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The Inherent Problems With Health Care Strategies Like Hillarycare And Obamacare, And Why Americans Should Avoid Them

The Ugly Truth About The Humane Society Of The United States - "When animal lovers learn about the tragic reality of cruelty and killing that is endemic at our nation’s “shelters,” and that the national organizations such as the Humane Society of the United States, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, and the ASPCA defend the killing and thwart reform efforts, the first—and the most logical—question that inevitably follows is: Why?"

Videos Contained On The Mother Of All Black Ops Website - There Are Many Excellent Documentaries To Be Found Here Ranging From The U.S. Military Intelligence Complexes' Mind Control Weaponry And Its Use On American Citizens, To The Blue Beam False Flag Operation Which May Well Be Used To Implement A Global Dictatorship

Proof That The FBI Fabricated Evidence In Regard To The 1993 Bombing Of The World Trade Center - The FBI Did The Same With The U.S. Navy's 1996 Accidental Missile Downing Of TWA Flight 800, When The FBI Ignored 700 Eyewitness Accounts Which Described An Object Striking TWA Flight 800 Before The Airliner Blew Apart, While The FBI Instead Spent $40 Million Of Taxpayer Dollars Concocting Its Faulty Fuel Tank Red Herring

"Eustace Mullins On Hillarycare"

Obamacare Is Communism

As the Supreme Court rules in regard to the constitutionality of Barack Obama's health care plan, one must recall its similarity to Hillary Clinton's failed universal health care plan of the 1990's.

Clinton's universal health care plan was just as unconstitutional and unrealistic as Obama's health care plan; both representing the ideals of a socialist democracy - not a constitutional republic.

But then again, the United States has operated as a socialist democracy since the end of the 19Th Century, as the House of Rothschild gained a stronghold in this country through the treasonous establishment of the Federal Reserve System, and its use of the Rockefeller Foundation to pervert the educational system in the United States, with the intent of conditioning American children to adapt to a country based on socialism.

Former educator, Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt, discusses this in great detail in her book: "The Deliberate Dumbing Down Of America," which describes how American children have been turned into lab rats within the classroom atmosphere; the subjects of brainwashing programs based on the research of scientists like Pavlov and B.F. Skinner, while the social infrastructure in the United States has been turned into an homage to the 19Th century psychologist-philosopher, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel.

Hegel's work, often referred to as the "Hegelian Dialectic," would become a precursor to the Marxist movement of the 20Th century, and lay the foundation for the Communist central bank which was established in the United States in 1914 under the treasonous Federal Reserve Act.

In the above video, Eustace Mullins' gives a lecture in regard to "Hillarycare" and describes many of the problems with this type of health care system that the mainstream media has never bothered to discuss.

And that the Supreme Court themselves will probably avoid, even if they declare "Obamacare" to be unconstitutional.

As usual, Mullins' impeccable research gives us the entire scenario, and not just the portion which is made available for public consumption, that the mainstream media effortlessly and unconscionably promulgates.

Eustace also described how Hillarycare's concept of socialized medicine would be an extension of the Federal Reserve System, given that the five major health care companies which existed as of 1994, were directly associated with the Federal Reserve System.

Obamacare differs little from Hillarycare, and retains all of its weaknesses, including, giving the Communists who control this country yet another way of furtively enslaving America's middle class, whom if Obamacare is passed, can be prosecuted under federal law for a contract which they were forced to create with an insurance carrier.

If this sounds like the type of penalty that you would be subjected to for failing to file a 1040 income tax return, that's because it is, since Obamacare will subjugate the entire U.S. population to penalties under federal law, while mandating that each American citizen must carry health care insurance; whether they want to or not.

The fact that the Supreme Court would even be considering this case, should make you think twice about what type of country you're really living in.

Especially when Supreme Court decisions more than a century ago which declared the income tax to be unconstitutional, have been completely ignored by the federal government, and the Zionist banksters on the Federal Reserve's Board Of Governors.

