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The State University Of NY At Stony Brook And Brookhaven Labs Claim To Have Invented A New Lyme Disease Vaccine Now In Trials That Will Be Beneficial In Preventing Lyme Disease - Is The Vaccine Story Really A Cover For Another Biological Weapon Like AIDS?

Right Wing Political Blogger Andrew Breitbart's Death In 2012, Only A Week After Claiming That Breitbart Was About To Reveal Information On Barack Obama Which Would End His Presidency, Was Likely Caused By A Directed Energy Microwave Weapon - DEW Technology Has Become The Weapon Of Choice By The U.S. Military Intelligence Complex, For Both Torturing And Murdering American Citizens With Plausible Deniability - This Is Why The Controlled U.S. Media Has Been Told To Avoid Doing Any Investigative Journalism In Regard To These Weapons

Here's Yet Another In The Thousands Of Websites Which Have Been Created To Document Organized Stalking And Electronic Harassment By The U.S. Military Intelligence Complex - The Story Of An African American Woman Being Tortured By An FBI Rogue Agent Psychopath, Who Uses Directed Energy Weaponry To Attack Her

Editor's Note: During the night this author's Father is targeted by a microwave weapon which caused a shortness of breath. He has been feeling significantly better over the past several months, because he has not been targeted aggressively with these microwave weapons, even though he is illegally satellite tracked, and can be attacked with these weapons at any time. He has been subjected to two violent seizures as the result of microwave weaponry being used to target his brain.

This is further proof that the Intel community, including the FBI, NSA and DHS, are using satellite deployed microwave weapons to torture American citizens within the privacy of our own homes. And that they can target us instantly for such attacks, because we are being remotely tracked via signals intelligence satellite and through the NSA's use of EEG Heterodyning technology.

These agents are lowlife murderous cowards, operating a Nazi idealized regime under the cover of National Security.

They are being used to destroy our country.

When Vaccines Are Not What They Seem

In light of the research done by men like Dr. Donald Scott and Michael Christopher Carroll, who've written *books which, for all intents and purposes, prove that Lyme Disease was created by the U.S. Federal Government as a biological weapon, the following reading should be of interest.

*Lab 257 by Michael Christopher Carroll and The Brucellosis Triangle by Dr. Donald Scott

In the 1990's, when Smith Kline Beecham introduced a Lyme Disease vaccine to the market, the vaccine was deemed to be safe.

It was only after many of the people who had received the vaccine and become completely disabled by it, that the public would begin to learn of the dangers of this particular Lyme Disease vaccine.

In fact, this author knows of several people who were part of the original trials for the Smith Kline vaccine who became ill while taking part in these trials.

Not only did Smith Kline refuse to help them get treatment, the company did not even pay these people the fee they were promised for taking part in this trial.

Nor did Smith Kline include these people as part of its Lyme vaccine study, since their symptoms offered proof that the vaccine was dangerous.

In spite of its knowledge that the Lyme Disease vaccine was dangerous, Smith Kline refused to take the vaccine off the market, and it was only after the Lyme Disease community began exposing the dangers of this vaccine that Smith Kline stopped selling it.

What's important to understand here is that Smith Kline removed the vaccine from the market due to its poor sales, which were the result of myriad Lyme Disease patients speaking out against the vaccine, based on their own adverse experiences with it.

Smith Kline would have continued to sell this vaccine even knowing that it was causing chronic arthritic conditions in many people who received the vaccine, had it not been for the vaccine's poor sales.

Moreover, the head of Stony Brook's Lyme Disease research at the time, Dr. Raymond Datwyler, was being paid by insurance companies to act as an expert witness for them, regarding lawsuits filed by chronically ill Lyme Disease patients, against medical insurance companies which refused to pay for the long-term antibiotic therapy that many well recognized Lyme Disease physicians used in their treatment protocols.

Many of these physicians became the target of a despicable witchhunt by the Rockefeller controlled American Medical Association, which has ultimately resulted in several of them no longer treating chronically ill Lyme Disease patients.

At least one of these doctors committed suicide as a result this witch hunt, while several others were literally blackmailed into closing their medical practices.

Raymond Datwyler was also one of several physicians who was used to cover up the fact that when left untreated, or undertreated, Lyme Disease can become chronic.

This cover up was used get the health insurers who refused to pay the considerable costs associated with treating chronically ill Lyme Disease patients, off the hook, for failing to do so.

Moreover, Stony Brook claims that the latest vaccine is effective against all the major strains of Borrelia.

This claim is pure fiction, since there are probably thousands of different strains of the Borrelia spirochete in existence today, which will not be covered by this vaccine.

And the vaccine may pose many health risks that both Stony Brook and Brookhaven Labs are either unaware of, or unwilling to admit to.

Given this, the public can't trust any claims which Stony Brook makes in regard to this new Lyme Disease vaccine.

