Canadian Government Whistleblower Describes Mind Reading Technology Deployed Via Spy Satellite

Subject: My personal story about MC mind butchers
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 19:26:00 GMT


Quebec, 4 mars 2000

"To anyone concerned about mind-control in the US and Canada,

Here is a brief description of the techniques and methods of harassment used by the FBI (or its Canadian branch the RCMP) against me since nearly one year now:

Who am I and why are they stalking and harassing me?


I claim having been an employee of the Department of the National Defence in Canada as programmer analyst (CS02), Research Establishment of Valcartier, and thereby put in contact with people and projects categorized then as "secret".

I claim to have been transferred to the National Head Quarter in St-Hubert and again been put in touch with high ranked officers and generals, several of which later became retired and accepted high ranked positions in Banks, Computer consulting compagnie, federal government,...etc.

I claim having been an employee of several computer software related compagnies (ACT, DMR, CGI, Permabec, Dassault System in Paris, ...etc) and put in touch with people claiming having access to "information" about the personal lives of people, myself, my father, and anybody they wish.

I claim having worked with an employee claiming having worked for a police organisation like the RCMP, and saying that from a single phone call, he could get information about anybody he wanted, and that this "power" was one of his ways to make himself worth-while for the computer software compagnie (he was a real "dork" as far as software engineering is concerned).

This employee later showed me a "red book", which is a "dictionary of people" listing an unbelievable amount of personal information about anybody in Quebec, notably, their sexual habits, wealth value, whereabouts, ...,etc, and this for the last 20 years.

I claim that this employee (Martin Richard, of Boucherville) also later explained in coverted and diagonal terms that "they" were after the development of software which could mimic the functions of the cognitive brain for use in "smart" machines, and that he was aware of "organisation" that had "mind-reading" equipment.

I claim that following my resignation from this compagnie as a permanent employee was enough for them to decide that I knew too much about them and their mind-control business, and that consequently I should be driven out of the system using their best MC operative and techniques (satellite, harassment till nerval break down, powerful suggestive mind control satellite beams directed to your head making you crave for sex, drug, alcohol, violence, depression...etc)

I claim that if you are lucky enough to overcome the life (and reputation) destructive power of their MC behavior inducing beams and that you call for help from the local authorities (police, hospital, politicians, journalist), you systematically and wilfully will become framed as being crazy, psychotic, depressive, potentially dangerous for yourself or others, and subsequently suggested to undergo "preventive" detention in a mental hospital.

I claim that once in the hospital, if they are still feeling that you will be a threat once you get out, they will use the "assisted suicide" satellite beam suggestive technique to make you dream of killing yourself and make your life
a night-mare by directing their other kind of beam to your testicles, ass, liver, heart, intestine to make you fart,...etc.

Military satellite for the surveillance of citizens


I claim that the military have had for quite a number of years satellites allowing themselves to take a photograph of tiny objects on the surface of the Earth and this despite the fact that these objects were situated inside structure of wood, metal, cement, ..., and that they can also obtain 3D mappings of the inside and out of any land, cities, towns and their buildings.

I claim that the militaries have from these developed technologies (goggles, head-set, and gloves) allowing them to stage themselves inside a virtual 3D reproduction of such cities or town or building, for all kinds of purposes including combat training and engagement rehearsal.

I claim that later the military have enhanced their technology to detect, by satellite, the tiny amount of energy emitted by the brain of any normal human being, and use these readings to capture an "encephalographic" imprint of an individual (awake or asleep).

This encephalographic signal can later be "re-played" into a head-set used by another individual whom thereby get to "see, smell, hear, feel" all that the former spied upon individual has felt, smelled and heard. The technologie can also detect the inner-voice of an individual talking to himself in is own conscious mind. All this, of course, in real time.

I claim that the military has equipped their satellites (ref: the NSA Echelon program) in order be able to survey thousands of individuals at the same time, anywhere on the planet (over 100 satellites are deployed under the Echelon program) and that once "locked" onto your head (the unique bioelectric resonance/entrainment frequencies of each person's brain that the NSA can lock onto via its Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network) , they can follow you everywhere you go and that you cannot escape it.

I claim that despite the initial intentions of the Military to deploy these satellites to counter the KGB and other groups of terrorists, the technology is now being used to spy on un-aware citizens of all NATO nations, under the self-justification that "it has cost us a lot of money (ref: Pat Buchanan)" and that he would be stupid to throw it away because the cold war is over. Instead, I claim that a decision has been made by the NATO governments (France, Canada, Germany, UK,...) to use these spying networks to try to counter local drug trafficking, ethnic conflicts, and crime "at large".

(And the former employees involved in the development of these technologies and whom they don't like and could talk too much.)

I claim that the military and the police forces which had the responsibility to use this equipment have lost all notions of ethics and morality and are now using them to "stalk" and harass anybody they don't like: people smoking pot, marginals, anti-military activists, anti-government activist...etc

Why not also send narrow beams of energy towards the subject? (Directed Energy Weaponry deployed via signals intelligence spy satellites, such as those controlled by the NSA through its Echelon satellite array.)


I claim that the satellite technology also allows the army/police corps to directly interfere with the human body and its brain from above (satellite deployed computer to brain interface).

I claim that a tiny beam of energy can be used to interfere with various organs of the body: muscle, skin, stomach, lungs, intestines, penis, testicles, anus, ears, head, heart,...etc, and this in the goal of inducing undetectable pain, suffering, discomfort, illness,..., bringing a subject to a hospital and preventing him/her to benefit from a normal life, or to provide for him/herself, ruin the social and sexual life,...etc.

I claim that they can also substitute the normal imagery of dreams by imagery they have prepared themselves, using their virtual 3D computers, and are therefore able to "plant" dreams/thoughts/desires in a subject while asleep (suicide thoughts, drugs/alcohol desires, violence, incestuous ideas...etc).

Social decadence of our political "elite" and loss of control


I claim that the plans and secrets of these technologies have been STOLEN from the Canadian Army some years ago, with or without them knowing it, or by sheer incompetence from their part in protecting them.

I claim that the technology (and know-how to use them) has been SOLD to several commercial compagnies by the retired military personnel who stole them from the army, and that they are now systematically and widely used by compagnies such as : IBM, DMR, CGI, Royal Bank, Bell Canada, and political organisations like: the Liberal Federal party of Canada, ...etc.

I claim that these satellites are used to gather personal (intimate) information about the people these compagnies/parties wants to hire, spy upon,...etc, and to ruin the personal life of the people these compagnies feel are a threat to their agenda (political, commercial,...etc)

I claim that these technologies are also being used widely by the marketing compagnies who create adds for Television and who use the intimate psychological data acquired, by spying on selected and targeted viewers, to find out if such
product is liked or not, or such add is successful or not.

I claim that all Canadian (Global, CTV, Radio-Canada, CBC, TVA, TQS), US, British, and France television stations are also beneficiaries of these illegal mind-reading technologies and therefore will contribute to protect its secrecy."


*Editor's Note: Given the number of targeted individuals who have claimed that the media has been used to steal their intellectual property via the use of computer to brain interface, and that many TI's report two way communication with media personalities through their own TV screens, the allegations made by this author in regard to the global media's complicity in these crimes is not only plausible but probable.
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