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Congressman Hale Boggs Was A Patriotic American, Which Is More Than You Can Say For His Son And Daughter

United Nations Looking To Prevent Americans From Owning Guns -- "Professor Larry Bell rails against the U.N.’s 'Small Arms Treaty.' Bell claims that the international body is passing the measure off as an effort intended to combat terrorists and insurgents. He says the measure has a very different purpose: Under the guise of a proposed global 'Small Arms Treaty'… you can be quite certain that an even more insidious threat is being targeted – our Constitutional right for law-abiding citizens to own and bear arms."

The Bush 43 Administration's Furtive Murder Of Paul Wellstone - Any Government Official Who Attempts To Expose Crime Within The U.S. Federal Government Is Targeted For Destruction - If It Can Be Done With Plausible Deniability These People Will Be Murdered As Politicians Like Hale Boggs And Paul Wellstone Were - If Not, These Whistleblowers Will Be Subjected To Slander Campaigns, Organized Stalking, And Remotely Tortured By Way Of Directed Energy Weapons - There Are Literally Thousands Of Men And Women In The United States At The Present Time Who Are Being Targeted For Destruction Because Of Their Whistleblowing Activities - The FBI And DHS Are Responsible For Most Of These Crimes

CIA-FBI Collusion In The Murder Of A Congressman Who Knew That The Warren Commission Report Was A Lie Being Used To Cover Up The U.S. Intelligence Community's Role In The Assassination Of President John F. Kennedy

U.S. Intelligence Collusion With The Nixon White House To Murder A Congressman Who Attempted To Expose The Warren Commission As A Fraud

Editor's Note: Based on the research that this author has done in regard to the "disappearance" of the plane which was carrying Congressmen Hale Boggs and Nick Begich Sr., this author is certain that the Nixon White House, FBI and CIA were involved in collusion to murder Hale Boggs for his attempts to expose the Warren Commission as a fraud, and that his plane was in some way tampered with in order to murder Boggs in a plausibly deniable way.

Moreover, in this author's opinion, the Nixon White House used the U.S. Intelligence community to deploy classified signals intelligence satellites to locate the EMF fields surrounding the brains of any survivors who were on Boggs' plane (eg. computer to brain interface).

Over the past decade, three FBI telexes from 1972 were released through the U.S. Freedom of Information Act which give further support to this theory.

The telexes have revealed that the FBI knew the whereabouts of Boggs' plane and that at least two survivors were seen walking near its fuselage shortly after the plane had lost contact with the control tower.

The FBI contacted the Coast Guard in regard to this information, however, refused to divulge the source of the information, so the Coast Guard cancelled the search.

At the time, it was the largest missing person's search in American history. The disappearance of Boggs and Begich also resulted in an FAA mandate to develop a radio transponder which all aircraft would be forced to carry in the future.

Little did the FAA realize that by 1972 the U.S. National Security Agency had secretly developed the most advanced spy technology in history. A proprietary technology which allows the NSA to track the unique EMF signature of the human brain, which emits a unique set of broadcast frequencies (bioelectric resonance/entrainment frequencies); or that by 1981, the NSA would implement this technology to deploy a national brain fingerprinting network which would be used to catalogue the unique bioelectric resonance/entrainment frequencies of every American

Since 1981, every American citizen is quite literally remotely tethered to the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, by way of their brain's own set of bioelectric resonance/entrainment frequencies, without knowing it.

According to NSA whistleblower John St. Clair Akwei, the U.S. National Security Agency can access the unique set of bioelectric resonance/entrainment frequencies of each American citizen through its Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, which as previously stated, must mean that the NSA has developed a way in which to obtain these frequencies and to catalogue them into its computer database for the express purpose of spying on the American people in the most abject way imaginable - by entering their own mind without their knowledge or consent.

Not only is this a crime against the Bill of Rights, the Geneva Convention and Nuremberg Code, the NSA's illegally jacking into the brain of an American citizen also constitutes a form of electronic trespass and non consensual human experimentation.

The FBI Hides Its Telexes Regarding Hale Boggs' Plane

From The American People For More Than 30 Years

From the FBI telexes, it is also apparent that the FBI did not want the Coast Guard to learn of the classified technology the federal government had used to find Boggs' plane, and that this is why the FBI refused to reveal the source of its information, thus leaving Boggs and the other men on the aircraft to perish in the Alaskan wilderness.

Or more likely, once the FBI realized that there were at least two survivors of this crash that could have exposed the plane's being sabotaged, the FBI may have assembled a team of assassins to fly to the coordinates the Bureau was given for the downed aircraft, in order to assassinate any of the men who had survived the plane crash.

Moreover, the hierarchy within the FBI, which at the time included J. Edgar Hoover, knew that Boggs had publicly stated that Hoover should be forced to retire, and that the FBI should have been either abolished or restructured, since they were operating as an Americanized version of the Nazi's Gestapo; which Boggs had stated was extremely dangerous to the civil liberties of the American people.

