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Akwei VS NSA Being Successfully Promulgated Over The Web Leads To More Disinformation By The Mainstream Media In Effort To Discredit John Akwei

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Mind Controlled Politicians And Media Personalities - All Targets Of The NSA's Clandestine Brain Fingerprinting Of The American People & The Agency's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network

The U.S. Federal Government's Crimes Regarding
The Electronic Trespass Against Many American Citizens

Written By James F. Marino

According to former U.S. Government scientist, Dr. Robert Duncan, both the CIA and U.S. Department Of Defense have been able to interface the Military Intelligence complexes' artificial intelligence computers with the brains of millions of American citizens, through a technology which Duncan describes as EEG Heterodyning.

This through-the-air electronic surveillance of Americans via such computer to brain interface technology is possible because the U.S. Federal Government has found a way of cataloguing the unique brainwave prints of American citizens into government computer databases.

Dr. Duncan states in his book "The Matrix Deciphered," that the CIA and Pentagon have created covert mind reading/influencing programs known as TAMI, SATAN and MIND, which have been in place for decades, and used illegally against myriad Americans, for the purpose of non consensual human experimentation.

Based on the testimony of an NSA whistleblower by the name of John St. Clair Akwei, the readers should keep in mind that the National Security Agency operates under the auspices of the Pentagon.

Moreover, based on the civil action filed by Akwei in 1992, the NSA secretly deployed a propriety domestic electronic surveillance system by the early 1980's, which uses EEG Heterodyning technology in order to remotely interface the NSA's artificial intelligence computers with the brainwave print of any American citizen, without any type of electronic implants.

Akwei's testimony is extremely important, because it means that the neural pathways of the brain of any American citizen can be instantly accessed and scanned by the NSA without a court warrant, thereby, completely bypassing that person's right to privacy within their person and home under the 4Th Amendment, as well a their right to due process of law under the 5Th and 6Th Amendments to the U.S. Bill of Rights.

So is it any wonder why the White House, Congress and U.S. Media have conveniently chosen to ignore Akwei's lawsuit, or the fact that it was dismissed by a corrupt circuit court judge by the name of Stanley Sporkin, who during his time as a federal judg in Washington D.C., had a history of aiding and abetting crimes being committed by the U.S. Intelligence community.

This is especially noteworthy, given Sporkin's association with the CIA, whom he had acted as general counsel for during much of the 1980's.

The U.S. Federal Government's cataloguing of the brainwave prints of American citizens is illegal. And when the government uses EEG Heterodyning technology in which to remotely access the neural pathways within the brain of any American citizen, the government perpetrates the crime of electronic trespass, as well as non consensual human experimentation.

This is also true for those Americans who have been implanted with some form of microchip, as is the case with the U.S. Federal Government's implanting of these citizens without their knowledge or consent constitutes a form of non consensual human experimentation.

In all likelihood, millions, if not tens of millions of Americans have already been unwittingly implanted with some type of electronic chip.

In regard to those persons who actually know that they have been implanted, a few have even managed to file suit to get these chips removed, and succeeded.

However, none of these people were implanted by government agencies, but instead people in the private sector who were using this technology in an attempt to control them in some way.

As such, the media has been able to cover their stories in detail, while completely ignoring the accounts of men and women who have been electronically implanted with some form of chip, by a government agency like the CIA, NSA or FBI.

Moreover, in the case where the person was implanted by a government agency, no American has been successful in suing these agencies, in order to have these electronic implants removed from their bodies, because these agencies are using the chips to control them, and do not want the public to know that it is secretly implanting citizens with RFID and other forms of microchips for such illegal use.

Perhaps the most famous case in regard to such implants was in regard to a man by the name of Charles August Schlund, who died in 2010. Schlund had alleged that he was implanted with cochlear implants by the CIA, after he had been drugged, and his home entered, by federal agents who injected these implants into his person.

