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Access This Website From The Website And Choose The IXQuick Proxy Feature -- The Government Controlled Media In America Continues To Cover Up The Fact That Trayvon Martin Was The Target Of Organized Stalking At The Time He Was Murdered By George Zimmerman - Or That The Type Of Vigilante Hate Group That Zimmerman Is A Member Of Is Not A Legitmate Community Watch Group, But Instead, A Group Of Vigilantes Who Operate Based On The Psychological Warfare Protocols They Have Been Taught By DOJ And DHS Controlled Fusion Centers

Another Example Of The Dangers Of Cellular Phones & Other Wireless Devices - A Taiwanese Woman Is Electrocuted When She Attempts To Answer Her Apple I-Phone While It Is Still Charging - The Current In A Cellular Phone Or Wireless Device Can Also Be Increased Via Remote Means, Such As Signals Intelligence Satellite, To Covertly Murder Anyone Who Is Using A Cellphone Or Other Wireless Device

The Charitable Trust & Matching Gifts Contribution Tax Dodge & How It's Being Used By The Public Broadcasting System, To Defraud PBS Listeners And Viewers Out Of Their Own Money, While Furtively Brainwashing Them Through Rothschild Zionism's Communistic Indoctrination

Rothschild Zionism's Intent To Implement A World Government Dictatorship

Congressman Brad Sherman Describes How The U.S. Congress Was Told By Wall Street Executives That If The Congress Did Not Vote For The Banker Bailout Bill, The Stock Market Would Collapse, And Within A Matter Of Days Martial Law Would Be Declared In The United States - This Is An Example Of How Rothschild Zionism Manipulates Wall Street, The Congress & White House - Five Years Later, A Downsized Wall Street Is Still Conducting Their Same Corrupt Business Practices Under The Federal Reserve System

In the following article written by political historian, Eustace Mullins, Mullins once again exposes yet another of the Rothschilds' rewrites of American history - This time in regard to who was really responsible for the creation and deployment of the Atom bomb on the Japanese during WWII - Mullins also describes Japan's attempt to surrender, in the face of the U.S. Federal Government's intent to test the Atom bomb on a large human population - This resulted in the United States stonewalling Japan's attempt to surrender, so that the U.S. Military would have a plausible excuse to test the Atom bomb on humans, which resulted in the murders of nearly a million Japanese citizens - Once again, Mullins proves why he is the preeminent political historian of 20Th Century history, and why most of the world's so called political historian's are nothing but propagandists for the House of Rothschild -- "Why Hiroshima Was Destroyed - The Detailed History Of An Infamous Era" By Eustace C. Mullins

The U.S. Secret Service Participates In Organized Stalking Crimes, Under The Patriot Act

The Marxist Demos Think Tank Is Being Used As Part Of The Rothschild Zionist Propaganda Machine - As Such, Demos Calls For An Attack On Conspiracy Websites Which Challenge The New World Order's Brainwashing, While Encouraging The Types Of Educational Programs Implemented By The Rockefeller Foundation, Which Serve To Indoctrinate America's Youth Into Acquiescing To A Communistic Belief System - Former Wall Street Executive, Nomi Prins, Now Turned Author And Faux Goldman Sachs Whistleblower, Is A Senior Fellow At Demos, And Part Of The Zionist Controlled Opposition Being Used To Brainwash The American People

Editor's Note:

Trayvon Martin Is Yet Another Casualty Of Organized Stalking - Organized Stalking Is The Secret Orwellian Crime That The U.S. Federal Government Continues To Deny, While Attempting To Portray This Cadre Of Vigilantes As Community Watch Groups - Organized Stalking Is A Byproduct Of Rothschild Zionism, And The Zionist World Government Emerging Under The Guise Of The 9-11 False Flag Operation And Bogus War On Terror - Organized Stalkers Are The Modern Day Version Of Nazi War Criminals

* Pertaining to the vigilante hate crime organized stalking, this author uses the term "Star Chamber" in reference to a 1983 movie (see the promo below) by the same name, which involves a secret panel of judges who mete out their own brand of vigilante justice to defendants who are acquitted in criminal trials.

At least these people were not denied their Constitutional rights to due process of law, like the targets of organized stalking have been.

"The Star Chamber" is yet another example of Hollywood's creation of movies which function as illustrations of art imitating life, since these covert groups who foster vigilantism, and operate in such an extrajudicial manner, have been in existence long before the Patriot Act was passed, and before organized stalking (state sponsored terrorism) became a national problem in the United States.

The 1983 Movie "The Star Chamber" Promo

UPDATE 7/13/13 - Late this evening, the media reports that the *Obama Administration has filed federal charges against George Zimmerman, claiming that Zimmerman violated the civil rights of Trayvon Martin. This move by the Obama DOJ, effectively nullifies Zimmerman's Constitutional right to avoid being tried twice for the same crime under the double jeopardy statute.

*It is unclear whether these charges were actually filed, or that the Obama DOJ was considering filing these charges. The media has made it sound as though these charges have already been filed.