As for Brookhaven Labs clandestine research projects for the federal government, as well as their abominable record for safety violations, one must also wonder if the collaboration between Stony Brook and Brookhaven Labs in regard to this latest Lyme Disease vaccine, is the cover for something far more nefarious.

Like another bioweapon delivered under the cover of a vaccine.

After all, that is how the AIDS virus was first circulated through the gay community in California back in the 1970's, when it was criminally administered to homosexuals, with the understanding that the inoculation which they were receiving was the Hepatitis B vaccine.

Whether this is the case or not, one of the primary objectives for creating this latest Lyme Disease vaccine is for the same reason that the Smith Kline vaccine was created more than a decade ago - to make money, and lots of it.

Hopefully, the public will realize this and boycott this vaccine as they did Smith Kline's, before the vaccine can be administered to anyone. And the horror stories in regard to the dangers of another vaccine to prevent Lyme Disease, begin again.

Are Chronically Ill Americans Being Targeted For Non Consensual Human Experimentation Without Their Knowledge?

As a target of directed energy weapons' attacks for nearly twenty years, and a chronic Lyme Disease patient for longer than that, this author has also wondered if, given the chronicity of their illnesses, many chronically ill patients are also unwittingly used by the U.S. Military Intelligence complex for non consensual human experimentation?

This would be done by the federal government with the understanding that these people will just conclude that the symptoms which they experience as the targets of such non consensual human experimentation, are instead, just symptoms being caused by the chronic illnesses that they have been diagnosed with.

This would give the federal government the plausible deniability which it requires to experiment on these people without ever being exposed for having done so.

Think about the millions of people within the United States alone, who suffer each year from a chronic illness, and how easily they could be used as non consensual experimentees for covert government programs; including those which concern furtive forms of mind control experimentation.

And the federal government does have complete access to the medical records of all American citizens.

- James F. Marino

Foolish Move By A Good Cop

About two weeks ago there was a story in the weekly Newsday paper regarding a high ranking Nassau County police officer by the name of John Hunter, who pleaded guilty to three misdemeanors, including helping to derail a police investigation regarding the son of a benefactor, who'd stolen audio/visual equipment from a Long Island high school.

This police officer, whose name is John Hunter, was fired from the force and sentenced to three years probation and 500 hours of community service as the result of his plea bargain.

It is unfortunate that Hunter's career was cut short by a foolish move on his part. This is especially true since this author knows of a particular instance back in the early 1990's when John Hunter was very helpful to the village of East Norwich.

Hunter and his family had just moved into East Norwich at the time, and had been unaware that for many years in the past, when Halloween would arrive, teenagers from some other towns would dress up in costumes and come into East Norwich, quite literally, terrorizing the village's residents once it became dark outside.

A Family member of this author's moved into East Norwich the year before the Hunters did, and lived just a few doors down from them.

This author received a phone call from this Family member on the evening of Halloween in 1990, and was told that some teenagers who were dressed in costumes, had vandalized his property, and thrown a small wrought iron bench which was sitting in front of his neighbor's kitchen window, through the glass window.

These weren't just two isolated incidents either. These teenage thugs were going around this entire neighborhood with walkie-talkies, warning each other when a police cruiser would be passing through a particular area, and keeping watch, until the cruiser was gone, before they would resume committing their acts of vandalism.

They were also damaging other people's homes and automobiles, and in general terrorizing the residents of this hamlet. Yet, nothing was done by the local police to end this situation.

That was until John Hunter moved into this neighborhood in the early 1990's. During Hunter's first year living in East Norwich, these teenage hoodlums came back on Halloween night and began their mayhem again.

However, this time around, before they could finish terrorizing the residents of East Norwich, the Nassau County police showed up in force, and arrested the teenage thugs; taking them down to the police station and forcing their parents to come pick them up.

From that time on, the teenage terrorists who once brought complete havoc to the town of East Norwich each Halloween night, have been a distant memory, in large part, thanks to Police Officer John Hunter.

Unfortunately, these acts of terrorism have been replaced in the modern day by men and women who take part in the vigilante hate crime organized stalking - which has become a plague on our society, and is completely ignored by the police under the cover of the draconian Patriot Act legislation.

If only we could round up these organized stalkers, haul them down to the police station and have their parents come take charge of them.

Unfortunately, most of the organized stalkers who are polluting our communities by taking part in this state sponsored terrorism, are adults.

Nevertheless, they should be arrested for creating a public menace to society through their terror of, and violation of the Constitutional rights of the men, women and children who comprise the TI community.

This should not be a complicated or nebulous issue in any way. If you violate someone else's constitutional rights, regardless of your reasons for doing so (especially if you have been told that it is OK for you to do so by a police officer or federal agent who told you that you could get away with it), you have allowed yourself to participate in a criminal act.

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