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The FBI's Profilers Feed Into The Public's Fear While Oftentimes Fabricating Information Which The Bureau Uses For Its Own Dangerous Propaganda

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The Mental Rapist or FBI pre-natal Mind-fuc*ing Primer 101

July 20, 2011 at 1:33 am

"The FBI Describes Itself When it Employs Profiles.

Imagine if your daughter stumbled across this headfu*k, “The Mental Rapist Enjoys Abusing Women,” an article purportedly transcribed from a conversation that someone had with an FBI agent about “mind-rapists,” which to the best of my knowledge means “head-fu*kers.”

And nobody can compete with the big-budget propaganda campaign waged against your kid's mind by the FBI with the exception of Hollywood, which is literally in lockstep with FBI propaganda.

The profile of the FBI as an agency is that it is driven by pathological narcissism, which is a mental disease masquerading as a noble intentioned, but self deluded entity or person[s].*

I don’t know your daughter, but I do care about what you, her father or mother, have to deal with as she evolves into her own person.

And I care twice that your kid's mind doesn’t get cluttered too early with police and FBI baggage–mind manipulation, fear mongering, and propaganda as a tool of distraction away from real issues–like the fact that America is dropping bombs, and depleted uranium all over the middle east.

I mean, sure, the argument could be made that the Middle East isn’t in the FBI's jurisdiction on that matter–but that didnt’t stop them from hunting down turr-err-isss’s in Germany, Iraq, Pakistan, et al did it?

And certainly, the companies that are dropping depleted uranium have headquarters in the U.S., right?

But they want to focus–and they want you to focus–on hypothetical threats to your child’s genitalia instead….WTF!!Q?????

Which makes me wonder what kind of people work there? After all we know that the FBI has a long history of pedophiles in the organization.

WE exist these days in conditions where online predators are the police, fetishizing your kid's naivete, and more than willing to isolate her and wreak havoc on her conception of the world.

I care even more when I realize how many FBI agents are women haters, patriarchs, or gender bashing, bitter gay women using their positions of trust and authority to get at, and corrupt your kids heads and sadly, they target, and focus quite heavily on your daughters rather than your sons.

Don’t get me wrong: I am well aware of how your sons are abused by society, because two boys are murdered in America for every girl killed , and how little attention young boys get when it comes to discussions about ‘protecting children’.

By the time your son reached puberty, he has likely survived a public school counselors recommendation that he take Ritalin or some other drug, a coaches recommendation that he “man up,” or in the very least, some form of ostracization because he resists male sexual programming. He has also survived numerous mental and physical assaults against his masculine traits by female schoolmates–by ten years of age. I understand that well.

But this post is about your child, and particularly your daughter, being safe from online interactions with police, and FBI agents who CRAWL THE INTERNET LOOKING FOR VULNERABLE, LONELY KIDS TO TALK TO.

And kids are smarter than we give them credit for, and any teen girl out there could stumble upon this post as I did. It is a blog post from awhile ago that got me thinking of the nefarious nature of police propaganda aimed at your daughter, online.

I couldn’t write better propaganda designed to attach itself to your young daughters mind if I were a pedophile gym teacher–it hits the center of isolation in the mind of any girl who feels she has failed at a relationship, been used by a boy, or risked her virginity in a juvenile attempt at love.

It is allegedly a mental profile of a “mental rapist” who uses the Internet to “rape the mind”, and it’s full of all the right kind of weirdness that could help a girl identify what she feels is an even weirder young boy who hurt her feelings.

But what bothers me the most, is that some FBI agent actually has the time to write such pap – and target it at a vulnerable woman, or girl. If that agent targets vulnerable women, what might they say to your daughter?

And all that language about “him” does not at all reassure me it isn’t a female agent impersonating a male, and describing herself–after all, the Internet is full of weirdos, just looking to profile–or-indoctrinate your kids.

I won’t weigh in to the implications that this could be a fantasy of the blogger, or the entrapment of the blogger's mind, but it is what it is: a conversation between a vulnerable woman and a purported FBI agent.

Police play on fear all the time, and it’s socially destructive, creepy, and very, very police psychology oriented. Almost as if they are telling us what lurks in their minds, not in ours.

And worse, they now have access to your kids online.

* The police and FBI profile is one that includes narcisisstic psychopathology, particularly marked by unhealthy confabulation, meaning narcissists believe they are better than everyone else, smarter than everyone else, etc. because they are the good guys and gals, while forgetting the egregious, historic, criminal violations of U.S. law that are part of their organizational structure."

This article was sourced from the following Website:

Fightthepolice.wordpress.com - A Website which seeks to remove anonymity from furtive actions of federal, state and local police agencies

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