Prior to this, Charles had filed an earlier lawsuit against the Bush Administration, based on information which he had received from another person, which had been stolen from a safe. Schlund referred to this information as the Don Bolles Papers, which he named in reference to a journalist who died from injuries sustained after his car was bombed. And he claimed that many of the documents that he'd read, concerned an attempt by the Rockefeller and Bush families, to use the CIA in a furtive plot to overthrow the U.S. Federal Government.

Based on what we now know about the House of Rothschilds' furtive control over the United States, through the Federal Reserve System and the Rockfeller and Bush families, much of the documentation which Schlund had used as supporting evidence in his lawsuit against the Bush 41 Administration was likely true. Charles had also stated that the judge chosen to preside over this case had been bribed in order to stonewall the lawsuit.

The CIA also used the cochlear implants they had implanted into the ear canals of Charles Schlund, in order to torture him for years. In fact, Charles filed a second lawsuit against the U.S. Federal Government in an effort to have his implants removed, however, to no avail, since the implants were being used to torture Charles in an effort to prevent him from seeing his original lawsuit against the Bush 41 Administration to fruition.

One can only imagine how many legitimate government whistleblowers are implanted with such devices by government agencies in order to control them.

In this author's opinion, while the lawsuits involving such cases are very important, they are often used as red herrings by the federal agencies who also use completely wireless through the air computer to brain interface technology on the general population in the United States, in order to conceal the fact that as a citizen, you can be remotely tracked and subjected to two way computer to brain interface communication, without the use of any implanted device, as John St. Clair Akwei has described in his lawsuit against the U.S. National Security Agency.

Like Charles Schlund, Akwei was never able to see his lawsuit to fruition either, because it was derailed by a judge (Stanley Sporkin) with a history of aiding and abetting the U.S. Intelligence community's crimes.

While the government has little interest in allowing the public to learn about thee implants, it will use a case such as Schlund's, in order to discredit those citizens who have alleged that they are being illegally tracked by way of their brain's own unique set of EMF frequencies, for if the general population in the United States were to ever realize that they could be tracked by way of their brain's own unique set of EMF frequencies, and without any electronic implants, they would hold this government and its leadership accountable for such an egregious violation of their 4Th Amendment rights.

So this cover up in regard to the NSA's brain fingerprinting of the American people continues, while those of us who know about it from our own first hand experiences as targets of this technology, are subjected to the worst crimes imaginable, in addition to slander campaigns which are used to demonize and dehumanize us, so that this government can continue to perpetrate its horrific crimes against us.

The FBI's furtive slander campaign against this author is perhaps the most devious smear campaign ever devised, based on the ideology of death by a thousand cuts. Specifically, the Bureau leaks derogatory and oftentimes completely slanderous information about a target of their COINTELPRO operations in an effort to demonize the person, while completely circumventing the Constitutional rule of law, in order to conceal the FBI's own egregious violations of the person's civil liberties.

The U.S. Courts ignore these crimes, because the courts themselves our complicit in many of them, and have no intention of publicly exposing the signals intelligence technology which is oftentimes involved in perpetrating these crimes. The result is that the technology is never exposed in a U.S. Courtroom as it should be, while the public is covertly brainwashed through the FBI's use of its own propaganda - its agents, never held accountable for their own crimes.

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Forces The NSA To Foment Its Own Propaganda Campaign

As the extremely disturbing information contained within John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the U.S. National Security Agency continues to attract interest over the Internet, and the public begins to scrutinize the NSA and the U.S. Military Intelligence complex like never before in their history, the Intel community's propaganda campaigns via the mainstream media are becoming more common.

And the Intel community's smear campaign against this author continues to become even more vicious, given my corroboration of Akwei's information regarding the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, and my own experiences as a target of this satellite predation; as well as my documenting the accounts of many other targets of such government perpetrated non consensual human experimentation.

Moreover, the global Intelligence community has become desperate in its attempt to discredit the thousands of citizens living on different continents, who are now blogging about being targeted by satellite deployed through-the-air computer to brain interface technology, and other forms of government sanctioned crimes against humanity. And the blogosphere continues to grow with such accounts, as more and more people are subjected to this Orwellian nightmare.

