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NSA Brain Fingerprinting Of The U.S. Population Is The Outgrowth Of The Remote Deployment Of EEG Technology, Which Was First Accomplished In 1974

Editor's Note: This author is regularly contacted by gun activists whose intent is to preserve their right to bare arms under the 2ND Amendment.

While the 2ND Amendment is not specific in its authorization of the sale of firearms to private citizens in the United States, the 2ND Amendment has long been used to economically stimulate the arms industry, by those business persons who have interpreted the 2ND Amendment in a way which allows for their own personal financial gain.

In truth, the people of this planet would be much better off without guns, or for that matter any weapons which can be used to take the life of another individual. In other words, we'd all better off if no one had access to guns or other weapons, including the military.

However, in order to create a balance of power in the United States, theoretically, the citizenry must be able to maintain ownership of a firearm in order to be able to defend themselves against a growing domestic military presence, which as the result of legislation such as the Military Commissions Act and National Defense Authorization Act, can now be utilized to put down civil unrest.

Even though guns are not the answer to achieving peace, they have historically aided in the balance of power between a country's government and its citizenry.

As for a government's criminal abuse of its military, the military can also be used to round up any citizens who dissent to such an abuse of power; something which the National Defense Authorization Act will be used for in the future, unless the American people can force the repeal of such Orwellian legislation.

In reality, the aforesaid legislation has made the Posse Comitatus Act null and void.

In fact, because of this legislation, the U.S. Military is now encroaching upon what was once the province of state and local police, who now, due to an intentionally contracted economy, and the subsequent ever increasing budget constraints, will continue to slowly wither away, as the Military is used to replace them.

A sure sign of the Communism that is gradually overrunning the United States.

The malevolent political strategist, Henry Kissinger, once stated that soldiers are the cheapest labor available. Kissinger is correct. It is far more economical to use soldiers to police a country, than it is to expend billions of dollars to hire police officers each year.

The bottom line here is that eventually, the traditional police forces that have historically been used in the United States, will be replaced by the U.S. Military, and no citizen in America will be permitted to own any type of firearm.

History has also shown us that when a group of people attain power, they will ultimately become corrupted as the result of that power; the leadership of all present governments on this planet stand as testament to this.

Moreover, in the United States, the gun issue, as serious as it remains, pales in comparison to the specter of the satellite based surveillance networks operated by the U.S. Military and Intelligence communities, which have been used in secret to electronically catalogue each American citizen by way of their brain's own unique set of bioelectric resonance/entrainment frequencies.

Simply stated, the American people have been electronically tagged by the Military Intelligence complex like heads of cattle, many of whom are already being used as unwitting targets of non consensual human experimentation.

As such, the American people's first line of defense must be to dismantle these satellite tracking systems which operate under the guise of protecting the citizenry, since the U.S. Federal Government's use of such spy systems, including the NSA's Echelon satellite array, represent the most egregious violations of the American citizenry's right to privacy and due process of law under the United States Bill of Rights.

One will also find that when a government uses the phrase protecting national security, what the government is really referring to is protecting the nation and its infrastructure - not its citizenry. This is just one of the myriad ways in which a country's citizens have been deceived by the corrupt leadership within their own government.

In the United States, the concept of protecting national security refers to the use of the military and intelligence complex as well as federal, state and local police, to protect the interests of the corporate government that exists in Washington D.C. - not the American people.

A corporation which was established in 1871 with the creation of a second and illegal constitution that the body politic in Washington D.C. has since used to nullify our organic Constitution of 1787, by usurping the American citizenry's control over the U.S. Federal Government.

These political hacks represent the House of Rothschilds' interests, which controls the U.S. Federal Government through the Rothschilds' oversight of the Federal Reserve System.

-- James F. Marino

Editor's Note: Author G. Edward Griffin has claimed to have found proof that the Legislative Act of 1871 was repealed within a few years of its passage. Whether this is true or not, the fact is that the corporate government in Washington D.C., which was established as the direct result of the Legislative Act of 1871, still exists, and the second constitution which was created in 1871, continues to be used to displace our real Constitution of 1787. This second constitution includes an altered 16Th Amendment, while completely omitting the 13Th Amendment (which existed in the Constitution of 1787, and which expressly prohibited lawyers from attaining positions within the federal government), even though the 13Th Amendment has never been repealed.

The following is this author's response to a gun rights activist who appears to be completely unaware of the satellite predation that the American people are subjected to, or how satellite based directed energy weapons have made obsolete, the hand guns and rifles that people have in the past used to defend themselves.

Specifically, someone with access to a directed energy weapon, can by remote means, and often from a great physical distance from the targeted subject, electronically disable the subject, so that this person cannot use a gun or any other weapon in which to defend themselves.

Directed energy weapons are vastly superior to guns because a gun is only useful to a person who is strong enough to fire it. However, when the person has become disabled as the result of being targeted by some form of pulsed microwave weapon, their gun becomes useless to them.


