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Is The FBI Warning Regarding The Loss Of Internet Access To Hundreds Of Thousands Of Internet Users In July 2012 Due To A Virus, A Red Herring?

NSA Synthetic Telepathy - The Biggest Scandal In American History Is How The NSA Has Been Used To Brain Fingerprint The American People, While Developing Proprietary Signals Intelligence Thought Reading Technology, Which Can Be Deployed Through The Electromagnetic Spectrum To Establish Through The Air Computer To Brain Interface With Any Citizen In The United States - Neither The U.S. Congress, The White House, Nor The U.S. Military Intelligence Complex Will Admit To The Existence Of This Technology, Anymore Than They Will Admit That The Attacks On 9-11-2001 Were A False Flag Operation - So Why Should We As Americans Trust Anything That This Government Has To Say?

Did Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Attempt To Swindle Investors With His Company's Initial Public Offering?

Is The DNSserver Virus Part Of The 9-11 False Flag Op?

And Will The FBI Use This To Trick You

Into Allowing Its Agents To Scan Your Computer's Hard Drive

Under The Pretense Of Searching For This Virus?

Written By James F. Marino

Don't you find it of interest that the FBI is now promulgating a warning in regard to hundreds of thousands of Internet users losing their access to the Internet in July of 2012, based on what the FBI says is a virus created by "international cyberbandits" known as the DNSchanger virus.

Is this legitimate? Or has the FBI found a new creative way of coaxing American Internet users into voluntarily allowing the FBI to scan their computers' hard drives under the pretense of looking for this virus?

Given the FBI's use of Carnivore in which to spy on Internet users, we should all be extremely leery when the FBI claims that it is doing anything altruistic for the public. The FBI quite simply, does not operate in this way.

It would also be interesting to know how many of the owners of these alleged to be infected computers have Websites, and what the content of these Websites is?

Moreover, since the FBI's warning is to all Internet users, which includes American computer owners who access the Internet, this means that theoretically, the FBI could convince every American citizen on the Internet to willingly have the hard drives on their computers scanned, while the FBI collects this data for use in the future.

Given the fact that about 77% of the U.S. population has access to the Internet, the creation of the DNSchangervirus by the Intel community would be a very clever way of gaining access to most of the personal computers in America, without the public ever realizing that the virus may in fact be based on a complete fraud, used to perpetrate this violation of the 4Th Amendment.

This author is not implying that the FBI's warning is a fraud. Just that given the FBI's history of deceiving the American people, it is entirely possibly that this computer virus warning is promulgated by the FBI with an ulterior motive that has to do with the U.S. Intelligence community's data mining operations in America, as well as their intent to censor the Internet.

Or even worse, the global intelligentsia's intent to censor the Internet while conducting data mining operations of their own countries..

A global censorship of the Internet by these Intel communities appears to be the main objective here, since the Occupy Wall Street movement in particular, continues its significant international growth; its members long ago having been blacklisted by the governments of the countries in which these OWS members reside. Each country being a member of NATO.

The OWS movement has several agendas, including their exposition of the House of Rothschilds' being responsible for controlling our governments and money supplies through the Rothschilds' Communist central banks, and the global suffering that this has caused.

As such, one must wonder if the DNSchangervirus was created for the express purpose of allowing the U.S. Congress to shut down the Internet - or at least all American companies which maintain Internet servers?

The alternative media, which makes its home on the Internet, is well aware that the U.S. Federal Government has been intent on finding a way in which to infiltrate it, and the DNSchangervirus may well serve as the means by which they are able to do so in a plausibly deniable way.

The U.S. Congress will simply claim that this virus constitutes a very dangerous form of cyberterrorism which will force the U.S. Federal Government to implement legislation which be used to shut down the U.S. servers which operate over the Internet, that are deemed to be infected by this virus.

In other words, the FBI will be able to "disconnect us from the Internet" under the guise of preventing a cyberterrorist threat.

The reader will also note how in 2010 the Congress was kicking around the idea of passing an "Internet Kill Switch Bill" which could be used in the event of a cyberthreat, such as this one. However, the bill was never enacted. The latest incarnation of it was also dropped from the Cybersecurity bill in early 2012.

However, the Congress is still mulling this concept over. Yet, one must wonder exactly what such a bill will consist of, given that the U.S. President already maintains such powers under the Communications Act of 1934, which enables the President to shut down wire communications if it is determined that the United States is in a state of war. And this includes the Internet. However, the real question continues to be is the United States really in a time of war?