Furthermore, these oftentimes horrific accounts have forced the U.S. Intelligence community to implement its propaganda machine in an attempt to discredit us; a propaganda machine called the media, which is used in such damaging situations to the government, for the purpose of promulgating disinformation.

As an example of this, over the past few months, Britain's Guardian publication was used as part of the NSA's disinformation campaign regarding through-the-air computer to brain interface brain scanning technology, claiming that the technology to remotely tap into a person's brain does not yet exist - a blatant lie.

In addition to the United States, the NSA has maintained a significant presence in the United Kingdom since shortly after World War II, with the creation of NATO and the UKUSA Treaty.

As such, there are many men, women and children living within the UK who have reported that like their American counterparts, they, too, are being targeted for such mind control experimentation by the NSA's Menwith Hill facility.

So it does not come as a surprise to learn that a British publication like the Guardian would be used to promulgate the NSA's disinfo campaign, given the myriad of complaints by UK citizens, of being used for such mind control experimentation.

A few years ago, the Washington Post did a story in regard to the men and women in the United States who have claimed to be targets of mind control experimentation and the vigilante hate crime organized stalking.

Even though the person who wrote the article did not dismiss these allegations out of hand, the fact is that the article did little to expose the U.S. Intelligence community's blatant disregard for the Constitutional rights of these targeted individuals (TI's). In fact, the article served to provide far more questions than it did answers to this phenomenon.

Moreover, the fact that the Guardian is now being used as yet another venue for discrediting the thousands of people on different continents who are blogging about their experiences as such targets of non consensual human experimentation, is encouraging, since it means that our message continues to circulate, and that the Intelligence community must as a consequence of this, continue their disinformation campaigns against us.

Of course, those of us who are documenting this will ultimately win this battle, because we are telling the public the truth about being used as non consensual guinea pigs within the privacy of our own homes, and by men and women who can only be described as a monstrosity to humanity itself.

The author of the following article in the January 2012 issue of the Guardian, acknowledged that the technology to translate brainwaves into words does exist.

However, the article was only published because both the British and U.S. Federal Governments can no longer conceal this fact from the global population. So instead of denying the existence of this mind reading technology - also known as synthetic telepathy - the Intel community has put a new spin on this situation, claiming that while the technology exists, it cannot be remotely deployed through the electromagnetic spectrum in order to access and scan the brainwaves of any citizen of interest.

Of course, anyone who is regularly targeted by this satellite deployed thought reading technology already knows that the Guardian article is a lie; a piece of disinformation being used to mislead the general population on this planet, while these governments continue to demonize those of us who document this fact, while violating our inherent rights in the most egregious ways imaginable.

This is all the more reason for a copy of Akwei VS NSA to fall into the hands of every adult on the face of this planet, since this is the type of technology which is already being used to do massive damage to the human psyche, without most of the population even being aware of how vulnerable they themselves are to the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network.

As stated, the following article in the Guardian is nothing but a piece of propaganda being used to discredit John St. Clair Akwei's allegations against the U.S. National Security Agency.

The article is a textbook example of the government's disinformation-through-media, which is why this author posts it here. I do so, so that the readers of this Website can recognize how our governments use the media to lie to us, while concealing the crimes these governments perpetrate against us.

And the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network and its use in tracking us by way of each of our brain's own unique set of EMF signatures is the worst crime ever perpetrated against the human race.

Moreover, if the NSA loses the secrecy of this EMF brain fingerprinting technology, and its Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, the NSA will also lose the ability to remotely access and manipulate our thoughts via synthetic telepathy, because the American people will demand that the NSA be abolished.

So let's make certain that Akwei VS NSA continues to be circulated globally, and that each and every citizen on the face of this planet learns about the NSA's use as a pawn of the New World Order, and its attempt to enslave us through the clandestine fingerprinting of our brains own unique bioelectric resonance/entrainment frequencies.

The Intel community is committing these terrible crimes against us, even though they deny it, so it is up to us to make certain that they don't get away with them. And the first step in doing so, is to alert the global population to the existence of this Orwellian technology.

- James F. Marino

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