The gun issue is moot. Electronic brain fingerprinting of the American people through the cataloguing of our brain's own unique set of biolectric resonance/entrainment frequencies is the real issue which all activist groups in the United States must now address.

When the NSA can electronically access the brain of any American citizen without that citizen's knowledge or consent, the American people must rise up to defend their inherent rights.

As for gun ownership, the fact of the matter is that when you are writhing on the floor in pain from being tortured by way of a satellite deployed directed energy weapon, you have absolutely no chance of using your firearm to protect yourself.

Moreover, your attempts to appeal to the present leadership in the United States to pass legislation on your behalf is naive, given that these politicians don't represent your interests, and will not stop until they have seized every firearm from private individuals.

Civil revolution by way of education and not bloodshed is the logical answer.

And non cooperation with any government that would so blatantly disregard the citizenry's inherent rights as members of a country must be absolute.

However, first the American people must understand who the real enemy is. And that enemy is the Zionist banking cartel which controls the Federal Reserve System.

This Communist central bank has been used to steal the gold and silver from our Treasury, and to deceive us into using worthless paper as a legitimate
legal instrument to conduct commerce.

This same Zionist cartel has turned our Military Intelligence complex into a domestic spy that considers the American people to be the enemy, and tainted a media system that has become useless for anything other than disseminating this cartel's own dangerous propaganda.

Americans must be made aware of these facts before they can take action to restore our Constitutional republic and route these Zionist interlopers out of this country before they can completely destroy what is left of America and her citizenry.


NSA Signals Intelligence Mind Reading Technology

This Treasonous Attack On The Bill Of Rights

Began In The 1970's

"This technology has been around for many years in the U.S. A lot of people, have been used as guinea pigs for testing. It is a satellite delivered EEG. Many people, have lost everything as a result, family, employment, etc. The EEG was developed in 1920. BRAIN WAVE MONITORS / ANALYZERS (MIND THOUGHT DECIPHERING).

Lawrence Pinneo, a neurophysiologist and electronic engineer working for Stanford Research Institute (a military contractor) is the first “known” pioneer in this field. In 1974, he developed a computer system which correlated brain waves on an electroencephalograph with specific commands.

In the early 1990s, Dr. Edward Taub reported that words could be communicated onto a screen using the thought-activated movements of the computer cursor.

How is it done?

The magnetic field around the head, the brain waves of an individual can be monitored by satellite. The transmitter is therefore the brain itself just as body heat is used for “Iris” satellite tracking (infrared) or mobile phones or bugs can be tracked as “transmitters.” In the case of the brain wave monitoring the results are then fed back to the relevant computers. Monitors then use the information to conduct “conversation” where audible Neurophone input is “applied” to the target / victim.



First program developed in 1994 by Dr. Donald York and Dr. Thomas Jensen.

In 1994, the brain wave patterns of 40 subjects were officially correlated with both spoken words and silent thought. This was achieved by a neurophysiologist, Dr. Donald York, and a speech pathologist, Dr. Thomas Jensen, from the University of Missouri. They clearly identified 27 words, / syllables in specific brain wave patterns and produced a computer program with a brain wave vocabulary

Using lasers / satellites, and high-powered computers, the agencies have now gained the ability to decipher human thoughts – and from a considerable distance. (instantaneously)

DESCRIPTION: As personal scanning and tracking system involving the monitoring of an individual EMF via remote means; e.g. Satellite. The results are fed to thought activated computers that posses a complete brainwave vocabulary.

PURPOSE: Practically, communication with stroke victims and brain-activated control of modern jets are two applications. However, more often, it is used to mentally rape a Civilian target; their thoughts being referenced immediately and/ or recorded for future use."

Editor's Note: The ability to remotely read the EEG brainwaves of a targeted subject via signals intelligence satellite, has been possible since the early 1980's and is one of the ways that the National Security Agency remotely accesses the thoughts of any American citizen who's being targeted for such illegal surveillance and non consensual human experimentation. Moreover, you do not have to be implanted with a brain chip in order to be subjected to this remote neural monitoring of your brain. Your brain's own unique set of electromagnetic signatures is used as both a tracking device, and in order for the NSA to establish two way communication with your brain.

The following Website is based in Sweden. It was recently deleted, however, the cache version remains for the time being. So copy it while you can, because any legitimate Website regarding brain scanning technology and its use in brain fingerprinting populations will be removed from the Internet sooner or later, in an attempt to conceal these Orwellian government financed and orchestrated crimes.

The citizens of NATO countries are the unwitting subjects of national brain fingerprinting programs, secretly implemented against them by their own governments.

"Mind Control Sweden" Website Regarding Governmental Deployment Of Signals Intelligence Satellites That Track Each Citizen By Way Of The Unique Set Of Bioelectric Resonance/Entrainment Frequencies Of Their Own Brains
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