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Present Texas Tornadoes Could Spell Disaster For The State - Are These Tornadoes Being Created By HAARP Technology?

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HAARP Scalar Waves Present On Doppler Radar

Just Before Tornadoes Appear On April 3RD Of 2012

Editor's Note: Another Family member is being aggressively targeted by way of a directed energy weapon, causing tremendous physical pain to the person's leg. This is being done in order to force the person to take cortisone injections which are very dangerous and known to damage the human body when used on a prolonged basis.

The physical pain which is caused by a directed energy weapon can increase or decrease from one day to the next, depending on the intensity of the frequencies being used to attack the targeted person.

Specifically, the intensity of a directed energy weapon can be adjusted in much the way that a rheostat can be used to increase or decrease the intensity of a light bulb.

As such, the technology can be used to torture any person with complete anonymity, which is why such electronic warfare technology has become the weapon of choice for the U.S. Military Intelligence complex, since these weapons leave no direct physical evidence that a crime has even been committed.

As such, directed energy weapons allow the criminals who utilize this technology the ability to both torture and murder people with total anonymity.

However, a physician who is trained to recognize tissue damage caused to the body by radiation will find evidence of directed energy assaults regarding those men, women and children who are victimized in such ways.

This most recent electronic attack on yet another member of this author's Family is just one further example of the FBI/NSA criminal conspiracy against this author and those around me, as I document crimes that the U.S. Intel community has been perpetrating against my person for decades, by way of a national brain fingerprinting network, that since the early 1980's has been used to electronically brand each American citizen like a head of cattle.

A crime against humanity that the three branches of the U.S. Federal Government are concealing from the American people, out of fear that Americans will abolish this goverment if they learn the truth about the NSA's treasonous violations of the United States Bill of Rights.


There's an anomalous weather pattern being reported in the State of Texas today, regarding tornadoes that are sweeping through the State which are no doubt being created by HAARP technology.

HAARP technology has been used for the purpose of geophysical manipulation of the weather for many years, resulting in the deaths of millions of this planet's inhabitants, as part of the House of Rothschilds' depopulation initiative to murder billions of people; a genocidal policy used with the intent of conserving the dwindling natural resources of this planet.

Were The Andrea Gail And Her Crew

The Victims Of HAARP Technology?

It is also this author's opinion that the so called once in a life time storm which the movie the "Perfect Storm" was based on, and which focused on the loss of the fishing boat, Andrea Gail and her captain and crew, was in all likelihood created through the U.S. Federal Government's clandestine use of HAARP technology.

HAARP is the most dangerous weapon of mass destruction ever created, because those who utilize it can replicate any form of natural disaster, from tornadoes and hurricanes to floods and draughts, with complete anonymity.

Directed energy weapons are the weapons of choice for the 21St Century, since they allow the global military-intelligentsia to commit mass murder with plausible deniability.

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