A paranoid control freak by nature, Hoover would certainly have attempted to use every means possible in which to eliminate Hale Boggs, before Boggs was given the chance to convince the American people that Hoover should be forced to retire.

And since Congressman Nick Begich, a politician who was also known to be honest and impossible to corrupt, happened to be traveling on the plane with Boggs, it offered the political machine in Washington a plausible way in which to get rid of two men who had a history of challenging its criminal status quo.

A Nixon White House tape which was also released under FOIA revealed a conversation between Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, which showed their concern over comments that Boggs had made in regard to the FBI wiretapping members of Congress, who had voiced concerns that the Warren Commission Report had been a fabrication.

Once again, this author also believes that the FBI's attempt to locate Boggs' plane had nothing to do with rescuing any survivors, but instead, to send in an assassination team to murder them, since Boggs was about to go public with his suspicions regarding the fraudulence of the Warren Commission Report and who he believed was actually responsible for the Kennedy assassination.

Needless to say, something that neither the FBI, CIA nor the Nixon White House ever wanted made public.

As for the FBI's attempting to cover up its own complicity in crimes, there are many Americans who believe that the FBI's presence at the World Trade Center and Pentagon on 9-11-2001 was to confiscate and destroy any legitimate evidence which could be used to prove that these terrorist attacks were the result of a U.S. Federal Government false flag operation.

And this would certainly explain why all but one of the 80 some odd video tapes seized from the Pentagon and its surrounding area have never been released to the public. The FBI probably destroyed them.

All the FBI did manage to accomplish since 9-11-2001 is to destroy the trust that the American people once placed in this organization; an organization that is now seen as something that Americans must find a way to rid themselves of.

The Federal Reserve System's Role In Killing JFK

It was the Federal Reserve System, who in all likelihood, ordered the murder of JFK, after Kennedy managed to pass an Executive Order which repealed an earlier EO, thus giving the U.S. Treasury the power to again coin and regulate the value of certain denominations of U.S. currency.

For the first time since the Federal Reserve had attained sole and unconstitutional authority to do so in 1914, its dominance over the U.S. economy through its counterfeiting and laundering operation had become threatened.

In understanding this, to think that the Federal Reserve had nothing to do with JFK's murder is naive, given what the Fed had to lose if the Treasury was eventually used to replace the Federal Reserve System, since by June of 1963 it was competing with the U.S. Treasury, which now threatened the Federal Reserve's autonomy over the U.S. monetary system, and its furtive control over the U.S. Corporation in Washington D.C.

The Federal Reserve had to act quickly if it was going to prevent the U.S. Treasury from taking its place, and did so with the role this cartel played in the conspiracy to murder JFK.

The following article, written by the late Sherman Skolnick, serves as further evidence that John F. Kennedy was murdered by his own government, and that Hale Boggs' own family has been coerced into supporting the whitewash of facts in regard to the U.S. Federal Government's conspiracy to murder Congressman Boggs, for his attempt to expose the Warren Commission's use as a red herring in covering up the facts behind the Kennedy assassination.

The fact is that an agency like the CIA or FBI has the ability to coerce the family of a victim of a COINTELPRO operation (this author knows this from first hand experience) into corroborating the lies fabricated by these agencies, through their use of aggressive intimidation tactics against the families of such targeted individuals. These family members can be subjected to everything from fraudulent IRS tax audits to being fired from their jobs, and a myriad of other intimidation tactics used as an "incentive" in which to control them.

These agencies will also attempt to poison the minds of family members against these targeted individuals as part of a campaign to brainwash them, while concealing the fact that these TI's have been used as targets of some government crimes; oftentimes the crimes involve the use of these people for some form of illegal experimentation that comes under the heading of non consensual human experimentation.

In the case of the NSA, the experimentation that this author has been subjected to is classified under radiation intelligence - specifically, radiation that is unintentionally broadcast into the ionosphere like that of the emf frequencies emitted from the brain.

Moreover, the U.S. media is used to concretize and legitimize these deceptions to make certain that the American people never learn the truth about a government whose body politic pathologically lies to the public, and as such, has become a greater threat to the public than any foreign power in the modern day.

This is why the United States Congress has an approval rating that is virtually Nil - meaning that the American people do not approve of the men and women who are serving in Congress, and would like to see it completely restructured with more honorable people. The same can be said of the leadership within the U.S. Military Intelligence complex, and those who presently occupy the White House.

However, finding honorable men and women to serve in Congress, who will be able to withstand the pervasive corruption which the House of Rothschild has wrought through its control over corporate America (and its tainting of the voting process through its never ending cadre of lobbyists), would be a true "miracle."

One which most Americans will never see within their lifetimes.

- James F. Marino


Those With the 50 Dollar Hairdos and the Nickel Heads

by Sherman H. Skolnick


One of her principal lies, that her late father, Cong. Hale Boggs [D.,La.]believed a "lone assassin" [not the American CIA] assassinated President John F. Kennedy. Cong. Boggs sat on the Warren Commission which concluded that a "lone nut" blew out the brains of JFK in an open car in Dallas. By 1971, Cong. Boggs had misgivings. He began making public statements that J.Edgar Hoover's FBI was wire-tapping Congress and blackmailing public officials.

