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HAARP Technology Being Used By The U.S Military Intelligence Complex To Manipulate Our Weather Patterns As Part Of A Furtive Genocidal Plot - Is Hurricane Sandy The Latest In This Murderous Conspiracy

"Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction." -Pascal

The Ionosphere Protects The Earth & Its Inhabitants From Large Amounts Of Solar Radiation, However, The U.S. Military Intelligence Complex Is Using HAARP Technology To Make Holes In The Ionosphere

HAARP Technology Is Being Used As Part Of A Genocidal Policy By The U.S. Federal Goverment In the above video, Dr. Nick Begich describes HAARP technology and its ability to create artificial natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods and earthquakes.

The video also includes the research done by a man named Dutch Sinse, whom for the past few years has been using YouTube to post his videos. These videos have accurately predicted storms in advance, based on rings that Dutch locates on weather maps, which he has claimed are created by HAARP technology and then picked up by weather radar.

In 2011, Dutch Sinse reported that he began to experience a covert campaign in which to discredit him. He reported that his mail was being opened, that he was being stalked, and that his YouTube account had been sabotaged.

Does this sound familiar? It does if you're a whistleblower attempting to publicly describe something that the U.S. Federal Government does not want you talking about.

This is especially true when it comes to this government's criminal use of HAARP technology for the purpose of geophysical manipulation of our weather.

HAARP technology is being used as part of a clandestine plan to depopulate this planet through the creation of artificial disasters which mimic natural phenomena, thus giving the perpetrators of these horrific crimes a plausibly deniable way of committing them.

Directed energy weapons are part of this electronic warfare program, and can be used to torture and murder any citizen in the United States. These weapons are usually deployed via signals intelligence satellite networks that are used to track the unique EMF frequencies that emanate from each person's body.

This author has been the target of such attacks for many years, and used by the NSA as a target of mind control experimentation since the late 1970's. Since that time I have been illegally tracked by the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, and subjected to the NSA's through the air computer to brain interface of my person, via a technology known as EEG heterodyning, which is used to synchronize a signals intelligence satellite with the unique EMF signature of any American citizen (a brainwave print).

There are perhaps millions of American citizens who are electronically satellite tracked in such ways who have yet to realize it. And according to NSA whistle blower, John St. Clair Akwei, any American citizen can be instantly tracked by the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network. And any person who approaches someone who is being brain scanned by the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network can also be instantly identified.

This means that all Americans are electronically EMF fingerprinted by the NSA, even though the NSA's charter prohibits it from spying domestically.

And because the NSA can also instantly identify the unique EMF frequencies which emanate from each American citizen's brain (bioelectric resonance/entrainment frequencies) this EMF fingerprinting network in America also constitutes a form of electronic brain fingerprinting for each American citizen.

It is also constitutes a form of electronic trespass; especially since the NSA uses this technology to remotely enter our minds in order to steal our ideas.

And this Orwellian crime does not end with the theft of our biological property either, since in order to perpetrate such a crime, the NSA had to first find way in which to steal our biological property (the EMF signatures from our bodies), which it then uses as part of its signals intelligence EMF scanning network; in order to remotely track us, while interfacing a signals intelligence satellite and artificial intelligence computer with our body's own unique brainwave print.

The FBI/NSA smear campaign against this author is being used to whitewash this crime as well as the myriad other crimes which these organizations have and continue to perpetrate against this author and my Family; including years of non consensual human experimentation as a target of MKULTRA, and the most abject violations of the U.S. Bill of Rights in American history.

- James F. Marino

Editor's Note: The insanity of the FBI's psychological warfare operations continues to astound this author. In the latest of what has been thousands of psyops this author has experienced and journaled about over the past decade, the FBI now blocks my credit card purchase from any Website which offers at a significant discount, items that I am interested in purchasing.

Whenever I attempt to make such a purchase, the credit card is valid, however, declined. Yet, when I attempt to purchase the same items at regular price, the FBI does not interfere with the purchase? And these agents claim to be the sane ones?

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