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This Author's Father Is Attacked By FBI/NSA With A Directed Energy Weapon Again

My Father Again Attacked With Directed Energy Weaponry
Now In The Hospital Fighting For His Life

Update: A few minutes ago (Sunday 10/21/12) approximately 1PM, this author is informed that while at the hospital my Father had a seizure which was no doubt caused by the directed energy weapon his brain is being targeted by.

If he dies, this will be murder by FBI/NSA agents using satellite deployed directed energy weapons to perpetrate this crime against humanity. And the FBI will not stop here either.

They have already attacked my Mother on more than one occasion which resulted in her being hospitalized, as well as other members of my Family who've been subjected to less noticeable forms of DEW attack. And FBI/NSA will continue to use this techology to kill us off one by one. Why have FBI/NSA not murdered this author yet? Because their intent has been to force me into the commission of suicide, which has failed.

In this author's opinion these agents will attempt to murder me with a satellite deployed directed energy weapon when they feel that they can do so in a plausibly deniable way, which is why I am documenting this here.

However, they are not through torturing me yet, and if I am dead they can no longer do so. Besides, I am in good health and given what I have documented over the Internet, my sudden death would surely be recognized for exactly what it is - murder via a satellite deployed directed energy weapon.


It is 10:13PM Eastern Standard Time on Saturday evening, and about 20 minutes ago this author's Father was again attacked with a directed energy weapon. His major symptoms, extreme dizziness and nausea - both of which are being caused by a directed energy weapon - specifically a ULF frequency directed at his body. He was fine earlier, after having had a good dinner. He had walked earlier in the day for close to 30 minutes and was feeling well.

Suddenly, this evening he informs this author that he is feeling very lightheaded, and begins to pass out. I am certain that this is the result of a directed energy weapon's attack by NSA/FBI. Over the past decade, these attacks have become a constant problem, which the FBI and NSA use to keep our Family in a state of constant terror. Every minute of the day they are planning some form of attack, and no day passes without some form of attack taking place.

These agents will also look for any plausibly deniable reason in which to use this technology on an unsuspecting target.

My Father uses some wax on a piece of furniture and states that it smelled very strong. He has been using wax on cars for the past decade without becoming dizzy, yet suddenly this wax is supposed to result in his having a seizure?

This might have had a shred of credibility were it not for the fact that this author is targeted by directed energy weapons constantly as part of the decades of non consensual human experimentation that I am subjected to, and that several members of my Family (including my parents) are subjected to.

The wax was simply an opportunity for the Intel agents who are targeting us with satellite deployed directed energy weapons to perpetrate another more aggressive attack on my Father, which they did.

FBI Use Of Local Police & Fire Department To Aid & Abet These Directed Energy Weapon's Attacks

FBI/NSA notifies the local police in advance that these attacks are going to take place, then the police and fire department await a phone call from our home to request an ambulance for whomever is being attacked at any given time.

During their time at this author's home, police and fire department members are given psychological triggers in advance, which they use the entire time they are at our home. Their entrance into our home is also a form of psychological warfare & invasion of privacy.

Tonight's attack on my Father offers further proof that these attacks are premeditated by FBI/NSA, in order to cause complete havoc in the lives of this targeted individual and other members of my Family; Who in turn also become targets of these covert and horrendous crimes. As a result of this conspiracy, there is no such thing as relaxation for any of us, because as soon as we attempt to do so, one of us is targeted by a directed energy weapon.

Why have FBI/NSA increased the directed energy weapons' attacks on our persons? Because we have grown to ignore the vehicular stalking campaigns (state sponsored terrorism) which occur as the result of the organized stalking FBI/NSA/DHS perpetrate against this author, in order to provoke me. These provocations have been occurring for the past decade and have failed.

So FBI/NSA crimes have become more aggressive, given that they cannot provoke this author into committing a crime that they can prosecute my person for. So the directed energy weapon's attacks become the primary means in which to attack us now, perpetrated by men and women within this government who are nothing but incarnated evil.

This is why it is so important for the American people to learn about these satellite based weapons for themselves, since any American citizen can be instantly targeted by the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, and tortured or even murdered by way of this clandestine technology, and the monsters within this government who use it on us.

There are now thousands of accounts on the Internet, being made by American citizens, who describe being tortured via directed energy weapons, by the FBI, DHS and other government agencies; Americans who are being tortured within the privacy of their own homes, and subjected to the vigilante hate crime, organized stalking, which is being orchestrated through a national network of fusion centers that are secretly overseen by the U.S. Justice Department and Homeland Security.

