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"Billion To One Odds Power Surge, May Have Killed Suzanne Hart" -- How About A Signals Intelligence Deployed Microwave Beam Which Was Used To Remotely Override The Safety Mechanism In This Elevator?

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There are several Websites maintained by targets of MK-Ultra which experience this electronic sabotage, because those of us who maintain these Websites are telling some very disturbing facts about the government criminals who perpetrate their crimes against us, using classified technologies that they do not want the public to know about.

Since I began to blog regularly again over the past few weeks this Website has moved ahead of about 2 million other Websites, in spite of FBI/NSA electronic interference with this blog.

During 2012 had a best site ranking for this blog of about 480,000. However, for most of 2012 this blog was ranked between 600,000 and 700,000 out of more than 200 million Websites on the Internet. A ranking in this area means that a Website has had millions of unique viewers each year.

Update: As of 8/19/14, the FBI has illegally remotely blocked access to this Website for the past few years, in efforts to prevent the millions of readers of The Mother Of All Black Ops from reading this author's articles regarding these crimes, as well as other articles that I have either written or referenced, in regard to Rothschild Zionism's covert implementation of its technocratic Zionist one world government feudal system.

These agents are pathological liars and murderers who commit their atrocities with plausible deniability. They are also concealing the fact that they have electronically branded the American people like a giant herd of cattle, through Pentagon/NSA/CIA collusion to EMF fingerprint all American citizens as part of an Orwellian signals intelligence driven domestic spy program which has been used to turn the electromagnetic spectrum into an invisible prison which is used to house an unwitting American citizenry.

This Author Documents 4 Consecutive Months Of FBI/NSA/DHS Organized Stalking, Psychological Warfare, & Directed Energy Microwave Weapon Attacks, Which We Are Subjected To On A Daily Basis

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Was Suzanne Hart The Unwitting Target
Of An Electronic Warfare Attack?
Written By James F. Marino

Given the astronomical odds in regard to dying the way she did, and based on an *EEG heterodyned experience that this author had just the day before Suzanne Hart was killed in a freak elevator accident (I saw the movie on 12/13/11 & Hart died on 12/14/11), I must seriously question whether her death was an accident, or a furtive murder committed with a directed energy microwave weapon.

Was such a weapon used to remotely tamper with the circuitry in the elevator which malfunctioned, ultimately killing Suzanne Hart?

If so, Suzanne's name can be added to an extremely long and growing list of Americans who have been murdered by this government's use of electronic warfare technology.

*Was A NY Advertising Executive By The Name Of Suzanne Hart Murdered As Part Of A Demented Psychological Warfare Operation That The FBI & NSA Are Conducting Against This Author?

As for those Americans who are routinely subjected to such electronic warfare attacks, this author has witnessed electronic appliances being remotely tampered with constantly, as the result of such high-tech weapons being illegally deployed against my person.

I am certain given the stealth nature of this technology that it would be very easy for the criminals who commit these crimes as part of the government psyop being perpetrated against my person, to tamper with the electronic circuitry in an elevator in order to cause it to malfunction.

So the question remains: was Suzanne Hart murdered when the elevator she was attempting to enter was remotely tampered with, resulting in the elevator moving before Hart had a chance to react?

As for events which occur based on astronmical odds, the readers may want to consider the probability of Ken Jennings winning 74 consecutive games on Jeopardy without receiving any type of "special" help.

Why do I continue to refer to Jennings' appearances on Jeopardy? Because given the difficulty of this particular game show, and Jennings' extraordinary number of appearances, the odds of him accomplishing what he did are astronomical.

This is why no contestant prior to Jennings, and no one since his appearance on Jeopardy have been able to last nearly as long as Ken did.

And even though he was eventually beaten by three different opponents, including IBM's Watson computer, neither of the two human opponents who defeated Jennings have come close to matching his 74 game winning streak.

You'll find that the odds of Ken Jennings' winning as many consecutive games as he did are about as remote as a person being killed by an elevator whose circuitry has been subjected to an unlikely power surge which causes it to malfunction.

This is not to suggest that Ken Jennings is not an intelligent person. However, his reign on Jeopardy has never come close to being challenged by other contestants. And Nielsen reported that Jennings' presence on the show did boost Jeopardy's ratings by a substantial 22%.

So the questions which this author continues to pose are: Was Ken Jennings EEG Heterodyned during his appearances on Jeopardy? And if so, which government agency was involved in this non consensual mind control experimentation? And, did Jennings receive many of his answers to the questions he was asked, via computer to brain interface?

As for the death of Suzanne Hart, this author cannot ignore the fact that within a 48 hour time span, I saw a movie in which a woman was crushed to death by an elevator, a van was later parked in front of my home with the name HART painted on its side, and a woman named Suzanne Hart died in a "billon to one" odds freak accident which resulted in Hart's being crushed to death by an elevator!

When this author takes into consideration the types of psychological warfare that FBI/NSA psychopathic predators perpetrate against my person on a daily basis, and their history of unconscionable crimes, I am certain that Suzanne Hart did not die as the result of an accident, but was instead, the target of a premeditated murder using signals intelligence technology and directed energy weaponry.

- James F. Marino

The following excerpt is from the Daily News:

"'Billion to one' power surge may have killed ad exec Suzanne Hart in Madison Ave. Elevator

INVESTIGATORS TRYING to explain the horrible elevator accident that killed ad exec Suzanne Hart are looking at whether a power surge made the lift go haywire, sources say.