Moreover, one must ask why, if all lower court decisions must be inline with the federal Supreme Court's decisions, how is it that the income tax continues to be imposed on the American people?

And why are lower court rulings continuing to supersede the Supreme Court's ruling regarding the income tax, when the Supreme Court is supposed to be the ultimate arbiter of the laws in the United States?

And why has the United States Congress ignored this fact, everytime they are challenged in regard to the legality of the income tax?

Because we have a government that is based on Communism which is cleverly concealed beneath the facade of a democratic republic.

A government full of legislators who have become so abjectly brainwashed by their Zionist handlers at the Federal Reserve, that they simply ignore issues like the income tax, because they cannot answer truthfully without admitting that for the past Century, the Federal Reserve System has controlled the three branches of the U.S. Federal Government, while being used to gradually destroy the American middle class, through a form of class warfare which involves the criminal implementation of a graduated system of income tax in the United States.

- James F. Marino

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"The Individual Mandate: In the second day of health care arguments, justices consider the key constitutional issue, whether the government can compel Americans to buy health insurance or pay a fine or a tax. That provision kicks in in 2014. The government argues Congress had the authority to pass the law under the Commerce Clause, the Necessary and Proper Clause and its taxing power. But opponents of the law – 26 states, four individuals and a small-business group – say Congress has no authority to force someone into the marketplace. They argue that if Congress has the power to pass the mandate, that would mean that the scope of its power is unlimited."

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Videos Contained On The Mother Of All Black Ops Website - There Are Many Excellent Documentaries To Be Found Here Ranging From The U.S. Military Intelligence Complexes' Mind Control Weaponry And Its Use On American Citizens, To The Blue Beam False Flag Operation Which May Well Be Used To Implement A Global Dictatorship

FBI COINTELPRO Campaigns Intensify Against Targeted Individuals - Keep In Mind That All Targeted Individuals Are Innocent Until Proven Guilty In A Court Of Law, Hence The Redundancy In The Term Innocent Targeted Individuals

Are You Sure The Thoughts You're Having Are Coming From Your Own Mind? Or Are They Someone Else's Thoughts Being Remotely Beamed Into Your Brain Via Signals Intelligence Satellite?

Jet Blue Captain Spewing Religious Rantings Before Being Subdued By Passengers Just A Week After A Stewardess Also Went Into A Rage Aboard Another Aircraft Flight - Is The U.S. Intelligence Community Using The Airlines This Month To Test Their Voice To Skull Technology On? Any Person On The Face Of This Planet Is Vulnerable To The Type Of Computer To Brain Interface That Agency's Like The NSA Can Perpetrate Via Satellite Spy Networks Like Echelon - A Few Months Ago, There Were Several TV Reporters Who During Live Broadcasts Suddenly Began Speaking Non Sensically, Causing Many People To Question If These Reporters Were The Targets Of Some Form Of Government Mind Control Experimentation - The Sooner The Global Population Realizes That Our Governments Have Access To Technology Which Can Be Used To Remotely Access Our Brains, The Sooner We Can Destroy This Technology, Before It Is Used To Destroy Humanity

The following videos of reporters who were speaking on live TV broadcasts, and suddenly began to speak incoherently, reveal the effects a remote form of transcranial magnetic stimulation can have on the brain - Each of these incidences occured over the course of a month, and while each reporter was speaking during a live TV broadcast - These people were being used for some form of mind control experimentation by the U.S. Military Intelligence complex - Even Judge Judy Scheindlen was subjected to this type of non consensual human experimentation during the taping of an episode of her program.

"Eustace Mullins On Hillarycare"

Editor's Note: There's a segment in the above video in which Eustace Mullins describes how through their constant attacks on Mullins' Family, the stress of these COINTELPRO operations led to the premature deaths of both of his parents.

Eustace went as far as stating that the FBI murdered his parents.

