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FBI Entrapment Schemes Define This Americanized Gestapo And Its Murderous Agents

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The FBI's Entrapment Schemes Are Despicable

When An FBI Entrapment Scheme

Spirals Out Of Control

And Results In Murder

"These guys are professional liars who have raised selected memory loss to an art form"

- EarthFirst! activist Judi Bari

Judi Bari's statement is in regard to the FBI agents whom she witnessed committing perjury during the depositions taken by Judi's attorney, civil rights lawyer J. Tony Sera, regarding her lawsuit against the FBI.

The lawsuit was filed based on Judi's claim that the FBI was using its counter-intelligence (COINTELPRO) operations to destroy the EarthFirst! ecoactivist movement.

In this author's opinion, it was this lawsuit against the FBI which resulted in Judi Bari's being given cancer, having likely been targeted by a directed energy weapon.

The FBI would have done so given that the Bureau's stalling tactics in going to trial as defendants in Judi's lawsuit had lasted for years, and the FBI's attorneys were running out of excuses to prevent the lawsuit from proceeding.

In spite of this, civil rights attorney, J. Tony Sera, would eventually persevere in winning a $4.4 million dollar judgement against the FBI, however, not until after Judi had passed away. Judi would die a few years earlier, being denied the satisfaction of seeing her lawsuit to fruition.

Earlier in the decade, Bari had accused the FBI of planting a bomb under the driver's seat of her station wagon, in an attempt to murder her, while portraying her as a terrorist.

The FBI had claimed that Judi was carrying the bomb which she was going to use in some act of terrorism, when the bomb accidentally went off. However, the FBI's propaganda campaign against Judi would unravel after it was determined that the bomb had not been behind the driver's seat of her car, as the FBI had claimed, but had instead been hidden under the seat where she could not have seen it.

The FBI's machinations and the crimes which they often commit in attempting to obtain supporting evidence for the profiles of those whom they target for COINTELPRO, are so outrageous, that unless you have experienced them firsthand, you cannot appreciate just how pathological these agents are.

Nor can you imagine the extent to which they will go, including torture and murder, to convince the public that the FBI's profilers are accurate. And the more taxpayer money that the FBI spends in doing so, the more desperate these agents become to defend their actions, regardless of how despicable they are.

Moreover, Judi Bari's case against the FBI has stood the test of time. It has also seriously damaged the credibility of the Bureau, whose agents in all likelihood eventually succeeded in murdering her through their use of directed energy weapons.

Access the following Website to learn how the FBI attempted to entrap Judi Bari for several years before their entrapment schemes would turn from character assassination to attempted murder, to murder in a plausibly deniable way - death by directed energy.

As of 2010, the FBI was still attempting to destroy the bomb evidence which was taken from Judi Bari's station wagon when it was blown up in 1990, just miles from a bomb school which the FBI had been conveniently conducting at the time.

Given how easily the FBI has been able to confiscate and "disappear" evidence which may well implicate the Bureau as well as other U.S. Government organizations in terrorist activity on U.S. soil, specifically, the 80 plus videotapes which the FBI confiscated from the Pentagon on 9-11-2001 (which the FBI had steadfastly refused to release to the public), as well as evidence from the original attack on the WTC in 1993, evidence from the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995, and evidence in the 1996 missile attack on TWA Flight 800, the FBI must find it extremely frustrating to know that the bomb evidence relating to Judi's automobile, and which may prove that the FBI was directly involved in the bombing, could not be destroyed so easily.

One must wonder if the FBI's attempt to have this bomb evidence destroyed was ruled on by a judge or if the judge has yet to decide?

In this author's opinion, the bomb evidence should be preserved in the event that the family of Judi Bari decides to file a civil suit against the FBI, in the attempted murder of her person, so that the FBI agents involved in this crime can be held accountable; including the former FBI agent who was once in charge of conducting the FBI's COINTELPRO operation against Judi Bari, Richard W. Held.

- James F. Marino
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