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Award Winning Journalist Michael Hastings Reportedly Killed In A Fiery Automobile Crash - Hastings Broke The Story Which Resulted In General Stanley McChrystal Losing His Job - Could Hastings Have Been Murdered ? - Given The Lies We Have Been Told By This Government Can We Even Be Sure If The Charred Remains Of The Person Recovered From This Vehicle Are Those Of Michael Hastings?

After He Accused The FBI Of Raiding His Home And Stealing One Of His Inventions, Electronics' Engineer, John Iverson, Demanded That The FBI Compensate Him For This Invention - Instead, A Short Time After Making His Demand, Iverson Disappeared. When An Acquaintance Showed Up At Iverson's Home To Speak With Iverson's Girlfriend, He Claimed That He Had Kidnapped Iverson, But That Iverson Was OK - However, Iverson Was Never Seen Again - And A Few Months Later, His Alleged Kidnapper Disappeared As Well - It's Been More Than 20 Years Since John Iverson Disappeared, And Given His Run-in With The FBI, And Iverson's Claims To Friends, That The Bureau Was Out To Get Him, One Must Wonder If The FBI May Have Orchestrated Iverson's Disappearance And Possible Murder

Did The CIA Orchestrate The 1978 Murder Of Congressman Leo Ryan? And Did The CIA Do So In Order To Repeal Legislation Which Ryan Had Passed In Order To Place More Scrutiny On The U.S. Intelligence Community?

Perhaps One Of The Best Documented Cases Of The FBI Derailing A Legitimate Trial Against One Of Its Own Criminal Agents While Attempting To Destroy The Person Who Built The Case Against The FBI Agent

Video Of Michael Hastings' Car Burning After It Crashed Into A Tree - Was The Occupant Really Hastings? And If So, Was He Murdered?

BREAKING NEWS: Journalist Michael Hastings Who Broke The Scandal Regarding Army General Stanley McChrystal Is Killed In A Car Accident At Age 33 - An Accident? Or Was Hastings murdered by the U.S. Military Complex for writing: "The Runaway General" - Hastings' profile of US Army general Stanley McChrystal? If so, was Hastings killed with a directed energy weapon? DEW technology is the U.S. Military Intelligence Complexes' weapon of choice for murdering Americans with plausible deniability

Michael Hastings' Friend Joe Biggs Describes The E-mail He Received Just Before Hastings Was Killed, And Believes That Hastings Was Murdered

Was Journalist Michael Hastings' Car Remotely Tampered With Using Signals Intelligence Technology?

Editor's Note: UPDATE: 6/25/13 - An associate of Michael Hastings has stated that prior to his death in a horrific car crash last week, Hastings had told him that he was about to break a major story, and that he was concerned about the *FBI possibly surveilling him to prevent this from occurring. The next thing we know, Hastings' vehicle is found burning after it crashes into a tree at high speed.

*The FBI claims that it did not have Hastings under surveillance. However, given that the hierarchy within the FBI has a history of pathological deception in regard to concealing its crimes from the American people, the FBI's claims about not having Michael Hastings under surveillance should be taken with a grain of salt.

As long as the FBI and DOJ remain a pawn of the White House, and anathema to the legislative process and Constitutional rule of law, these organizations will continue to be used to protect the criminals within each presidential administration; just as they have for the past century.

The readers will remember how the FBI began to stalk NSA whistleblower Russ Tice after he attempted to go public with a major scandal within the NSA. To this day the FBI has kept Tice under surveillance and prevented him from telling the American people what he knows about the NSA internal scandal.

What story was Michael Hastings about to expose? And was the FBI responsible for his death?


Late today, 6/19/13, the media reports that actor James Gandolfini, who starred as Tony Soprano in the HBO hit series The Sopranos, dies of a massive heart attack while vacationing in Italy.

Gandolfini was only 51. Given the allegations made by a number of Hollywood ex celeb's who are now acknowledged targets of organized stalking, including Randy Quaid and Steven Shellen, could James Gandolfini be yet another victim of these "Star Wackers," who raid the estates of these actors through their crooked attorneys after they are killed.

Gandolfini was worth an estimated $70 million, so the motive is there.

Also consider the following. Gandolfini's death, just a day or so after that of Michael Hastings', has managed to completely overshadow Hastings' death, and draw the public's attention (as well as the mainstream media's), away from it.

If Hastings, an award winning journalist, was covertly murdered, his death could have been brought about in a myriad of different ways. For that matter so could James Gandolfini's.

Either of these men could have been drugged, or subjected to a directed energy weapons' attack via signals intelligence satellite, which could have caused them to have a stroke or heart attack.

However, in the case of the 33 year old Hastings, a heart attack or stroke would have likely raised considerable public suspicion. Especially since his aggressive investigative style made him as many enemies as it did admirers.

More likely, Hastings' vehicle could have been remotely tampered with by way of signals intelligence satellite to cause the fatal crash.

This technology can be used to remotely access the computer in an automobile and to interfere with its normal function; something this author has experienced first hand on many occasions.

As such, Hastings would have found his car suddenly accelerating at full speed and *veering off the road into a tree, while he was forced to sit by helplessly, locked in his vehicle, and unable to brake or steer his car. With its electrical systems under total remote control via signals intelligence satellite and AI computer, Michael Hastings' automobile would have been turned into a ticking bomb.

* It is this author's opinion, that another target of non consensual human experimentation (and world renowned homeopath) by the name of Ananda Zaren, was killed when the computer in her Porsche Caymen was remotely tampered with, causing her vehicle to suddenly veer off a California highway and travel off the edge of an adjacent cliff.

Zaren would die from the injuries she sustained in this crash a few days later.

Michael Hastings could have also been subjected to a directed energy weapon attack which would have caused him to blackout at the wheel, or even to have committed suicide through the *EEG Heterodyning of his brain, in which suicide programming could have been remotely implanted into his mind.

*Google: The Matrix Deciphered by Dr. Robert Duncan

The Following Is In Regard To The 1913 Conversation Between Rothschild Agent, Colonel Edward Mandel House, And President Woodrow Wilson, In Which House Describes Some Of The Plans The Rothschilds Will Be Using To Destroy The United States; Including The Creation Of A Communist Central Bank (The Federal Reserve) And The Implementation Of Birth Certificate And Social Security Programs Which The Rothschilds Will Use To Covertly Enslave American Citizens To The British Monarchy And House Of Rothschild - Their Plan Was As Brilliant As It Was Evil, And Succeeded In Deceiving The American Middle Class, While Stealing Their Country Right Out From Under Them

Also See - Sorcery Used In Zionist Hollywood:

The Types Of Sorcery CIA/Zionist Hollywood Uses In Its Mind Control Programming - Such Sorcery Can Be Seen In Everything From Disney World To The Clothing Worn By Hollywood's A-List Actors

CIA Insider Admits That Terrorist Attacks On 9-11 Were A False Flag Operation Based On A Much Larger Agenda For Rothschild Zionism's New World Order - When Will The American People As A Citizenry Realize This?
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