This move by the Obama DOJ is likely being done to prevent riots by the African American community, in answer to the acquittal of George Zimmerman.

While Obama's move to bring federal charges against Zimmerman is surely being done to prevent any rioting from taking place, and any further bloodshed from occurring, this political strategy does call into question the logic of spending taxpayer money to conduct a trial, only to have the trial's verdict essentially nullified by the Obama White House.

As for the trial itself, why weren't there any African American people included as jurors in the Zimmerman trial? And why hasn't the media made an issue of this?

In this author's opinion, the real issue here is how Trayvon Martin was racially profiled and targeted for organized stalking, which resulted in his murder.

This is the real reason why the police didn't want to prosecute George Zimmerman, since organized stalking is part of a covert and illegal government operation which is being used to violate the Constitutional rights of American citizens.

The only reason that the Obama DOJ has filed federal charges against George Zimmerman, is because Obama knows that this wrongful acquittal of Zimmerman will result in rioting by African Americans, who know that the Zimmerman trial was a complete sham.

The police who quietly sanction these organized stalking crimes, also know that if those taking part in organized stalking believe that they will be prosecuted should they injure or murder an American citizen who's being targeted by organized stalkers, this will seriously jeopardize the credibility of the federal organizations who orchestrate these vigilante hate crimes, through DOJ and DHS controlled fusion centers.

And if this occurs, those who take part in organized stalking may collectively refrain from doing so in the future, out of fear that they may end up being prosecuted for their crimes, as George Zimmerman was - Even if Zimmerman's trial was nothing but a sham, being used to placate the African American community.

This is why targets of these crimes no longer contact the FBI for help, since the FBI is taking part in this criminal conspiracy to destroy the Constitutional right to due process of law.

Once again, the real reason that the police didn't want to see George Zimmerman prosecuted, was to cover up the fact that Trayvon Martin was the target of an organized stalking psychological warfare operation at the time of his death, which was being used to violate his Constitutional rights.

The U.S. Federal Government is attempting to conceal the existence of organized stalking, just as they are attempting to conceal the fact that all Americans have been EMF fingerprinted by the U.S. National Security Agency, as part of a classified domestic spy program.

Americans must begin to understand that they are the targets of a domestic spy program which has been used to steal their biological property (the EMF fields which emanate from our bodies), and to use this biological property in order to illegally spy upon as well as experiment on us.

Mass Mind Control Is Being Used By The U.S. Military Intelligence Complex, In Order To Infiltrate the Minds Of American Citizens To Destroy Their Freedom Of Thought And Free Will - A New MKULTRA Program Which Is Being Used To Turn Our Societies Into A Breeding Ground For Non Consensual Human Experimentation

The mind control weapons which this author writes about on this blog, are deployed via the NSA's signals intelligence EMF scanning network, by synchronizing artificial intelligence computers with the neural pathways of our brains, using a technology known as EEG heterodyning.

This is the greatest scandal in American history, and one which this government will use any means necessary to conceal from the American people - including murdering those of us who are promulgating this information over the Internet.

The federal government's slander campaign against this author, is being used as punishment for my documenting these crimes on this blog, and my public allegations regarding the U.S. Federal Government's clandestine implementation of a domestic signals intelligence spy program, which has been used to steal our biological property.

It is the theft of the unique EMF signatures which emanate from each American citizen's body, including a brainwave print, which qualifies as a type of EMF brain fingerprinting program, that makes such a domestic spy program viable.

So if the U.S. Federal Government will not admit to this egregious act of treason and instead use furtive means such as psychological warfare in an attempt to discredit those of us who are targets of these crimes, then the American people must find a way to block the EMF signatures from their own bodies, so that the NSA will be unable to remotely track us by way of these EMF signatures in the future.

Through their use of such Orwellian technology, and their complete deception of the American citizenry, this government's intentions here are clear: to electronically brand each citizen like a head of cattle. What purpose would a government have for secretly implementing such a domestic spy apparatus?

The covert enslavement of its citizenry, and a genocidal policy in which to murder a considerable number of these citizens, under myriad programs designed to do so in a plausibly deniable manner.

The American middle class is the target of such a conspiracy.

Google: Akwei VS NSA and The Matrix Deciphered to learn more about these Orwellian spy technologies


As this author predicted, George Zimmerman has been found not guilty in the murder of Trayvon Martin.

I had stated my belief that Zimmerman would be found not guilty because he was taking part the organized stalking of Trayvon Martin at the time that Martin was murdered.

I also stated that the police in this instance did everything possible to prevent a legitimate investigation from taking place, because they knew that Martin was the target of organized stalking and racial profiling, and they did not want to risk this coming out in a trial.

As it stands, there have been few police officers who've publicly admitted that organized stalking exists. And once they did so, they were fired from their jobs and became the targets of this vigilante hate crime.