Boggs had misgivings at the "lone assassin" finding of the Warren Commission panel of which he had been a part in 1964. Boggs was reportedly prepared to make public statements that Richard M. Nixon was complicit in the JFK murder. Nixon was there all day, that bloody time in Dallas, although falsely stating he left that morning by plane. [I was on a Dallas radio show with a former Director of Pepsico Bottlers, whose counsel in 1963 was Nixon. He said Nixon did not leave that morning and when the murder was announced, Nixon, unlike the others gathered for a business convention, wanted to continue conducting business as if nothing had happened.]

Cokie's brother, super-fixer and "lobbyist", Thomas Boggs, is reportedly a pay-off man in Washington. According to published accounts, Boggs has been the lobbyist for central American countries and their "death squads".

Cokie Roberts has made public statements that she and her mother are satisfied that her father the Congressman did, indeed, disappear on a plane flight to Alaska, 30 days before Nixon was re-elected President in 1972. Cokie is in a position reportedly to know she is lying. U.S. Military Intelligence, jointly with other U.S. espionage agencies reportedly found the Congressman's airplane but have concealed that. Apparently Boggs' airplane had been sabotaged to silence him on statements he was about to make about Tricky Dick. NOTE: one month AFTER Nixon was re-elected, 12 Watergate figures perished on a sabotaged plane crash in Chicago.

Including Mrs. E. Howard Hunt, wife of the Watergate burglar. She had onboard two million dollars in securities she and her husband reportedly blackmailed out of Nixon for silence on Nixon's complicity in the JFK murder. The government attempt at cover-up of the crash as "pilot error" was wrecked when we "liberated" the entire government file, showing sabotage, and sued the fakers on the National Transportation Safety Board. Despite confronting NTSB with these documents at a re-opened public hearing, the NTSB continued the big lie. Rockefeller-owned United Air Lines, covering up the sabotage, arranged to stop in the printing cycle my book, "The Secret History of Airplane Sabotage" [Alas, no copies are now available.]

To give Cokie "muscle" as a promoter of the big lie, her mother is U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican.[Previously the U.S. did not send an Ambassador to that theocracy, just a delegate.] Cokie's reward, as others who help cover up political assassinations? She was made a talking head pundit on ABC's Sunday morning network program.

DAN RATHER in 1963 was a much lesser known electronic journalist. He was standing in the shadows under the Triple Overpass Bridge, in Dealey Plaza, as the death car with Pres. Kennedy passed right under Dan Rather's nose. Rather was the only one on the planet to immediately be able to verify that JFK was mortally wounded. About six feet away from Rather, one of the several gunman had been shooting point blank at JFK from a little known sewer opening up on the railroad embankment.

At my prompting, a populist paper in 1988 finally published the details after discovering the sewer cover right near where Rather was standing. Was it just a coincidence that Dan Rather was standing there? He alleged he was holding a bag of films to give to a TV network pick up courier. Thereafter, as a reward for his silence and complicity, Rather was made CBS White House correspondent and then, network evening news talking head. Paid millions of dollars per year for his assassination complicity.

Robert MacNeil, Canadian correspondent, just happened to be walking inside the building where the CIA "patsy" Lee Harvey Oswald supposedly shot JFK in the back of the head with a poorly built Italian Carcano rifle from a high window obscured by a tree. MacNeil helped promote the big lie of Oswald as the "lone assassin".

MacNeil was rewarded with millions of dollars per year by a nightly PBS TV Program, called the MacNeil-Lehrer News Hour. Playing a role in the rewarding of MacNeil has been Sharon Percy Rockefeller, Public Broadcast dictator in the District of Columbia, long-time site of that News Hour. MacNeil, now retired, continues to own the TV show with Lehrer. Major sponsor of the show has been Archer-Daniels-Midland, soybean monopolist. ADM long-time boss, Dwayne Andreas, reportedly by corruption, escaped being prosecuted and jailed in the Watergate Affair for his money laundering for the Nixon White House.

MacNeil's sidekick, Jim Lehrer, who dines from time to time with the Clintons, has become a high-paid faker and apologist for the Clintons criminality.

One of the great secrets of the monopoly press is that those who help cover up political assassinations are greatly rewarded by being promoted to top positions. Most of such assassin whitewashers are not promoted because of merit. By the way, a woman newsfaker once heckled me for my slogan "Liars and Whores of the Press", taking it to mean just female liars and whores. Not so, the slogan applies to both male and female press liars. Compared to the above named propagandists, Hitler's Joseph Goebbels was an amateur. Watch for further parts to this type of story.

- Sherman Skolnick

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U.S. Intelligence Collusion With The Nixon White House To Murder A Congressman Who Attempted To Expose The Warren Commission As A Fraud
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