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Is Talk Show Host Glenn Beck One Of The More Famous Targets Of The Vigilante Hate Crime - Organized Stalking?

Has America Become A Mobocracy? After Talkshow Host Glenn Beck Decided To Criticize Wall Street For The 2008 Subprime Mortgage Collapse, Beck's Career Experienced The Type Of Unraveling That Morton Downey Jrs.' Career Did, After Downey Invited Eustace Mullins To Speak On His Program, Regarding The Federal Reserve System's Counterfeiting And Laundering Operation - The Sponsors Dropped Out Of Downey's Program Weeks Later Resulting In His Once Popular Show Being Cancelled

David Buckner Hit By A Directed Energy Weapon

While Talking To Glenn Beck?

Editor's Note:

First off, this author must preface the following by stating that I have always considered Glenn Beck to be controlled opposition and still do.

Moreover, the following comment is based on speculation regarding the U.S. Military Intelligence complexes' use of directed energy weaponry, to intimidate those in the mainstream media, who are used for controlled opposition, in the event that they stray from the topics which they are told to promulgate for the purpose of serving the New World Order's Communistic propaganda machine.

During one of the episodes of his short-lived TV show (an episode which focused on the subprime mortgage meltdown of 2008), Glenn Beck invited economist David Buckner, author of "Permission To Think," on his program.

During the segment when Buckner was standing at a blackboard with Beck, describing how these toxic assets have contaminated U.S. Treasuries, Buckner suddenly collapsed.

In this author's opinion, Buckner's collapse was the result of his being targeted by a directed energy weapon. As such, this is one of the best examples of a directed energy weapon being used to target someone who is unwittingly being satellite tracked via their brain's own unique set of bioelectric resonance/entrainment frequencies.

According to NSA whistleblower, John St. Clair Akwei, the NSA is able to instantly track the unique set of brain fingerprints of any American citizen, which implicates the National Security Agency in secretly implementing a national brain fingerprinting program, which has been used to brand the American people like heads of cattle.

The fact that Akwei's 1992 lawsuit against the NSA was derailed by a federal circuit court judge with a history of aiding and abetting the CIA's crimes (Stanley Sporkin), only serves to further the belief that Akwei's information regarding the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network is legitimate - and that the American people are the unwitting targets of a national brain fingerprinting program secretly implemented by the NSA in the early 1980's.

As for the Glenn Beck Show, the incident regarding Buckner took place in 2009, and in the Summer of 2011, Beck himself, as well as his family, were targeted for organized stalking, when attending an outdoor screening of Alfred Hitchcock's movie "The 39 Steps," as part of these intimidation tactics.

These forms of intimidation are why so few people in the U.S. media break ranks with their Zionist-Communist employers; those who are used to control the flow of disinformation in the United States for the Zionist controlled Military-Industrial-Intelligence complex, and their masters - The Federal Reserve System's Board Of Governors.

In this case the most recent group to occupy the Feds' Board Of Governors, who since 1914 have been used to control the U.S. Congress, U.S. Judiciary and U.S. Presidential Administration.

The likely DEW attack on Buckner was also used as a warning to Glenn Beck to end his attacks on Wall Street, and serves as further proof that organized stalking and directed energy weapons' attacks are used in conjunction with one another, in order to keep those who are utilized as controlled opposition in line, in the event that they suddenly decide to start "thinking for themselves."

For if they fail to do so, these men and women will find themselves as "full time" targets of organized stalking, smear campaigns, and directed energy weapons' attacks.

As it is, the following article describes several situations in which media personalities were subjected to a form of mind control experimentation via computer to brain interface, during live TV broadcasts.

And over the course of a month during 2011.

The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network Has Turned American Politicians & TV Personalities Into Mind Controlled Puppets Of The New World Order

Do these sound like the types of situations that would be allowed to occur in a country whose citizens are really free?

Not at all. These are the types of attacks that have historically occurred in countries which have been defined as dictatorships and monarchies.

As for a government which would allow federal agents to use directed energy weaponry on its own citizenry, can this leadership be considered sane?

Moreover, can federal agents who would use directed energy weapons to furtively torture or murder American citizens who are being targeted for non consensual human experimentation and organized stalking, be considered sane?

For that matter, can any person who has been brainwashed into taking part in the vigilante hate crime of organized stalking be considered sane?

Not to any person who remains sane in the face of such blatant attacks on the U.S. Bill of Rights.
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