That is how determined the federal government is to protect this furtive and Orwellian circumvention of the Constitutional rule of law, through the government's denial that this extrajudicial targeting of American citizens is taking place.

Organized stalking is a psychological warfare operation that is being used to terrify the targets of this hate crime to the point of either committing suicide, or an act for which they can be incarcerated.

And there are targets of organized stalking who are being murdered every year, yet, whose murders are being covered up by federal, state and local governments in this country.

Organized stalking is being perpetrated under the guise of community watch groups. However, these are not legitimate community watch groups and never have been.

They are instead being utilized to target any person whom the 72 DOJ/DHS controlled fusion centers networked out across the United States, have secretly decided to remove from society.

This is a secret type of *Star Chamber extrajudicial system, where the decision to furtively attack these people, while denying them their Constitutional rights, is made by the federal government, and then carried out by groups of vigilantes, who attempt to pass themselves off as community watch groups.

* The term Star Chamber is in reference to a 1983 movie (see the promo below) by the same name, which involves a secret panel of judges who mete out their own brand of vigilante justice to defendants who are acquitted in criminal trials. At least these people were not denied their right to due process of law like the targets of organized stalking have been. This movie is yet another example of Hollywood's creation of movies which function as examples of art imitating life.

The 1983 Movie The Star Chamber Promo

Instead of the federal government privatizing these operations, they are instead using our communities to carry out these crimes for free, while subjecting them to myriad different forms of brainwashing, in order to get them to break the law; by violating the Constitutional rights of those men and women whom they illegally target.

This author hopes that the African American community will recognize that Trayvon Martin was murdered because he was the target of a government sanctioned and orchestrated organized stalking campaign, and that instead of acting out in violence, this community will work to expose organized stalking for the anti-American and Orwellian vigilante hate crime that it is.

Organized stalking is state sponsored terrorism which is being sanctioned at the federal level of government, and carried out through state and local agencies which are being used to conceal the most abject attack on the U.S. Constitution in American history.

There is a reason why organized stalking has become a nationwide problem since 2001. And that reason is the treasonous passage of the Patriot Act, which is being used to completely usurp the U.S. Constitution and its Bill of Rights.

Moreover, this subversion of our Constitutional rule of law is part of a much greater conspiracy which involves the furtive enslavement of the American middle class, through this government's covert use of a signals intelligence EMF fingerprinting program; a Stasi type program which can be used to instantly identify, track and EEG heterodyne any American citizen, without their knowledge or consent.

This is the deep dark secret that the U.S Federal Government does not want you to know about. And why those of us who are telling you about this classified technology, are the targets of a covert and government sponsored conspiracy, which involves a vicious and oftentimes slanderous smear campaign; a campaign whose ultimate goal is to murder us with plausible deniability.

May the African American community use their influence to expose organized stalking for the Orwellian crime that it is, so that those who are taking part in this vigilante hate crime (and the deep secrecy which has allowed this evil to propagate) can be held accountable, so that organized stalking can be brought to an end for once and for all.


Over the past few weeks the Trayvon Martin case has been covered extensively in the media. Trayvon was a young African American man who was shot to death by a man named George Zimmerman.

The police attempted to cover up the fact that this case involved racial profiling. And if it hadn't been for a group of African American activists who forced the police to look into this case, the trial which is presently taking place would never have occurred.

Moreover, what these activists may not be aware of is that Trayvon Martin may have also been the target of illegal surveillance for quite some time, and may have been subjected to the vigilante hate crime organized stalking prior to his murder.

If this is the case, then George Zimmerman may have been taking part the organized stalking of Trayvon Martin at the time the altercation between Martin and Zimmerman took place.

And this is why the police would have attempted to prevent Zimmerman from standing trial. If Zimmerman was taking part in the organized stalking of Trayvon Martin at the time he shot Martin to death, and is now convicted of this crime, it will send a message to those who take part in organized stalking, that they will be held accountable if they harm or kill the target of this DOJ/DHS/fusion center orchestrated vigilante hate crime.

This is why the public should not be surprised if George Zimmerman is acquitted in this trial. Moreover, in this author's opinion, had the murder victim been white, a case would never have been built against George Zimmerman, because there would have been no activism propagated in an effort to protect his interests, as there was in the case of Trayvon Martin.

African Americans have had to become proactive in order to survive the discrimination against them. In post 9-11 America, the type of discrimination that has historically been directed at people of color is now being directed at all different races, and oftentimes by people of their own races, who are brainwashed into taking part in the vigilante hate crime organized stalking.

If George Zimmerman is acquitted there is likely to be an enormous outcry by the African American community, which could result in further bloodshed and the deaths of more African Americans. For this reason, this author hopes that any further activism will be peaceful, and that the African American community will recognize that Trayvon Martin was likely murdered while being targeted by organized stalking.

As such, this community may use Martin's untimely and tragic death to expose organized stalking as the state sponsored terrorism it is. Especially since there are myriad persons of color within the United States who are at present, the targets of this Orwellian vigilante hate crime.

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