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Rothschild Zionism Is Attempting To Return To The Days Of Feudalism, Where The Global Middle Class Are Reduced To The Status Of Slaves Of The Rothschilds' Investment Class - How Have The Rothschilds Been Able To Infiltrate Our Nations? Their Communist Central Banks

Rabbis, Disgusted With Being Blamed For The Crimes Of Zionist Israel Refer To Israel As Fake Jews

<Editor's Note: Over the past few weeks FBI/NSA have allowed normal access to this Website, meaning that this Blog has been able to download within a matter of seconds. For the past year they have interfered with this Blog, which has resulted in its taking as long as two to three minutes to download, when it should do so in a few seconds.

This is just one in the myriad examples of FBI/NSA electronic harassment of this author.

According to, this Website had its best ranking of about 480,000 out of more than 200 million Websites on the Internet, in 2012. However, when this author stopped blogging regularly, the Website traffic dropped to a roughly 3.8 million Alexa ranking.

Since I have started blogging regularly again this blog has now moved up by about 2.5 million Websites in the past few weeks. Suddenly, FBI/NSA are electronically tampering with this Blog's download time again.

The following describes the past five months of the COINTELPRO tactics FBI/NSA/DHS subject us to daily:

MKULTRA Target Documents Six Consecutive Months Of The FBI/NSA/DHS Organized Stalking, Psychological Warfare, & Directed Energy Microwave Weapon Attacks, Which We Are Subjected To On A Daily Basis, Living In A Dictatorship That Poses As A Democracy

Rothschild Zionism's Exploitation Of Judaism
And The Jewish People

The House Of Rothschilds' counterfeiters and war profiteers decided that rather than wait for the return of the Jewish Messiah, they would instead proclaim their dominance over the rest of creation, while in turn, exploiting Judaism and the suffering of millions of Jews during the Holocaust, for their own world government agenda.

This would become the framework for world Zionism under the House of Rothschilds' Communist central banks. And how these glorified counterfeiters and launderers of counterfeited currency would be used to destroy legitimate governments, media systems and economies, while enslaving the populations of these countries.

It's ironic that for all the suffering that Zionism has caused to the global population, that it has also been used to both undermine the Jewish people, and in the process do them considerable harm.

As part of this deception, the Rothschilds have gone so far as to accuse any person who condemns the radical ideology of Zionism, of being anti-Semitic, even though Anti-Zionism has nothing to do with being an anti-Semite.

Rabbis have universally condemned Zionism. Are we supposed to believe that Rabbis are anti-Semitic because they are speaking out against Zionism?

This is an illustration of just how ridiculous the Zionists' claims of anti-Semitism are. They are simply parasiting off of the Jews just the way they have parasited off of our governments, economies and media systems.

This is just another clever ruse on the part of Zionists to deceive the public, while attemping to enslave them by creating a 21St Century version of the feudal system in the countries which the Rothschilds have since overrun.

As such, is it any wonder why Rabbis from every corner of the globe have condemned Zionism?

- James F. Marino

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