A sudden surge in an elevator’s power source could override its safety systems and send it shooting up, said a source familiar with the investigation.

City Buildings Department officials have said they’re looking at maintenance performed on the elevator’s electrical system just hours before Hart stepped inside."

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FBI COINTELPRO Black Operations Now Involve The Criminalization Of The Corporate World

As further proof of how the FBI interferes with the financial situations regarding targets of COINTELPRO, another member of this author's Family describes for me how about a decade ago, the company that this person once worked for sent them a check for the entire amount of their 401K, even though the company was not supposed to do so.

The money is supposed to be drawn out gradually after age 70 and a half.

Concerned about why they received such a large check, this person called a friend of theirs who worked in human resources, only to be told that it was a good thing that they had not cashed the check, because they would have had to pay an enormous amount of tax on the money in this account.

This "accidental" sending of this 401K check was orchestrated by FBI agents who are not only criminals, but represent the most abjectly evil of minds when engineering these machinations.

Moreover, this company's aiding and abetting of the FBI's crimes here is a further indication that these government reprobates have no compunction about destroying the life of any person whom they target for a COINTELPRO operation, and criminalizing any person or persons whom they decide to use in these illicit operations.

In what is yet another of the daily types of psychological warfare harrassment that this author and other members of my Family have been subjugated to, a Family member informs me that for the first time in *48 years, a bank statement which should have been delivered at least a week ago, has still not arrived.

* The day after I post this information the check shows up in the mail.

The interception of the statement has nothing to do with the FBI seeking to obtain information on this account, since the U.S. Federal Government has information on bank accounts held by all American citizens.

Moreover, as for PIN numbers which can be used to gain access to these accounts, the U.S. Military Intelligence complex has the ability through its clandestine and illegal use of EEG Heterodyning technology, to remotely access the brainwaves of any American citizen 24 hours a day.

So the FBI can obtain a person's bank account PIN number by remote neural monitoring the person's brainwaves when they access their bank account, and then retrieving the PIN that way.

The delay in sending this bank statement is being done for its psychological warfare value, just as the myriad mail tamperings which we have been subjected to for the past decade have been done for such psyop purposes.

This is typical COINTELPRO, where FBI agents or their provocateurs either steal a piece of mail, or have it held up deliberately. The FBI is also notorious for doing this to COINTELPRO targets who own firearms. The FBI will purposely intercept a gun renewal permit from the U.S. mail, since failure to renew a gun permit can result in the seizure of the weapon from the gun owner, as well as the arrest of the person.

The FBI is alleged to have done this to Randy Weaver, as part of an entrapment scheme, which ultimately led to the shootout at Ruby Ridge, which resulted in the FBI and BATF's murders of Weaver's wife, Vicky, and his 14 year old son, Sammy.

However, had the FBI not been allowed to use such entrapment schemes, neither Vicky nor Sammy Weaver, nor the BATF agent who was shot and killed by Sammy in retaliation for shooting and killing Sammy's dog, would have been murdered at Ruby Ridge.

In regard to the FBI's psychological warfare operations against us, in the past FBI agents have electronically tampered with our credit card accounts, and oftentimes had other people's mail intentionally delivered to our home. They have also had credit card companies list false charges on our credit card statements (falsely claiming that the CC numbers had been stolen and purchases illegally made with these cards - which has resulted in new credit cards being issued on more than one occasion), which proves that even the credit card companies can be used in these criminal conspiracies.

The fact that our "mailman" is used to aid and abet these crimes serves as further proof of the depth and breadth of this government conspiracy, since no federal organization is above being corrupted for the FBI's use in a COINTELPRO operation.

However, it is extremely important to understand that if this mailman refused to take part in these psychological operations, he could lose his job, or even worse, become a Targeted Individual.

It is also important to note that he can be subjected to the EEG Heterodyning of his own brainwave print by an Intel agency such as the NSA or CIA, without ever realizing it, while his thoughts are remotely affected. He can even be subjected to having cloned thoughts which are remotely implanted into his brain via the U.S. Military Intelligence complexes' clandestine use of EEG Heterodying technology.

Since the 9-11 false flag operation and the treasonous passage of the Patriot Act, the organized stalking vigilante hate crimes which are carried out through a nationwide network of fusion centers (overseen by the U.S. Department Of Justice and The Department Of Homeland Security), have succeeded as a system of terrorism and oppression throughout the United States, because they are based on the use of fear tactics.

As such, no citizen is immune from being blacklisted by the current Zionist controlled Communist regime in Washington D.C., and as such, becoming a Targeted Individual.

Moreover, many Targeted Individuals have reported that their own mail carriers are routinely used to take part in the psychological warfare operations perpetrated against them - by Intel agencies like the FBI - by either delivering someone else's mail to their homes, or not delivering their own mail. Pieces of mail which contain social security or pension checks are particularly vulnerable.

Furthermore, if you are a targeted individual over the age of 70, who receives a lump-some payment regarding your 401K - which you did not request - you can be certain that the FBI or DHS told someone at the company to send you this check with the hope that you would cash it and then be subjected to a much larger taxation of your 401K proceeds, than you would have been if you took these proceeds out over a period of years.

Remember that when you're dealing with the FBI in particular, its agents will quite literally sit around attempting to figure out ways in which to destroy every aspect of your life, while violating your civil rights in ways that you have never even thought of. All the more reason to research how this unconstitutional organization really operates, since the media is meant to keep us completely ignorant of how such organizations really function in this country.

- James F. Marino

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