Eustace also stated that although he filed formal complaints with the Justice Department in regard to the FBI's criminal harassment of his person and Family, no action was ever taken.

Mullins went on to state that if the FBI's criminality against the Mullins' Family had been punished, that further criminal acts by the FBI which included the FBI's murder of more than 80 people at WACO, and Vicky and Sammy Weaver at Ruby Ridge, could have been prevented.

This author has witnessed the physical and psychological damage that the FBI has caused to members of my Family over the past decade, which has resulted in more than one of these people ending up in the hospital. Several of these trips to the hospital involved the use of directed energy weaponry.

In the FBI/NSA collusion involving the DEW attacks on this author's Father, in the first incident, the hospital blamed eye drops that he was prescribed after eye surgery.

However, when the hospital stated that the eye drops may have had something to do with stroke-like symptoms this author's Father experienced at the time, the opthamologist who prescribed them was quick to state that the drops could not have caused these stroke-like symptoms.

Yet, a brief time later (and right after this author posted the fact that my Father had been attacked by a directed energy weapon) the opthamologist changed his story, claiming that the eye drops probably did cause the stroke-like symptoms.

So why the sudden change in this doctor's story?

A full series of tests proved that this author's Father did not have a stroke, however, the neurologist on staff could not explain why he had the stroke-like symptoms.

A few months later, my Father was having breakfast eating cereal with a small amount of cinnamon. He began to *choke, however, recovered within a few minutes.

Yet, a short time later, he began to speak incoherently, displaying stroke-like symptoms. (Remotely induced Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation of the brain can be used to cause such stroke-like symptoms.)

The following videos of reporters who were speaking on live TV broadcasts, and suddenly began to speak incoherently, reveal the effects a remote form of transcranial magnetic stimulation can have on the brain - Each of these incidences occured over the course of a month, and while each reporter was speaking during a live TV broadcast - These people were being used for some form of mind control experimentation by the U.S. Military Intelligence complex - Even Judge Judy Scheindlen was subjected to this type of non consensual human experimentation during the taping of an episode of her program.

* People choke while eating food all the time, but it doesn't result in stroke-like symptoms. They choke until they have cleared their windpipe.

Another Family member stated that after this author's Father stopped choking, he appeared to be fine, then suddenly began to speak non sensically.

This author witnessed this first hand and knew without question that my Father was again being targeted by a directed energy weapon.

Once again, he was rushed to the hospital, however, another series of tests showed yet another anomaly, since the doctors could not explain the stroke-like symptoms he'd experienced this time either.

When stumped for a rational explanation, a short time later a nurse at the hospital came up with the "theory" that the choking had resulted in a spasm which had caused this author's Father's sudden inability to speak coherently.

This was about as believable as the single bullet theory in the Kennedy Assassination, and just another example of how the U.S. Military Intelligence complex will use any means to conceal this stealth technology from the American people.

The readers will also keep in mind that a directed energy weapon can cause a person to choke or sneeze, or stimulate virtually any other bodily function, when a specific part of the body is targeted by a directed energy weapon which is operated at a certain frequency.

There are quite literally thousands of Websites which have been created by targets of this technology, in order to document these crimes, and how they are being used as part of a parallel system of justice to punish men, women and children who cannot be prosecuted through the legal system.

Also consider that both of the situations which resulted in this author's Father being hospitalized with stroke-like symptoms, occurred exactly one day after this author had placed aluminum foil around the top of my head in order to relieve headaches which were being caused by the NSA's electronic attack of my person.

If the NSA is attempting to gain access to your mind via computer to brain interface, and you do something which can interfere with their doing so, they will use a directed energy weapon in which to either torture your person or someone around you, as a furtive warning to allow them to continue to perpetrate this Orwellian electronic trespass of your person.

