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Was A Brown University Student By The Name Of Sunil Tripathi, Mistaken For Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev ? And Is Tripathi The Man Being Arrested In The Video Which A Reporter Had Taken And Claimed Was Tamerlan Tsarnaev? This Is Especially Important If Tripathi Is The Man In This Video Since Tripathi Has Now Been Found Dead, The Victim Of An Apparent Drowning

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Is The Person Identified In The Above Video As Tamerlan Tsarnaev, Really A Brown University Student By The Name Of Sunil Tripathi?

Editor's Note: On the front page of the April 26Th edition of Long Island's Newsday daily paper, there is a photograph of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, which is alleged to have been taken while he was in Manhattan. The younger Tsarnaev brother's face is visible, while the five other people he's photographed with have their faces blacked out.

Is this photograph legitimate, or is it another photoshopped creation of the FBI, being used as part of its Boston Marathon bombing, false flag propaganda campaign?

In the above video, a reporter claims to have seen Tamerlan Tsarnaev being arrested by Boston police on the night of April 15Th, 2013, and tossed into a police cruiser. The reporter then stated that after his arrest, this person was taken to the wall of a nearby building. There, he was forced to stand in front of the wall, and the reporter said that it appeared that he was being photographed by police.

If the person in the video is Tamerlan Tsarnaev, how did he get free from police custody? And how did he later obtain weapons for his alleged fatal shootout with police?

And if the person being placed in the Boston police car is not Tamerlan Tsarnaev, then who is he? And whatever became of him?

We Saw How The FBI Tried To Cover Up Its Murder Of Kenneth Trentadue, After Trentadue Was Mistaken For One Of The 9-11 Terrorist Suspects And Beaten To Death During An Interrogation

When Kenneth Trentadue was tortured, beaten to death and hanged at the direction of FBI agents, they then attempted to cover up their murder of Trentadue, by calling his family and volunteering to pay to have Trentadue's body cremated.

Had it not been for his family's refusal to allow this to happen, and Trentadue's brother, Jesse, not believing the FBI's account of what really happened to Kenneth, no would have ever known that he'd been beaten to death.

Could Sunil Tripathi Have Been Beaten To Death And Then Dumped Into Narragansett Bay, To Conceal The Fact That He Was Murdered In A Botched Investigation?

Could the person in the above video who was initially thought to be Boston Marathon bombing suspect, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, instead be a Brown University student by the name of Sunil Tripathi? Tripathi, who was on leave from Brown University, is reported to have not been seen since March 15Th, 2013.

Tripathi, who according to friends and family, had *not been seen since March 15Th, 2013, had been recently vindicated of any association with the Boston Marathon bombings, after he was wrongfully accused on the Redditt Website of being one of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects.

* Where was Tripathi for the four weeks prior to the Boston Marathon bombing on April 15Th?

According to dental records which are alleged to belong to Tripathi, his body was identified on Tuesday, after it was fished out of Narragansett Bay by members of a Brown University rowing crew.

One must wonder how long Tripathi's body had been in the water? If the person in the above video is Tripathi and his body was found on Tuesday, then his body could have been dumped in the Bay as early as Friday night, and remained there for four days until it was discovered.

And if his death is in some way related to the Boston Marathon false flag operation, what is to say that a coroner will not be forced to give fabricated evidence in regard to his pathology report on Tripathi, in order to conceal what may have really happened to the Brown University student?

That is if in fact the body recovered is actually that of Sunil Tripathi, and not someone else, since the body was in bad enough condition that dental records were alleged to have been needed in order to positively identify the body.

There are already allegations being made that the official coroner report in regard to the death of Tamerlan Tsarnaev, may well have been falsified.

And an eyewitness to his shooting has already stated that Tamerlan was run over by a police SUV, not the one his brother was alleged to have been driving.

So we have yet another public challenge to the FBI's account of what the Bureau claims occurred on the night of April 15Th, 2013.

The witness also stated that Tamerlan was then shot to death by police.

The more information that surface in regard to the Boston Marathon bombings, the more nebulous this situation becomes.

Moreover, if this is indeed another false flag operation like 9-11, how many more people will have to die so that the official and very likely fabricated story can be maintained?

The Boston Marathon false flag operation continues to become more confusing by the day, where one lie results in myriad others used to support the original.

Furthermore, the controlled media have already begun fomenting another major disinformation campaign, which is likely being used to conceal the identities of the real perpetrators of the Boston Marathon bombings; Just as the media was used to cover up for the real masterminds of the terrorist attacks on 9-11-2001.

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