Thursday, October 18, 2012

In 2000, Dr. Bruce Maccabee Published A Book On The FBI's Cover Up Of UFO's - Today, With The Disclosure By Several Governments Of Their Knowledge Of UFO Craft & EBE's One Must Wonder Why The U.S. Federal Government Continues To Deny The Existence Of Both

The Global Military-Intelligence Complex - What Is It Doing In Pine Gap Australia? And Who Or What Is Really Controlling This Complex?

*Editor's Note: When a UFO is able to simultaneously disable nearly 20 nuclear missiles, yet the U.S. Department Of Defense claims that UFO's are not considered to be a safety threat to U.S. National Security, one must wonder what else the Pentagon is hiding from the American people?

Dr. Bruce Maccabee's book: "UFO FBI CONNECTION - The Secret History of the Government's Cover-Up" proves that the FBI and other organizations within the U.S. Military Intelligence complex have known of the existence of UFO craft and Extra Terrestrial Biological Entities since the 1940's, yet concealed this fact from the American people.

A U.S. Navy Physicist Proves That The FBI And U.S. Air Force Have Been Lying To The American People Since The Late 1940's, By Claiming That UFO's Did Not Exist, When In Reality They Not Only Knew Of The Existence Of These Craft But Have Been Actively Researching Them Ever Since

Breaking News: Former FBI Agent and Alleged Co-Conspirators Indicted -- “'According to the indictment, while active in the FBI, former Special Agent Lustyik used his position in an attempt to stave off the criminal investigation of a business partner with whom he was pursuing lucrative security and energy contracts,' said Assistant Attorney General Breuer."

“He allegedly acted through a childhood friend to secure promises of cash, purported medical expenses and business proceeds in exchange for abusing his position as an FBI agent. The alleged conduct is outrageous, and we will do everything we can to ensure that justice is done in this case."

See the full story here:

Breaking News: Former FBI Agent and Alleged Co-Conspirators Indicted - This Is Yet Another In The Myriad Examples Of FBI Agents Who Believe That They Are Above The Law - These Agents Are Some Of The Worst Criminals In Human History

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