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The Jonestown Massacre - The CIA -- And The Murder Of Congressman Leo Ryan - Was Ryan Murdered For Attempting To Investigate The U.S Intelligence Community?

The FBI's Domain Management Programs Are Not Only Contrary To The U.S. Constitution, But May Be The Genesis For The Nationwide Organized Stalking Crimes Which Are Orchestrated Through Fusion Centers

Is The NSA Reading Your Mind? fMRI & EEG Brain Scanning Technologies Have Been Deployed Via The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network For Decades - So Why Is The U.S. Media Ignoring This Fact?

The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network Being Used As Part Of the NSA's "TANGRAM" Total Information Awareness Program Directed At The American People - Through Its SIGNIT EMF Scanning Network, The NSA Can Remotely Access & Manipulate The Thoughts Of Any American Citizen Without Their Knowledge Or Consent - This Is The Biggest Scandal In Reference To A Government's Betrayal Of Its Own Citizens In The History Of The Human Race - Google: John St. Clair Akwei VS The National Security Agency

The Jonestown Massacre & The Murder
Of Congressman Leo Ryan
Are The Two Related To The CIA's MKULTRA Operations?

Written By James F. Marino

The Church Committee Hearings which were presided over by Idaho Senator, Frank Church in the 1970's, were conducted in order to establish a much needed system of checks and balances within the U.S. Intelligence community; a system of accountability that has always been absent from the U.S. Military-Intelligence complex.

Senator Church's investigation concluded that not only was this intelligence community desperately in need of reform, but that given its sophisticated spy technology, in the wrong hands, the National Security Agency could easily be used to turn the United States into a military-intelligence dictatorship.

The Church Committee's analysis absolutely terrified the hierarchy within the U.S. Military-Intelligence complex, to the point where they have made certain that no further investigations of this community of domestic spies has been able to take place.

Even though their spy technology has become far more sophisticated and invasive to American privacy since Frank Church last investigated U.S. Intel, and their domestic spying and violations of the U.S. Bill of Rights, far more outrageous than ever before.

It's been more than 35 years since the last major investigation of the U.S. Intelligence community has taken place, and the U.S. Congress has done everything possible to ensure that no modern day investigation of U.S. Intel is forthcoming.

Even though such an investigation is now of greater import than that of the original Church Committee Hearings.

And who loses out because of this? The American people do, when the U.S. Intelligence community is able to get away with deploying spy technologies against us which are in clear violation of our inherent rights to privacy and due process of law under the United States Bill of Rights.

This is especially true in post 9-11 America, where the U.S. federal government's secrecy is now worse than ever, and a government cover up regarding a domestic spy system which operates based on the use of a signals intelligence EMF scanning network, is being used to electronically brand and enslave the American middle class, without their knowledge.

In particular, I refer to a technology known as EEG heterodyning, which since the 1970's has been used to interface signals intelligence satellites with the neural pathways of the human brain, by synchronizing artificial intelligence computers with the unique EMF brainwave print of each American citizen.

For more on this technology, Google: Dr. Robert Duncan's book: "The Matrix Deciphered" - EEG Heterodyning, EEG Cloning, Remote Neural Monitoring, Computer To Brain Interface, John St. Clair Akwei VS The U.S. National Security Agency, Organized Stalking, Fusion Centers, INFRAGARD, The National Defense Authorization Act.

Not only has this remote thought reading technology been documented by former government employees, who've now become government whistle blowers; the technology is being deployed against the American citizenry as the direct result of the theft of own biological property. The unique EMF signatures which emanate from our bodies, including a set of EMF resonances given off by each of our brains, which comprise an EMF brainwave print, have been stolen from us, and used by the U.S. Military Intelligence complex as part of an Orwellian domestic spy program that is being used to electronically brand each American citizen, like a head of cattle.

This also means that the American people have been electronically brain fingerprinted by the NSA, without their knowledge or consent. This is a scandal so outrageously Orwellian, that the federal government in the United States will not be able to survive it, once the truth has been generally accepted by the American people.

Unfortunately, being the first person in history to publicly accuse a government of both stealing and then electronically fingerprinting the EMF signatures of the bodies of an entire country's citizenry, and treasonously using it as part of a domestic spy program - in this case the American people - this author understands both the difficulty and dangers involved in promulgating such unpopular information, even though it is the truth.

However, this author is also certain that history will eventually, conclusively prove that my allegations in regard to this abjectly treasonous crime by the NSA are true. And I will fight to my dying breath to promulgate this information on behalf of the American people, and the Constitutional Republic on which America was founded.

For if I, or anyone else who understands the gravity of this situation fails to do so, Americans, like the rest of the citizens on this planet, will be destined to be furtively enslaved through an Orwellian technocracy. And by the very government whom they have entrusted to protect their interests - both domestically, as well as internationally.

1978 -- Jonestown, Guyana
The Genocide Of Hundreds Of Americans

On November 18Th, 1978 the world awoke to the horrors of the Jonestown massacre and one of the greatest deceptions in human history. The American media was reporting that the Reverend Jim Jones had forced roughly 900 (American) members of his cult to commit suicide, and shown the absolute carnage that ensued after he had given them cyanide laced cups of Kool-Aid to consume.