The NSA and FBI subject us to some form of psychological torture every day, and many days the torture is also physical in nature. This latest attack on my Father is done with the intent of terrifying not only my Father (and perhaps even murdering him), but also other members of my Family. This is the covert way that the FBI and NSA control people's lives while gradually destroying them. They use this clandestine technology to torture and terrorize us.

The directed energy attack which took place this evening against my Father, was planned out in advance and carried out with precision timing by federal agents.

Virtually every year for the past decade this author's Father has ended up in the hospital during the months leading into or directly after the Holiday season, each of which was the result of a directed energy weapon's attack.

These furtive directed energy attacks oftentimes also result in these Family members being prescribed medications which are not necessary, and quite possibly even dangerous to them. Yet, the doctors, out of fear of losing their medical licenses based on being setup on trumped up charges, do whatever the FBI tells them to do.

Moreover, the convenient timing in the directed energy attack on this author's Father offers further proof that these attacks are premeditated by federal agents of the FBI and NSA - something this author has been documenting for the past decade.

The FBI is also well aware that as the result of a large branch snapping and hitting this author directly in the eye a few months ago, that I have held off on renewing my driver's license given the dizziness that I was experiencing at the time.

As a target of non consensual human experimentation, several doctors have been used in the past to carry out covert forms of torture against this author, as well as other crimes - including grand larceny - at the direction of FBI/NSA.

For this reason I avoid the medical profession whenever possible.

The FBI also blackmailed a Long Island physician into closing his medical practice in 2006, after the FBI coerced this physician into falsifing a medical report in regard to this author.

Interestingly enough, prior to this physician's announcement of closing his medical practice after more than 25 years in business, this author posts an article on the Internet which describes how the FBI coerced this physician into falsifying a medical report in regard to my person.

Prior to this, the medical profession had been out to destroy the career of this physician for more than 10 years, for his testimony before the Senate Health Committee in 1993 (at the time chaired by Senator Ted Kennedy), exposing certain physicians who were misdiagnosing chronically ill Lyme Disease patients.

This physician is an excellent diagnostician, who made many enemies within the medical community for his more aggressive and beneficial Lyme Disease treatment protocol.

However, when he blew the whistle in regard to specific physicians who had misdiagnosed patients who were ultimately diagnosed with Lyme Disease, this physician became the target of a criminal conspiracy to destroy his medical career.

When these physicians orchestrated this criminal conspiracy against this doctor, in order to remove him from the medical field, they abused the use of an investigative organization - The NY OPMC (Office Of Professional Medical Conduct)- to conduct a fraudulent investigation into this doctor.

However, the investigation failed to put this doctor out of business, and by the early 2000's (if not earlier), the FBI was called in to destroy his career.

And the FBI would use whatever means necessary, regardless of how illegal, immoral, or unethical, in which to do so.

Not long after this author writes an article and posts it on the Internet in regard to the FBI's coercion of this physician to falsify a medical report in regard to my person, the physician suddenly, and to the shock of many of his patients, decides to close his medical practice.

To this day, many of his former patients question if there is something more to this physician's decision to close his medical practice than he's led on to, and there is.

The FBI's manipulation of physicians in the instance of this author has involved everything from fabricating medical lab reports and taking money under false pretenses, to replacing legitimate medications with placebos. To say that these doctors breached their Hypocratic Oath is an understatement.

And there are myriad testimonies from other targets of non consensual human experimentation and organized stalking crimes, who have also documented the U.S. Intelligence community's interference with the medical treatment of these people. The dizziness that this author experienced shortly after being struck in the eye by a branch, has decreased since that time.

However, FBI/NSA exploit the situation by targeting my skull with various frequencies of these microwave weapons in order to cause repeated symptoms which vary from day to day, depending on the frequencies being used to target my brain. This is done in order to prevent me from renewing my driver's license, as yet a further form of isolation.

As stated, FBI/NSA have exploited this situation by targeting my skull aggressively since that time (three months this past Thursday), and have been waiting for the opportunity to attack my Father again, knowing that I would not have my driver's license to travel back and forth to the hospital in such an event, which only causes further problems.

It is now only a matter of time before this author's Mother, or other members of my Family are again attacked with a satellite deployed directed energy weapon, so I am documenting it on this blog in advance.

Author, Eustace Mullins, once described how the FBI created a situation in which Mullins was unable to renew his driver's license, so that he could be arrested for driving his car without a license.