Those who believe that the terrorist attacks on 9-11 were a false flag operation, and that this country's attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq were based on a complete fraud (Google: Richard Behan's "The Fraudulent War - The Truth About The Bush Administration's War On Terror), have seen this war status as a convenient way for the Congress and White House to rob us of our civil liberties, while looting the natural resources of Iraq, and ressurecting the CIA's control of the opium trade in

To take this a step further, when the United States was founded we had two flags - one which was flown in a time of peace and one which was flown in a time of war. The flag which the United States has flown since the Civil War has been the U.S. war flag. So why have our elected officials chosen not to fly the United States flag of peace for the past century and and half? It has to do with the "Legislative Act of 1871," and the U.S. Congresses creation of a second "corporate Constitution" which has been used to replace our real Constitution; the one which was ratified in 1787. What you must ask yourself is why the U.S. Media has not questioned this for themselves?

So if you're thinking that this sounds like another part of the 9-11 false flag operation, that is because it may very well be. As for the veracity of the virus, it may be bogus, or it may be legitimate. And if it is legitimate, one must wonder who really created it? A group of international cyberhackers, or U.S. Intel operatives posing as such, with the intent of taking complete control over the Internet through censorship of its powerful Blogosphere.

After all, this has been a goal of the Rothschild controlled media since the Internet became a popular venue for blogging, and about topics like the House of Rothschild and the counterfeiting and war profiteering operations, which have allowed this Zionist cartel to takeover virtually every country on the face of this planet.

In fact, the Blogosphere has become the most successful attempt at decentralizing the global media system in history, allowing for diverse opinion to be promulgated instead of the Rothschilds' homogenized news media. As such, the Blogosphere represents a threat to the Rothschilds' control over the global media, which is why the Rothschilds are now attempting to destroy it as a source of alternative media.

Whatever the House of Rothschild cannot control, it attempts to destroy.

Is The DNSchangervirus Warning Legit?

Or Is The FBI Using It To Furtively Target

The 9-11 Truth & Occupy Wall Street Movements?

If it turns out that the DNSchangervirus is for real and that a significant number of the computers infected with this virus are owned by people who have been taking part in the 9-11 Truth and Occupy Wall Street movements, or some other conspiracy related topics, I think that one can make a credible arguement that the computers of these people may have actually been targeted by the FBI, under the pretense that an international group of cyberterrorists (whom the Intel community could have financed as part of a false flag operation) is responsible for such crimes.

When the FBI gets involved in such a situation with its convoluted and oftentimes misleading allegations, it becomes nearly impossible to determine where the truth ends and the lies begin. Moreover, given the U.S. Federal Government's attempt to censor the Internet in any way possible, given the tremendous growth of the alternative media in the Blogosphere, the DNSchangervirus comes along at an extremely convenient time for this government to use what on the surface would appear to be a legitimate reason for temporarily shutting down the Internet.

For those who believe that the U.S. Federal Government has concealed the truth in regard to its own complicity in the 9-11 terrorist attacks consider the following:

If factions within this government would blow up the WTC Towers and slam a cruise missile into the only structurally reinforced side of the Pentagon, as part of a false flag operation used to destroy the United States, while covertly returning its middle class to a system of indentured servitude, would these people not also create a "major event" within the Internet in order find a plausible reason in which to cut off our countries from one another, by shutting down the Internet, so that if martial law is declared, we will not be able to use the Blogosphere in order to communicate with the citizens of other nations, who will also be subjugated to the same militarization of their countries?

The following is a German Website which may offer a solution to the DNSchanger virus, that should enable you to remove the virus from your computer. However, since there is no way to be sure of this, the reader should proceed with great caution. It makes sense that if we are able to remove the DNSchangervirus from our computers, than the companies which maintain these massive Internet servers should be able to do the same. If we are able to do so, then the FBI will have no legitimate reason to shut down these servers.

DNSchangervirus removal repair tool kit for Windows & Macintosh Computers

That is if the virus warning is actually legitimate, and not another red herring being used by the FBI in order to spy on groups whom the U.S. Federal Government has previously blacklisted.

As for cyberterrorism, the FBI's electronically hacking into the Websites of many targets of organized stalking is a form of cyberterrorism, just as its agent provocateurs posting derogatory comments against any TI who cannot be lead astray by these Intel agents, constitutes a form of cyberbullying.

This author documents this because the average citizen in the United States has no concept of how a cell of FBI agents criminally operates, or the ways in which they regularly violate the rights of the American citizenry.

This in addition to the psychological torture that these agents subject the targets of counter-intelligence operations to, including the furtive murders carried out through such duplicity; crimes that these agents routinely get away with.

