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The 1974 Movie "The Parallax View" Is Another Excellent Example Of Art Imitating Life - Under The Orwellian Shadow Government Which Now Controls America, This Movie Could Not Be Made In The U.S. In The Present Day

U.S. Health Officials Warn Of Possible Meningitis Outbreak After At least 13,000 Receive A Tainted Flu Vaccine - Was This Done Accidentally, Or Deliberately As Part Of A Genocidal Plot To Reduce The Middle Class Population In The United States?

The NSA's EMF Fingerprinting & Remote Neural Monitoring (Remote Thought Reading Via Signals Intelligence Satellite) Of The American People, Is The Most Demonic Attack On The Human Race In The History Of Humanity

Editor's Note: In addition to their DEW attacks on this author, the FBI & NSA continue to attack this author's Father with directed energy weaponry.

It was also about a year ago that the FBI, in an effort to whitewash the crimes it continues to perpetrate against this author as a target of mind control experimentation, dramatically escalated its slander campaign against my person. The FBI's allegations do not involve any legitimate investigation of my person, and never have.

And it is the FBI and the NSA who should be investigated by the American people, for the crimes they have perpetrated against my person and Family, as well as myriad other Americans, and the coercive tactics which these agents have employed over the past decade, in which to prevent any person who can corroborate these crimes, from doing so.

What the FBI in particular has done to silence these people should be characterized for exactly what it is: outright extortion.

The smear campaign the FBI continues to deploy against this author is being used to cover up their use of my person as a target of non consensual human experimentation, as well as the national EMF fingerprinting network which the NSA has been using for several decades to secretly enslave the American people.

The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network has been used to destroy the privacy of the American citizenry, any of whom can be instantly targeted by this satellite tracking system, while their brains are indefinitely electronically tethered to this signals intelligence domestic spy system.

According to NSA whistleblower, John St. Clair Akwei, all Americans are electronically branded by this NSA domestic spy system (The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network), and as a result of this, can be instantly identified, tracked, and subjected to the through-the-air computer to brain interface of their own persons, without ever realizing how egregiously the NSA has violated their Constitutional rights.

Regardless of how intensely the U.S. Federal Government attempts to conceal this outrageous scandal, it is eventually going to result in the American people's abolition of the corporate government which presently operates out of Washington D.C. The American middle class in particular, will do this for their own survival, given that this government is being used to systematically destroy the American middle class.

This is not the government that was created as a result of the U.S. Constitution which was ratified in 1791, but instead, a government that was created as the result of a second constitution which was created in 1871, and which became the foundation for the corporate government which has existed in Washington D.C. since that time.

A government which the House of Rothschild has used to usurp the American people's real Constitution.

Moreover, it is this EMF fingerprinting network which allows the NSA to instantly track any American citizen by way of their body's own unique set of EMF frequencies, while establishing through-the-air computer to brain interface with that person, in order to remotely access their thoughts (remote neural monitoring of the brain or as it is otherwise known - synthetic telepathy).

Since 2005, the FBI agents involved in the COINTELPRO attack against this author, have been retaliating against my person in every illegal way imaginable, as the result of my using the Internet in which to document these treasonous crimes.

See: The FBI Uses Neural Linguistic Programming To Subliminally Link This Author To A Myriad Of Chosen Psychological Triggers Which The Public Has Been Unwittingly Conditioned To Respond To, In Efforts To Brainwash The Public, As Part Of The FBI COINTELPRO Against My Person - The FBI Is Using NLP Techniques Against The Entire Community Of Men And Women Who Are Targets Of Non Consensual Human Experimentation & The Vigilante Hate Crime, Organized Stalking

The FBI and NSA also regularly use satellite deployed directed energy weapons in order to damage or destroy electronic equipment in this author's home.

They either use a directed energy weapon to destroy this equipment as they have on several occasions, or use the technology to stress the components in this equipment so that they fail prematurely.

During the night the FBI and NSA torture this author with a directed energy weapon, while destroying one of the heaters that I use to keep the water warm in an aquarium I maintain.

Only signals intelligence technology and the experts that utilize it, can, via satellite, remotely locate the EMF field given off by a piece of electronic equipment, then target the equipment with a pulse beam microwave, and destroy it. And it is the U.S. National Security Agency whose forte has been signals intelligence since 1952.