However, what the media did not report was that almost every one of these 900 members of the People's Temple cult were targets of a CIA MKULTRA program, and had been shot through the back of their heads, execution style, after refusing to drink the cyanide laced Kool-Aid.

Moreover, when Jones was a child, his father had been active within the Klu Klux Klan, which exposed the younger Jones to the darker side of human nature. And this would turn out to have a very significant and tragic affect on Jones as well as most of his followers.

To anyone who's familiar with the Central Intelligence Agency's MKULTRA mind control research, the Jonestown massacre is simply so typical of the CIA's covert operations, that it quite literally demands to be independently investigated.

And over the years that's exactly what has happened, with many Americans now believing that the CIA's MKULTRA mind control research program was involved with the deaths of more than 900 people, in addition to an American Congressman by the name of Leo Ryan.

The CIA's Covert Murder Of Congressman Leo Ryan
And Its Destruction Of The Hughes Ryan Act

While there have been a great number of issues independently investigated regarding the Jonestown mass murders -- issues which the mainstream U.S. media was either never told about, or conveniently chose to omit from their coverage of this tragic story - there is one issue regarding the Jonestown massacre which so typifies the CIA's chronic paranoia and need to murder those whom the agency deems to be powerful enough to expose some aspect of its criminal operations, that it literally cries out to be exposed.

In 1974 out of frustration at Congresses' inability to properly oversee the U.S. Intelligence community, two then Democratic members of Congress, Senator Harold E. Hughes and Congressman Leo Ryan, drafted the Hughes-Ryan Act as an amendment to the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961.

The Hughes-Ryan Act required that the President of the United States report any covert Intelligence operations to a Congressional oversight committee within a specified period of time.

Hughes also saw this Act as a means of limiting the covert operations being carried out by the U.S Military Intelligence complex, as well as National Security Agency agents who might be operating without having the president's full knowledge or approval of what they were doing.

Hughes would retire from Congress in 1974. However, his co-sponsor of the Hughes-Ryan Act would stay in office for several more years, only to become the first active member of Congress to be murdered while in the line of duty, when he was gunned down In Jonestown, Guyana by members of the "People's Temple Cult," after attempting to negotiate the release of more than 900 hostages.

Suspiciously enough, the Hughes-Ryan Act would be replaced shortly after his death, with the 1980 Intelligence Oversight Act.

It was the latter, which would amend the Hughes-Ryan Act that required United States government agencies to report covert actions to as many as eight oversight committees, and instead, ultimately only authorize two committees (The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence) to oversee these agencies.

While Senator Hughes retired from Congress in 1974, Leo Ryan was still active and would most certainly have fought any attempts to amend the Hughes-Ryan Act, since the 1980 Intelligence Oversight Act would undermine what Ryan and Senator Hughes had drafted in the original amendment.

There's no question that the U.S. Intelligence community, and in particular the CIA, were threatened by both Hughes and Ryans' attempts to place checks and balances on this community.

Moreover, this agency would certainly need to remove them if it were to reduce the level of oversight that carefully monitored the CIA's covert operations; not to mention putting an end to its furtive drug trafficking operations, and myriad other crimes that the CIA continues to be notorious for in the present day.

With Hughes' retirement from Congress, he no longer posed a threat to the CIA.

However, Leo Ryan was still an active member of Congress at the time of his death, and most certainly would not have stood idly by while the Hughes-Ryan Act was passed over by the later and less effective Intelligence Oversight Act, which would only serve to undermine the work of both Hughes and Ryan.

In fact, more than thirty years since his death, Leo Ryan remains the only U.S. Congressman ever to be murdered while still an active member of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Was Congressman Ryan's Murder Orchestrated By The CIA?

Given these facts, the following question should be asked:

In understanding the CIA's covert involvement in the Jonestown massacre, and its concern that Congressman Leo Ryan was poking around in the agency's own backyard, was the CIA also responsible for orchestrating the Congressman's murder?

In this author's opinion, the circumstantial evidence surrounding the murder of Leo Ryan overwhelmingly suggests that Ryan was in fact murdered by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, in order to end his attempts to investigate the CIA and other intelligence agencies.

Moreover, by drafting the Hughes-Ryan Act - which called for checks and balances to be used on the U.S. Intelligence community - Congressman Ryan had attempted to make these agencies accountable for their actions and the crimes which they to this very day continue to perpetrate under the color of law and cover of National Security.

Furthermore, the U.S. Intelligence community's crimes have become so rampant, that they simply can't afford to have an independent investigation of their own organizations being conducted.

This is without a doubt the reason why they sabotaged the reelection campaign of former representative Cynthia McKinney, because McKinney had drafted legislation to conduct a modern-day-version of the Church Committee hearings on the U.S. Intelligence community, which would have resulted in further legislation in which to restore the checks and balances needed in which to make this Intelligence community accountable for their crimes.

