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Was Waverly Hills Sanatorium Used By The U.S. Military Intelligence Community To Test Its Electromagnetic Weapons?

"Scientists Successfully Implant Chip That Controls The Brain Allowing Thoughts, Memory And Behavior To Be Transferred From One Brain To Another Brain" - This Swedish Website was removed from the Internet, however, the cache version has not yet been removed so copy its text and paste it into a file on your notepad while you can - Do you want someone else's thoughts to be electronically implanted into your brain? The NSA has been perpetrating this crime against this author and myriad other American citizens for decades without having installed a brain implant - The NSA is able to do so having already catalogued the unique frequencies of our brains within its vast computer database

Another Instance Of FBI Agents Perpetrating The Crime Of Coercing Fabricated Witnesses Into Lying Under Oath - The FBI Has A History Of Doing So - If You Get Caught Committing Suborning Witness Perjury You Go To Jail, If An FBI Agent Gets Caught Committing Suborning Witness Perjury, They Get A Promotion

How The CIA Tricked A Womanizing Alcoholic Texas Congressman Into Doing Its Dirty Work For It - The Propaganda Behind The Movie Charlie Wilson's War - Will Leonardo DiCaprio Be Able To Do Justice To Hollywood's Latest Propaganda Piece - The Movie J. Edgar - Which Focuses On The Life Of Former FBI Director John Edgar Hoover? One Thing's For Certain - The Movie Will Likely Erroneously Portray Hoover As An American Hero

American Newscasters Are Being Used For Mind Control Experimentation, As Is Evidenced In The Following Videos - Our Politicians And News Media Personalities Are Electronically Brain-tapped Via Signals Intelligence Satellites, Which Utilize Both Telepathy And Synthetic Telepathy As A Means To Remotely Read And Control Their Thoughts

Editor's Note: The U.S. Military Industrial Intelligence complex has a history of using American and Canadian higher institutions of learning as well as hospitals to conduct classified programs which involve the use of citizens for non consensual human experimentation.

Was Waverly Hills Sanatorium used by this complex as a venue for its classified electronic warfare programs? If so, this may explain much of the paranormal phenomena that has been documented by those who have visited Waverly Hills in the past.

Moreover, portraying Waverly Hills as being haunted would offer the ideal cover for the U.S. Military Intelligence community's classified electronic warfare programs, which can deploy the types of orbs, holograms and other phenomena via satellite, that have been reported at Waverly Hills, and by the myriad targets of non consensual human experimentation.

Also consider that many of these programs are financed by the government (even though they are illegal) and have been taking place in the United States under the cover of National Security for much of the 20Th Century.

These programs have also resulted in the use of specialized signals intelligence satellites which can track the human brain by way of its own unique set of bioelectric resonance/entrainment frequencies, which enables the U.S. Military Industrial Intelligence complex to conduct non consensual human experimentation on any American citizen from within the privacy of their own home, without that citizen ever knowing it.

A monstrous program which involves mind control experimentation on the American people, that Hitler and his Nazi party would have been proud to have accomplished.

The following is a 2006 movie that was made about Waverly Hills Sanatorium.

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