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Another 9-11 Activist Has Died Suddenly, This Time Of A Stroke While On Vacation - Is Jane Pollicino Yet Another Victim Of A Directed Energy Weapons' Attack? Pollicino, Beverly Eckert And A Number Of Other People In Some Way Connected To Exposing 9-11 As A False Flag Operation, And Demanding That There Be A New Investigation Regarding The Terrorist Attacks On 9-11-2001, Have Died Under Mysterious Circumstances

"The Following Is A Documentary On The Terrorist Attacks On 9-11-2001 Which Was In Part Sponsored By 9-11 Activist/Widow Jane Pollicino - Like 9-11 Activist/Widow Beverly Eckert, Pollicino Had Become A Thorn In The Side Of The Conspirators Within This Government Who Perpetrated The 9-11-2001 Terrorist Attacks - And Now, Like Eckert, Pollicino Is Also Dead - Were Both Women Furtively Murdered For Their Outspoken Views And 9-11 Activism?

9-11 Widow/Activist Jane Pollicino In 2009, Speaking About The Betrayal By The U.S. Federal Government Of The American People, Regarding This Government's Cover Up Of The 9-11 False Flag Operation & New York City's Refusal To Accept A Petition With 80,000 Signatures Of New Yorkers, Who've Demanded That There Be A New Investigation Into The Terrorist Attacks On 9-11-2001 - Is Jane Pollicino Yet Another Victim Of Directed Energy Weaponry?

Jane Pollicino Describing Her Frustration In Getting The White House To Reopen The 9-11 Attacks - 9-11 Activist/Widow Beverly Eckert Made Similar Comments And Died In A Plane Crash One Week After Visiting Barack Obama At The White House Asking For His Support In Opening A New 9-11 Investigation

Another Target Of Mind Control Weapons, Sean Stinn Is Murdered When He's Artifically Given A Fatal Heart Attack Via A Microwave Weapon - Stinn Is One Of Many TI's Who Have Already Been Murdered, While Millions More From Around This Planet Are Targeted For Electronic And Psychological Torture Daily

Another Book On EEG Heterodyning Technology And Its Use In Interfacing Artificial Intelligence Computers With The Human Brain

Dr. Robert Duncan's Book: Project Soul Catcher Part 2

Project Soul Catcher - Part 2 Can Be Purchased Here

Excerpts from this book:

"Volume 2 details the CIA's practices of interrogation and cybernetic mind control in their pursuit to weaponize neuropsychology. It covers the art of bio-communication war. Human beings are complex machines but their inner workings have been deciphered. Mind control and brainwashing have been perfected in the last 60 years. Hacking computers and hacking into individual minds are similar. The 21st century will be known as the age of spiritual machines and soulless men."

"Information, psychological, cybernetic, neurological, sociological, cultural, economic warfare and all other kinds of social engineering has its exact equivalent in computer science models. This is not coincidental. Biological intelligence was evolution's design of computing.

There is a large push in the defense department as of the writing of this book to study computer hacking and cyber warfare. While this is a real threat, it is also a cover story.

Every computer hacking technique is applicable to humans and human networks. It gives the organizations new ideas of how to control and 'protect' society and its culture. This is why they run offensive information war games, which are not games at all to the innocent people that get included."

This book focuses on:

"1. Understanding that the historical, political and military pursuit of controlling human beings, interrogating them, and persuading populations through devious means in not a new agenda.

2. Brains are just biological computer and the data from the senses are input and output ports. The mind is the software or neural network design of how the data is processed.

3. The information warfare, psychological warfare, perception warfare, cognitive warfare, and communication warfare units use computer science models when hacking into minds and reprogramming their fundamental algorithms thereby altering behavior and perception.

4. Many of the detailed models, methods, and tactics of hacking computer systems and their equivalence of hacking human beings and organizations are inseparable and have been integrated into one complete system."

- Dr. Robert Duncan - Author Of "Project Soul Catcher" & "The Matrix Deceiphered"

Also See:

Dr. W. Gene Corley Dies - Dr. Corley Could Have Used His Engineering Expertise To Expose The 9-11 False Flag Operation - Instead, Like Many Other Professionals Who Took Part In This Deception, Corley Chose To Lie To The American People In Order To Conceal The Fact That The Attacks On 9-11-2001 Were An Inside Job

Venezuelan Leader, Hugo Chavez Dies Of A Heart Attack While Being Treated For Cancer - Chavez Is The Latest Leader Of A Latin American Country To Be Afflicted With Cancer - Are These Politicians Being Covertly Attacked By Microwave Energy Weapons Deployed Against Them By The U.S. Military Intelligence Complex? Before His Death, Chavez Accused The U.S. Of Giving Him Cancer By Way Of This Technology & Of Conspiring To Murder Several Other Leaders Of Latin American Countries Using This Electronic Warfare Technology - Was Chavez' Heart Attack Also Related To A Directed Energy Weapon? - America Freedom To Facism Producer Aaron Russo Was Afflicted With Cancer After Producing This Film On The Federal Reserve System, And Died Of A Heart Attack - Were Russo And Chavez Both Murdered By Directed Energy Weapons?

FBI Ignores Murder Plot Against Selected Occupy Wall Street Activists - Further Proof That The FBI Is Controlled By The Zionist Banking Cartel In The United States

Bolivians Too Poor To Afford Water From A Treatment Plant Must Drink Polluted Water, Which Threatens Their Lives - Coca Cola's Role In This Travesty

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