One must also consider the propaganda campaign which was used in order to demonize Cynthia McKinney with the public, after what can only be referred to as a minor altercation. An altercation which the media was used to intentionally magnify, in efforts to destroy Ms. McKinney's chances at being reelected.

This negative propaganda may have also accomplished something for the Intel community that few if any of McKinney's constituents may have considered -- The ability to give the Intel community the opportunity to rig the election in which she was a candidate, with plausible deniability, since the public was so focused on the negative publicity which had resulted from the "shoving incident," that they were not at all surprised when she lost the election.

However, had this incident not occurred, McKinney's constituents would have definitely suspected that something may have been done to adversely influence the election if she had lost, given her popularity up until the time of the shoving incident.

So was Cynthia McKinney intentionally provoked by this security guard in order to antagonize her into a situation which would make headlines? And as a prelude to the Intel community's rigging of the election McKinney was running in, in order to remove her from the U.S. House of Representatives?

Was the situation in regard to McKinney possibly caused via some form of EEG heterodyning, in order to agitate her on the day of the shoving incident?

Furthermore, when McKinney was defeated, the U.S. Intel community no longer had to concern themselves with the legislation that she was attempting to pass regarding an investigation into their black operations. Moreover, the Congress was just as relieved since they no longer had to face the prospect of conducting an investigation which would have definitely made them many enemies within the U.S. Intel camp.

Something that no politician in the United States wants to deal with.

Especially after the testimony of former Texas madam, Robin Head, who's implicated both the CIA and FBI in conducting Brownstone operations (prostitution-blackmail stings), in order to gain compromising information on U.S. politicians, which the FBI and CIA can then use in order to blackmail them.

Along with Operation Swordfish, another black operation in which FBI and DEA agents went into the drug trafficking business for profit, under the guise of setting up a drug sting, Brownstone operations are typical of the black op's which define the FBI, CIA and the rest of the Intel community in this country, as an upper echelon level of organized crime.

Moreover, had McKinney succeeded in getting her resolution passed, it would have allowed for an extensive investigation into such organizations and their crimes, including but not limited to the FBI, CIA, NSA and Department Of Homeland Security. All of whom have a tremendous amount to hide from the public.

Anyone with a functioning mind can see that *Cynthia McKinney was the target of a criminal conspiracy, since once she was out of the way, the U.S. Congress removed her bill from consideration as soon as they reconvened for their new term.

Another instance in which instead of protecting the inherent rights of the American people, the United States Congress and CIA controlled media system in America have intentionally acted in concert to obstruct justice, by preventing a legitimate and desperately needed investigation into a community that has become little more than a collective of domestic spies and covert terrorists.

- James F. Marino

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>Evidence That The FBI Has Had Former Congressperson Cynthia Mckinney Under Surveillance - Why Would The FBI Have Mckinney Under Surveillance? Because While Still In Office She Attempted To Pass Legislation Which Would Have Been Used To Initiate A New Congressional Investigation Into The U.S. Intelligence Community, The Likes Of Which Has Not Been Seen Since The Church Committee Hearings Chaired By Former Idaho Senator Frank Church In The 1970's - This Allegation Regarding The FBI's Surveillance Of Cynthia Mckinney Serves As Further Proof That The Intelligence Community Monitors Any Politician Who Attempts To Investigate This Community, And Will Attempt To Destroy Any Politician Who Comes Close To Succeeding In Doing So, As We Have Seen In A Number Of Instances; Including The FBI's Sabotage Of Senator Robert Torricelli's Reelection Campaign, The Likely Staged Shoving Incident Involving Cynthia Mckinney, And The Murder Of Congressman Leo Ryan, For Legislation Which He Co-Authored In An Attempt To Create Better Congressional Oversight Over The U.S. Intelligence Community

Editor's Note: The following is another article which the FBI electronically disables the hyperlink to every time it's posted on this Website. Do you think these agents would appreciate it if we hacked into their Websites and electronically tampered with them the way they do to ours?

More to the point, do you think that these agents would like to have their minds electronically hacked into the way that they electronically trespass into our own brainwaves via the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network? A further example of the Nazi ideology exported to the United States after World War II, through the CIA's Project Paperclip.

"America Becomes The Zionists' Main Whore" - Article Sourced At: Website

Since The End Of The Revolutionary War, The House Of Rothschild And Its Zionist Jews Have Been Intent On Destroying The United States And Her Citizenry, Out Of Fear That If America Were Allowed To Succeed, Its Success Would Result In The Destruction Of Every Monarchy On This Planet, And With Them, The House Of Rothschilds' Own Destruction

The Reagan Administration's Executive Order 12333 And Its Two Subsequent Amendments Under The Bush 43 Administration - EO 13355 Signed In 2004 & EO 13470 Signed In 2007- Violate The American People's Constitutional Rights Under The 4Th, 5Th And 6Th Amendments To The United States Bill Of Rights - EO 12333 Was Also Used By The Reagan Administration In Order To Enable The National Security Agency To Deploy Its Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network In The United States, Which Has Been Used To Secretly Electronically Brain Fingerprint The American People

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