This offers further proof that the U.S. Military Intelligence complex is using directed energy weapons to vandalize the personal property of targets of non consensual human experimentation and the vigilante hate crime organized stalking.

The FBI/NSA latest directed energy attack on my Father, concerns the abdominal region, which is manifest by acute stomach cramps. There is no medical remedy for the symptoms created artificially through the U.S. Military Intelligence complexes' use of directed energy weapons on American citizens, even though myriad targets of this technology have attempted to receive medical treatment for symptoms which are created through the remote deployment of directed energy weapons against their persons.

The FBI's Use Of Civilian Groups To Criminally Harass Individuals Of Non Consensual Human Experimentation - These Neo Nazi Groups Have Been Dubbed As Organized Stalking Networks, By The Thousands Of Men & Women Who Have Taken To The Internet To Describe These Outrageous Violations Of The Constitutional Rule Of Law - Since The 9-11 False Flag Operation, The U.S. Is Run By A Government Full Of Criminals Who Are Now Using Fusion Centers To Criminalize Our Communities - This Is The Final Step In Destroying The American Middle Class And In Enslaving Its Citizenry Through A 21St Century Feudal System

The only way to end these physical manifestations of torture, is for the electronic warfare system in the United States to be abolished.

FBI Tampers With YouTube Account

Within 10 minutes of posting the above movie from YouTube, the FBI has YouTube list the movie for a $2.99 charge, when it was at first listed for free.

These are the kinds of demented things that FBI agents do as part of the psychological warfare operations that they carry out against targetted individuals.

As another example of the insanity of these agents, they recently interfere with an purchase. The purchase was for 9 packages of Fleischmann's yeast.

Each package consists of three .75 ounce packets of yeast which should sell for around $2.50 to $3.50 for all three packets, depending on where the item is being purchased.

This author purchased (9) 3 packs (.075 ounce) of yeast, which translates into 27 packets of yeast for $18.99.

Instead of receiving all 27 packets of yeast, the FBI interferes with the purchase, and I only receive (3) 3 packs, for 9 packets in total - one third of what I paid for. Instead of paying 70 cents a packet, this vendor is charging $2.11 per packet or $6.33 for each three pack of yeast at least twice what most vendors are charging for the same product.

When sends this author an E-mail asking for feedback on the vendor whom the FBI used to remove the extra 18 packets of yeast, the FBI remotely disables the electronic button which the author must click on to send this feedback to

This is yet another example of the FBI's electronic tampering of Websites, including those which involve Internet commerce.

It also serves as an example of the myriad ways that the FBI's neo Nazi psychopaths perpetrate their crimes by using Internet vendors to commit crimes against targets of non consensual human experimentation and organized stalking.

This is also proof that the FBI uses these vendors to perpetrate these crimes for the Bureau, under the Patriot Act. Is it any wonder why the American people want the Patriot Act abolished, given its use in destroying the Constitutional rights which all American citizens are entitled to by law?

A target of organized stalking is subjected to these gaslighting tactics every day of their lives.

The FBI and NSA also continue to electronically hack this blog. While writing this post, this author receives an electronic message that someone has signed out of this blog from another location. This means that someone else has electronically hacked into this blog while I am accessing it through my Blogger account. If the blog is deleted or vandalized, the FBI and NSA will be directly involved in this crime as well.

The only reason that I am receiving this message is because the FBI agents who perpetrate these crimes against my person want me to know that they are electronically hacking into this blog; so I am posting evidence of this latest electronic trespass here.

This is yet another example of the FBI's computer hacking abilities over the Internet, and further proof that these agents are nothing but sadistic low life criminals who now use the Patriot Act to commit their crimes with complete impunity from prosecution.

As for the FBI/NSA/DHS criminal conspiracy against this author, my skull continues to be aggressively targeted by federal agents using satellite deployed directed energy weapons, causing dizziness and headaches - which are being created artificially.

Many TI's have mentioned how the perpetrators of these Orwellian and heinous crimes can penetrate deeply into the muscle tissue of the body and head with this electronic warfare technology; this is something that this author can testify to, based on my own experiences as a target of this satellite predation.

In addition to this author, my Father and other members of my Family are also being targeted aggressively with DEW attacks, by the New World Order Nazi's whom we refer to as FBI and NSA agents. These agents are a murderous blight on the human race, whom history will record as the most evil and sadistic reprobrates ever to occupy this planet.

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