To this author's knowledge, Eustace Mullins was arrested for driving without a license as a result of this subterfuge. The FBI is notorious for such machinations, and Mullins' wrote an entire book in regard to the FBI's COINTELPRO harassment of his Family and person.

The FBI may have thought that they would destroy Eustace Mullins. However, Eustace's legacy as the greatest political historian of the 20Th Century is intact and always will be, just as the FBI's legacy will always be that of an Americanized and murderous Gestapo.

Eustace also accused the FBI of murdering his parents as the result of the constant pressure they subjected his Family to, which is exactly what the FBI is attempting to do to this author's parents. Every furtive attack on my parents by FBI/NSA is tantamount to attempted murder.

The book Eustace wrote is called "A Writ For Martyrs," and describes the abject evil that FBI agents are capable of.

This is yet another example of how these government reprobates manipulate a situation regarding a target of COINTELPRO. They use these diabolical yet furtive attacks in which to wear the target of these crimes down, while the U.S. Congress, President and Judiciary conveniently ignore that these crimes are taking place against American citizens.

The FBI is well aware that they cannot enter a court of law in the United States without denying that these crimes are taking place (and in doing so risk being indicted for perjury), so they resort to their slander campaigns, as well as the psychological operations which involve organized stalking hate crimes, and the use of directed energy weapons on the targets of these crimes.

What the FBI, the rest of the U.S. Military Intelligence complex and our so called politicians are terrified of, is that the American people will learn that they have been electronically fingerprinted by the U.S. National Security Agency, which has catalogued the unique sets of EMF frequencies of each American citizen's body into the NSA's computer database. And that these frequencies have been used in secret by the U.S Military-Intelligence complex in order to enslave the American people.

The FBI and NSA have been illegally remote neural monitoring this author's brainwaves for decades, which qualifies as mind control experimentation; not legitimate court warranted surveillance.

And they have done far more than just monitor my brainwaves. They have electronically implanted thoughts within my mind via signals intelligence satellite two way through-the-air computer to brain interface of my person.

And for the past two decades they have also tortured my person with satellite deployed directed energy weapons, as they have also done to several members of my Family.

When I first began documenting this in 2005, virtually no one believed that the NSA could actually access the brainwaves of an American citizen via satellite, without that citizen being implanted with some form of remote tracking chip.

However, this has now changed, and there are a substantial and growing number of Americans who know that their brains can be remotely accessed by the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, without ever having been implanted with a brainchip.

This Orwellian attack by the shadow government in the United States will not be ignored or tolerated any longer, since they have completely corrupted this federal government, and are now using it along with a series of unconstitutional pieces of legislation in which to destroy the American middle class.

As for the upcoming U.S. Presidential election, it makes no difference whether Barack Obama or Mitt Romney gets elected, since they are part of the conspiracy to enslave the American middle class, and are well aware that the U.S. Military Intelligence complex has electronically branded the American citizenry like heads of cattle.

As for the FBI/NSA conspiracy against this author, the fact is that I have succeeded in getting many Americans to understand that the U.S. Military Intelligence complex has remotely enslaved the U.S. population through a *Signals Intelligence EMF fingerprinting network.

*Google: John St. Clair Akwei VS NSA

And as a result of this abject betrayal by the leadership in the United States, the American middle class will eventually abolish the corporate government in Washington D.C as well as the Rothschilds' Federal Reserve System, and take America back from this cancerous plague on humanity.

As for the FBI/NSA attempt to murder this author, they will eventually succeed in doing so.

However, I have lived long enough to make history by not only corroborating what John St. Clair Akwei has documented in his lawsuit against the U.S. National Security Agency, regarding the Agency's treasonous domestic spy operations, but by also promulgating my own experiences as a target of this technology to millions of readers around the world.

It is these readers whom, for their own survival, will be forced to acknowledge the existence of this Orwellian technology, and the dangers that both the technology and those within our respected governments who deploy it against us, represent to the human race.

As for the Zionist controlled media in the United States, they have sold the American people out for profit and are colluding in the wholesale destruction of this once great nation and her citizens. They are doing so by covering up the fact that the attacks on 9-11-2001 were perpetrated by factions within the Bush 43 White House.

And that the Federal Reserve System Communist central bank, the U.S. Congress, the hierarchy within the U.S. Military Intelligence complex, and the media system in America, are all involved in this criminal conspiracy and the subsequent coverup which has been taking place since 9-11-2001. They have attempted to portray those of us who write about these crimes as being evil. However, those who perpetrated these crimes and now seek to whitewash the facts behind them are the true evil in the United States.

The Hidden Evil.

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