These men and women are the most sadistic and criminally minded people you will ever have the misfortune of having to deal with. Their sadism knows no bounds, and they take particular satisfaction in using psychological torture against those whom they intend to force into committing suicide. To say that these agents are the most abject of liars, while also being voyeuristic perverts, is an understatement.

You wouldn't give a pyromaniac the keys to a munitions factory, so why would you give an Intel community that was founded by Nazis and Nazi sympathizers (Google: The CIA and Project Paperclip), the money to develop satellite based technologies which can be used to electronically enter your mind?

As Americans, we would never have agreed to allow the Congress to appropriate funding for the Intelligence community if we had known that our tax dollars would be used to create a weaponized satellite spy network that was designed to enslave us.

However, that is exactly what has happened in the United States, and this government is doing everything possible to conceal this from us, while attempting to murder those of us who are targeted for such satellite predation on a daily basis.

So why would you trust the FBI when they have a history of making false claims in order to violate the privacy rights of the American people, and covering up the fact that Americans are the unwitting subjects of a national brain fingerprinting program?

As for those Americans who are the targets of non consensual human experimentation, it is also a well documented fact that FBI agents use coercion in which to prevent any person around such a targeted individual, who can expose these crimes, from doing so.

Many of the families of such non consensual human experimentees are quite literally Patriot-Act-gagged by the FBI from doing so, out of concern that they may be prosecuted, or subjected to the same vicious psychological warfare operations that their TI family members are subjected to.

So the FBI continues to perpetrate these outrageous crimes while the U.S. Congress and courts ignore them.

The FBI's Entrapment Schemes Are Despicable

FBI Entrapment Schemes Are Typical & Troubling

Moreover, the FBI's entrapment schemes have become so troubling that the Internet has become home to a myriad of accounts of such entrapment by its victims.

FBI Entrapment Schemes Against American Citizens Have Become Outrageous

People (even a number of the FBI's own former agents) who describe an organization that is completely out of control, has never had any legitimate judicial oversight, and which would likely have either been abolished or completely restructured during 2001, had it not been for the false flag operation which we now refer to as 9-11.

Based on the accounts of many of its victims, the FBI is beyond restructuring, and in the best interests of the American people, J. Edgar Hoover's House of Horrors should be abolished - especially since the FBI was never created through the legislative process and as such, has never maintained a legislative charter, which by U.S. Law the FBI should have received before it began operating in the United States.

Instead, this modern day Gestapo has now become empowered with the nearly sacrosanct ability to attack any American citizen whom an FBI agent decides to target, while the Constitutional rule of law is completely and criminally abrogated.

Since Congresses passage of the Patriot Act, (most of whose members never even bothered to read this piece of abject treason before signing it), FBI agents don't have to consult a federal judge before spying on an American citizen.

However, the fact is that the FBI has been spying without judicial warrants since its earliest days as the Bureau Of Investigation. By the time that J. Edgar Hoover took the FBI over in the midst of the 1920's, the organization had become as dangerous as the German Gestapo, being used almost expressly as a pawn of the White House, which the FBI remains to this very day.

As a target of several murder attempts by this FBI crime syndicate over a number of years, this author documents these situations in an effort to get an organization that should have been abolished long ago, removed from the American landscape by any legal means necessary. The FBI must be abolished for its anti-American ideology, and its history of conveniently avoiding investigations which would expose the crimes of its Zionist masters in the Federal Reserve System.

The FBI's unconstitutional operations are that dangerous to the inherent rights of the American middle class. Moreover, its attempt to conceal the fact that the NSA has illegally used signals intelligence brain scanning to remotely interrogate this author for decades (something which is commonly occurring within the United States) via the agency's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, and its through the air computer to brain interface technology, also qualifies as non consensual human experimentation. And this only serves to implicate the FBI in further crimes that are even more outrageous.

So it's no wonder that they would continue to circumvent the constitutional rule of law, knowing what the American people's reaction will be to learning that they have been secretly branded by the Intel community, as part of a covertly implemented brain fingerprinting program.

As for the FBI's warning in regard to this DNSchangervirus that is supposed to wreak havoc on the Internet in July of 2012 - caveat lector - which means let the reader beware, since it would not be out of the realm of possibility, that the U.S. Intel community created this virus as well as a cyber bogeyman, in order to furtively censor the Internet and its Blogosphere, while deceiving American computer owners into allowing the FBI to scan the hard drives on their computers as part of the government's domestic data mining operation.

And since more than three quarters of the U.S. population is said to have Internet access, the FBI could theoretically scan the computer hard drives of most Americans under what may very well be another false flag operation perpetrated under the guise of a cyberterrorist threat.

- James F. Marino
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