Aluminum foil can interfere with an electronic signal, as you will find if you wrap your cellular phone in a piece of aluminum. The signal cannot reach the cell phone while it is covered in aluminum foil, which proves that using a piece of aluminum foil around the top of one's head can interfere with the person's EMF field - thus making it more difficult for an NSA cryptologist to remotely access that person's EEG waves via computer to brain interface.

What this proves first and foremost is that the U.S. Military Intelligence complex has secretly developed proprietary technology which can be used to remotely access one's brain by way of the electromagnetic spectrum, via a national brain fingerprinting program which was implemented by the NSA in the early 1980s.

In other words, so much for your Constitutional rights when all American citizens are the unwitting subjects of the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network.

Moreover, the fact that this author's Father was targeted not once, but twice after I placed an aluminum piece of foil over my head, only serves as further proof that I am being illegally subjected to computer to brain interface by the NSA via the Agency's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, and used for non consensual human experimentation in violation of my Constitutional rights.

And in this particular instance, the NSA decided to target my Father for an EMF attack as punishment for my using a piece of aluminum foil, in order to relieve headaches which were being artificically induced by these monsters via a satellite deployed directed energy weapon.

I post this information to describe the degree to which the medical community will be used to cover up the U.S. Military-Intelligence complexes' use of directed energy weaponry on American citizens, while attempting to portray targets of this technology as being mentally unstable, and also subjecting us to psychological warfare operations that are implemented for the express purpose of taking someone who is sane, and attempting to drive them insane.

Those of us who are used for such non consensual experimentation are also subjected to other crimes, including slander campaigns in which if the FBI becomes desperate enough, it will coerce Family members and former acquaintances of targeted individuals into offering slanderous and perjured testimony against targets of this technology, while these people are also subjected to violations of their own civil liberties, in order to discredit the accounts of Family members who are targeted by directed energy weaponry and computer to brain interface experimentation.

As such, the testimony of these people is tainted because it is the result of suborned witness perjury. The FBI's coercion of these people means that they are no longer operating of their own free will. Especially if they have witnessed the FBI's crimes against Family members whom they have been coerced into testifying against.

As for those targeted for non consensual human experimentation, unfortunately, this insidious mind manipulation is very effective, since few people targeted by DEW will openly admit to it (anymore than someone who has been coerced into lying under oath will admit to having done so), out of fear that they will be incarcerated in a psychiatric facility or prison, based on a criminal conspiracy of silence which is used to conceal the fact that this stealth technology exists, and is being used on the general population in the United States under the cover of national security.

It is this fear which enables the criminal agents who perpetrate these crimes to go unpunished for them, which allows their criminal behavior to continue. The only reason alphabet agencies like the FBI have not been abolished is because those persons who could testify to the crimes of these agencies, are neutralized through the use of coercion, torture and at times, ever murder.

For those who believe that the FBI cannot coerce virtually anyone into offering perjured testimony in regard to a person whom the FBI is illegally targeting through a COINTELPRO operation, they need only research the FBI's history of committing such crimes.

The fact of the matter is that the FBI regularly fabricates evidence against targets as well as witness testimony, while ommitting any evidence which would contradict the FBI's claims, or even worse, prove that the FBI's own agents have committed crimes against those persons whom they are illegally surveilling and attempting to entrap.

People whom the FBI coerce into committing perjury can often expose the FBI's crimes, which is why the FBI uses coercion (a euphemism for extortion) in which to control them.

Moreover, if the FBI acknowledges that they have been spying on someone with no criminal record, and who has not committed a federal crime (the only way the FBI can legally investigate a person is if they violate federal law), then the FBI will implicate its own agents in criminal activities.

Furthermore, if the FBI's spying involves protracted illegal surveillance of a specific person, the Bureau may also well be involved in a precedent setting violation of the Bill of Rights, which should result in a criminal investigation regarding the FBI's own agents.

And this is why the FBI should be defined as the organized crime syndicate that it really is, since this organization is as criminal as any which exists in the modern day; being used to conceal a national brain fingerprinting network from the American people.
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